Sample SSS Certificate of Separation from Employment

You can use this sample SSS Certificate of Separation from Employment as one of your documents to claim your SSS maternity benefit.

This certificate is required if you delivered your baby within 6 months of your date of separation from your employer.  Sometimes, SSS officers also require this certificate even if the gap between separation and child delivery is already more than 6 months but still less than one year.

Request your former employer to title your certificate as Certificate of Separation from Employment, because that is the certificate required by the SSS. A Certification of Employment (COE) is different, even if it contains almost the same information.

SSS did not issue a standard form for a Certificate of Separation from Employer or from Employment, but it specified that it must include the Date of Separation.

                                          Company Name
                                          Company Address

This is to certify that Susan Masipag who has been employed since April 4, 2008 by our company XYZ Co., with address at 123 Masaya St., Makati City, was separated from our employ on September 8, 2013.

 This certification is issued upon her request for the processing of her maternity benefit claim with the SSS.

                                                                Name and Signature of 
                                                                Authorized Company

                                                            Designation/Position of 
                                                           Authorized Representative

                                                                    Date Signed                                    


  Only one and the same person should sign these 3 documents and the signatures should be the same: 
         Certificate of Separation from Employment
         Certificate of Non-Advancement of SSS Maternity Benefit 
         L-501 Form (2 copies)                                                 

NOTEIf your company has closed down, and you can no longer find the owners, ask SSS if you can submit instead an Affidavit of Separation from Employment. SSS usually checks its records if your former company has indeed closed down.   


  1. Good day!

    I resigned in my previous company when I notified SSS about my pregnancy. I personally passed my MAT-1 and it has been approved and signed. My EDD is supposedly January this year. However, I gave birth on my 1st child last December 2014 by a caesarian section. I have checked the requirements needed for Maternity Claim on my SSS account to make sure that I have all the requirements before going to SSS. When I went to SSS Binondo Branch to pass my MAT-2 and all needed documents, the officer required me to pass a Certification for Non-advancement and L501 from my previous employer. Is the Certification of Non-advancement still required if I'm already resigned before I notified SSS about my pregnancy? As I have read on SSS site, this is only needed if the separation is within or prior the confinement period or after the date of delivery. Also, it did not indicate whether the separation is 6 months or less. Is the SSS site outdated that I haven't know all information and required documents for Maternity Claim?

    I have asked ahead the HR officer in my former employer requesting for the said certificate and L501 but she told me that they might not grant my request because I'm no longer employed when I passed my MAT-1 and that the SSS should know.

    Your response will be highly appreciated.


  2. Hi Rizza, you're no longer required to file separation papers, as the gap between your separation date and delivery date is already more than a year. But pay at least 1 contribution to SSS as Voluntary so your status will change from Employed to Voluntary. Make sure your status with SSS has changed to Voluntary before filing your MAT2 documents.

  3. Ask ko lng po kung sept2015 po ang due date ko tpos resigned na po ako sa previous employer ko last feb2015 lng bale 1 month lng ako sa company Kelangan pa din po ba magpasa ako ng cert of separation/non cas advance/L-501? Mag voluntary na po kase ako para ma avail ko benefits. Nakapag pass na din po ako ng MAT1 today.

  4. Hi JK, hope you can help me. Can I still avail my SSS maternity Benefits for my five (5) years old son. Since I was employed on my previous company last 2009, I was unable to have thier CERTIFICATE OF EMPLOYMENT as one of requirements for claiming my benefits because I got AWOL from their company. I have no certificates from them and maybe because I was employed less than 1 month. What should I have to do to continue pursuing my Maternity benefits for my son??

    I really hoping for your quick response!!

    Thank you so much.

  5. Helo JK, meron ka rin po b ng sample ng certification of separation from employment for filing ng disability sa sss? Thank u

  6. Good day. Ask q Lang po, I got separated s work q last July 2014, got pregnant and file my mat-1 last Feb 2015. I gave birth march 2015. I stated voluntary contribution for the quarter April-june 2015 this month. Then file my mat-2. Why did the sss personnel still required me to submit the 3 documents?, my membership status is already voluntary.

  7. hi ask ko lang employed ako since 2013, and just gave birth last year september. before ako manganak nabigay ko na requirement sa hr namen, kaso hanggang nagyon hindi nila inaasikaso. may mcclaim paba ko kahit hindi napareceive yung mat notification ko?thanks

  8. Ask ko Lang po, taga QC po ako, pwede po b q mgfile ng mat-2 s ibng branch s manila, tnx po.

  9. Question from wallflower May 29, 2015
    I reside in QC, can I file my mat-2 at another branch in manila. tnx po.
    Hi , yes. If they ask, tell them you work near their branch, or their branch is the most convenient branch for you to file.

