How Can I Claim SSS Maternity Benefit if I Was AWOL?



Hi, good day. Can I Avail of SSS Maternity Benefit? I was AWOL last December 2015. Then I filed my MAT! last March as a Self-Employed.  I gave birth via C-Section this May. This June, I changed my status and paid my contributions this month.  What requirements should I file so I can avail of maternity benefit? Thank you in advance.


If you've paid at least 3 monthly contributions within Jan 2015 to Dec 2015, you are eligible for SSS Maternity Benefit. 
Submit these documents:
 - Maternity Benefit Application for Self-Employed, Voluntary Member
 - Maternity Notification (signed and stamped by SSS before delivery)
 - Birth Certificate of your baby, from the NSO or Local Civil Registrar
 -  Operating Room Record 
      or Surgical Memorandum
      or Discharge Summary Report
      or Medical/Clinical Abstract
      or SSS ID application stub
      or other valid IDs  
 -  Affidavit of Undertaking (notarized) 
      You will submit this because your delivery date is within 6 months of your last day with your employer
      You can submit this affidavit instead of a Certificate of Non-Advancement of Maternity Benefit from your employer because you went AWOL.  

 - Bring original and photocopies of documents

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  1. Hi, hope you can answer my question:

    Based sa SSS Law "a female member", what if i have my two miscarriages before I became a member? It is still included in the "first four delivery" covered by sss maternity benefit?

    2005 - 1st miscarriage
    May 2007 - 2nd miscarriage
    August 2007 - first born child (Birth certificate = Birth Order = 1st)
    January 2010 - Became an SSS Member
    November 2013 - 2nd born child (Birth Certificate = Birth Order = 2nd) - But I've reported in my MAT1 that my 2nd child is G4. This is my first availed benefit.

    And since I have reported that my 2nd child is G4 even if in his BC he is Birth Order No. 2 means to say I can no longer avail any benefit? Why does SSS approved my MAT2 even if it does no correspond with my MAT1? Please answer :(

    1. Is unreported miscarriage counted by SSS?: All miscarriages and deliveries are included in the counting, whether SSS benefit was claimed or not. The maximum is 4. This also depends on whether SSS gets to know about unreported miscarriages using other documents. Your current claim was approved because you're still within the 4 maximum limit. Your birth order, which is 2, even if you had 2 previous miscarriages, is correct, because in the Birth Order, miscarriage is not counted.
      Since you already reported that you had G4 or 4 pregnancies, then if you'll have a 5th child, you won't be able to claim SSS benefit for this 5th pregnancy/delivery. But ask others too.

  2. Hello ...
    Mam, ask lang po kung pwede ko po ba magamit ang sss ng husband ko sa panganganak ko as a beneficiary nya naman po ako.. maari ko po ba gamitin ung maternity benefit? Pls reply po thank u....

    1. Hi Rox, sorry pero dapat ikaw ang SSS member para makapag-claim ka ng maternity benefit.

    2. Sa Philhealth ang puede yong dependent wife na gamitin ang Philhealth ng kanyang husband.

  3. Good Day po..nanganak po aq CS last june 19,'16...nagfile n po aq ng mat-2 but unfortunately denied po xa..remarks po n is "no operating room record/D AND C REPORT *WRONG KEY- ENCODING..ano po bang dapat qng gawin..thanks po

  4. hello good day, i went awol, last june (not sure about the date) my due date is febuary and im currently paying my sss voluntarily. Do i still need to file a affidavit of undertaking? Thanks!

    If yes, what if i dont remember the EXACT date that i was employed and the date i left the company, what will i do. thanks!

    1. *my due date is feb 2017, i left the company june 2016.