Accredited Banks for Receiving Your SSS Sickness and Maternity Benefits

If your SSS membership type is OFW, Self-Employed, Voluntary, Separated, or Non-Working Spouse, you can now receive your SSS sickness benefit, SSS maternity benefit or Employees' Compensation benefit through the SSS SMEC-PB program, which means Sickness, Maternity and Employees' Compensation Payment thru the Bank.

This means you will receive your benefit through your bank account with any of the following Philippine banks. It can be a savings account or a checking account.

These are the 25 banks accredited for the SMEC-PB program:
       (More banks will soon be accredited)

Asia United Bank  (AUB)
Bank of Commerce  (Bancom)
China Banking Corporation (Chinabank)
City State Savings Bank Inc.
Country Builders Bank Inc.
CTBC Bank Corporation
Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP)
East West Bank
First Consolidated Bank
Innovative Bank
Land Bank of the Philippines (Landbank)
Merchant Savings Bank
One Network Bank
Philippine Bank of Communications (PBCom)
Philippine Business Bank
Philippine Savings Bank  (PSBank)
Philippine National Bank  (PNB)
PNB Savings Bank
Philippine Veterans Bank  (Veterans)
Postbank Savings Bank
Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC)
Security Bank
Standard Chartered Bank
Union Bank of the Philippines
United Coconut Planters Bank  (UCPB)

These banks will soon be accredited:
Century Savings Bank
Guagua Rural Bank
Philippine Trust Company


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