Can I File SSS Salary Loan Application and Maternity Benefit Claim at the Same Time?


Can you file your SSS Salary Loan application and SSS Maternity Benefit Claim at the same time?

YES, if you are qualified for both programs.

To qualify for New SSS Salary Loan:
.  You must have at least 36 posted contributions
.  You must have paid contributions for at least 6 of the 12 months prior to month of application

To qualify for Loan Renewal:
.  You must have paid at least 50% of your loan principal
.   At least 12 months have passed since your loan check was issued
.   Your loan is not deliquent

To qualify for SSS Maternity Benefit:
.  You have paid contributions for at least 6 of the 12 months
    prior to your semester of child delivery or Semester of Contingency
.  This is not your 5th, 6th or subsequent pregnancy.
   The SSS maternity benefit is offered only for your first four pregnancies.

NOTE: If your SSS salary loan is delinquent, your total loan balance, including interests and penalties, will be deducted from your SSS maternity benefit.

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  1. Hi po!

    I have a delinquent salary loan when I was still employed. I am now a voluntary member and availing of maternity benefit. Ibabawas po ba yung loan ko when I was still employed sa maternity benefit ko ngayon as voluntary member? Thanks

    1. Hi jho que, about loan balance deduction from maternity benefit: Yes, it's the policy of SSS to deduct the member's delinquent loan from her maternity benefit. But there have been some members who commented here that their loans were not deducted, either it was due to some SSS system glitch, or other reasons.