Maternity Benefit

Documents for Claiming SSS Maternity Benefit

Why Are SSS Maternity Benefit Claims Denied?

SSS Maternity Benefit Computation

Can I Pay This Quarter to Avail of SSS Maternity Benefit?

How Much Is My SSS Maternity Benefit?

Are You Eligible for SSS Maternity Benefit?

Sample Certificate of Separation from Employment

Certificate of Non-Advancement of SSS Maternity Benefit

SSS Maternity Benefit for Voluntary Members

SSS Maternity Benefit for Separated Employees

SSS Maternity Benefit and Delivery No.

 Affidavit of Non-Advancement of SSS Maternity Benefit

Affidavit of Separation from Employment

Why Is My SSS Maternity Benefit Only 6,500 Pesos?

Online Transactions for OFWs Applying for SSS Maternity Benefit


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  2. Hi po. just want to ask, according to WIX site approved na ang maternity benefit ko pero pag balance inquiry ko sa account ko di pa rin siya nag rereflect. January 6 pa po ang approval date sa WIX site. TIA

  3. Hi just want to ask how to know if my maternity benefit is already in my account. it was month ago since i filed my maternity benefit and until now upon checking wala pa din po laman. thanks in advance.

  4. hi i just want to ask if i can still file my maternity benefit kahit na 3 months ago na.. thanks

  5. What is the meaning of this DIFF EE NAME/SSNO BELONG TO MALE EE?
    Will my maternity benefit denied?

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  8. Hi po.. maam kd ask ku lng po kung magkano po kaya ang mkukuha ku s maternity benefits ku nagstart po aku magwork ay march2015 hanggang july2016.. 450 to 480 po ang kaltas ng employer ku.. nanganak po aku oct172016.. tas nagresign po aku.. please need ku po reply mu maam kd.. thank u po..

  9. gud day, tanong ko lng po if pwede p b mclaim ung maternity bnefit , ngfile ako ng mat1 nung june of 2015 pero same month n-miscarriage ako.. nk-claim n po ako s employer ko ng half, pwede p po b iclaim ung other half ngaun? tnx