When Can I Renew My SSS Salary Loan?

Employee Authorization for Salary Loan Deduction by Employer

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  1. i would to ask sabi 2 weeks lang daw marereceive mo na loan sa sss, why now wala pa. its been over 3 weeks since i filed and i checked sa online was check generated na.
    one comment you response na delayed sa post office???
    may i know if pwede ba namen direct tawagan ang post office to check????

    1. Hi jamyr: Ang SOP kasi is the post office to deliver your SSS mail with cheque to your home address. Hindi SOP yong pupunta o tatawag sa post office for the SSS mail, pero some post offices allow personal inquiries in person sa branch. Hindi ko sure yong phone inquiries. Subukan mong pumunta doon sa post office nio with your ID.