How to Settle Your SSS Contribution Underpayments


If you paid your SSS contributions one year or more in advance,
or if you've been paying your SSS monthly contributions at the old rates
because you did not know that the monthly contributions have increased
since January 2014, then you need to pay your Underpayments
so that your monthly contributions will be properly credited and posted.

Check the New Table of SSS Contributions,
and then compute your monthly Underpayment.

You've been paying 1,540 pesos every month since January.
If you check the New Table of SSS Contributions, you will see
that there's no longer 1,540 pesos in the table.

The next higher amount in the table is 1,595 pesos.
The difference between 1,540 pesos and 1,595 pesos is 55 pesos.

Your monthly Underpayment is 55 pesos.

If you paid 1,540 pesos from January to August, a period of 8 months,
then you will need to pay 55 pesos x 8 months = 440 pesos.

Use the SSS RS-5 Form when paying.
Fill the form like this:

Remember to inform the SSS cashier that you are paying your Underpayments.

Bring a xerox copy of your previous payment receipts in case the cashier needs to see them or needs to attach them to the new receipts.


  1. Hi. What if I dont have the previous receipts. My dad just asked me to pay for itand he's not in the country. Am I able to pay myself in behalf of my Dad? I hope you can answer me. Thank you

    1. Hi ivy, yes, you can pay your father's SSS contributions on his behalf. If you're paying at Bayad Center, write his name, SSS no., member type, amount, date, month paid for.

  2. QUESTION from rose11 March 17, 2015
    Hi po.My friend has been a kasambahay for almost 14 years. But her employer did not process her SSS. Her employer started paying only in 2013. Can her employer pay for the years not paid? My friend started working in 2000. Thanks po.
    Hi rosell, if your friend's employer registered your friend only in 2013, then she can start paying only in 2013. She cannot pay for years that she was not yet registered.