  10. Hi, here's my case: I was separated from my previous company February of 2014. I filed my MAT-1 on June 2014 and gave birth Sept. 14, 2014. When I'm trying to file MAT-2, they said that I still need to submit docs such as, L-501 form, Certificate of Non-Cash Advancement and Certificate of Separation. I've been requesting these to my previous company but to no avail. Now, when I tried again requesting it to them, I just found out that they already filed bankruptcy and had been closed down since May 2015. So what will happen now to my Maternity Benefit Claim? Can I still file? I'm saving it for my child's Christening and 1-yr old b-day. Kindly advise. Thank you n advance.

  11. Hi Geri, yes, you can file again. Submit an Affidavit of Separation and Non-Advancement of Maternity Benefit. Mention that you're submitting an affidavit and not a certification from your company because your company has filed for bankruptcy and has closed down.

    1. That's very helpful. If I may ask, how long the process would take for these kind of cases? Thanks again.

  12. Hi JK good day. I hope you can help me with my concern. I am 6months pregnant now and i already notify sss regarding this. They told me to submit cert.of separation from employment,cert.of non advancement of maternity and sickness benefit and the L501. I was employed last march 2014 and ended last january 2015. Now my concerned would be,my previous employer wont give me these documents,they told me i was AWOL because i did not rendered a 1 month duty after my resignation or did not notify them 1 month before my resignation. But my resignation stated that my resignation would be effective immediately. That would be my problem, can i still avail my sickness and maternity benefit without these documents? What should be my immediate action regarding these? I already made my payment as a voluntary payor for the month of april,may and june. My due date will be on october this this year. I hope for your quick response. Thank you very much in advance. God bless!

  13. Hello, just want to ask if how will i pay my previous loan sa SSS. Nagloan ako January this year, nagresign ako ng July. May interest ba ung mga month na hindi ako nakapagbayad. Voluntary na ang status ko now, nagbayad din ako ng monthly contribution for july-september. Thank you.

  14. Hello, I had miscarriage last August while I was still employed in my company. Then nagresign po ako effective October 1st after I had consumed my 30-day leave. Nagfile po ako ng maternity benefit ko sa employer bago po ako nagresign. Pero hindi nila prinocess kasi resigned na nga daw ako. So kelangan ako na daw mismo magfile sa SSS. Pero base sa nabasa ko about separation from employer, dapat 6 months yung delivery with in separation date. Pano po yung sa case ko, kasi I had miscarriage naman po prior sa separation ko from the company. Sino po ba dapat magprocess nun, is it the company or I really have to do it on my own? Hoping for your response. Thank you.

  15. hi,, just want to know if kailangan ko pang isubmit yung 3 docs.. Nag resign ako last aug 2015 prior to resigning nagsubmit ako sa hr nmin ng mat 1 pero hindi cya posted sa sss ko. Nag submit ako ng maternity notification via online few days and yung status nia is accepted. nagchange na rin ako ng status from employed to voluntary.. thank you.

  16. fham 10/19/15
    hi, just want to know if I need to submit 3 docs. I resigned last aug 2015. Prior to resigning I submitted Mat 1 to our hr but was not posted in my sss records. I submitted maternity notification via online few days and status is accepted. I changed status from employed to voluntary. thank you.
    Hi fham, if the gap between your date of resignation and date of delivery is more than 6 months, you don't need to submit the 3 docs.

  17. About miscarriage while employed 10/13/15
    Hello, I had miscarriage last August while I was still employed in my company. Then I resigned effective October 1st after I had consumed my 30-day leave. I filed for maternity benefit with my employer before I resigned. But they did not process; I was told I was already resigned, and so I should be the one filing with SSS. Based on what I've read about separation from employer, there should be more than 6 months between delivery and separation date. How about my case? I had miscarriage prior to separation from the company. Who should process, is it the company or I really have to do it on my own? Hoping for your response. Thank you.
    It will be you who will process your claim because you're already separated. Your status in your MAT2 will be Separated. Include also your MAT1 with letter explaining that you filed MAT1 with your employer, but you later found out that they did not file it. Request cert of separation, L501 form and cert of non-advancement of maternity benefit from your former employer.

  18. Hi,gudpm, kd..just want to ask ..last week i came from my previous employer and requesting for the 3 documents certificate of separation with non cash advancement of maternity benfit and L-5o1.coz they terminated me and now separated to the company.but the hr didnt give wat im requesting bcoz she said she dont know how to make that certificates.,? Wer do she get a format of that certificate,.pls.help.hope for u quick response.thank u so much.

  19. Gud morning. Just wanna ask lang po .. Dati po gusto ko po sna mg hulog ng sss kaso ayaw nila ako tanggapin na self employed kasi house wife lang daw po since dae na my busness ung asawa ko mg employed n lang daw ako sa kanya . so ganun nga po employed ako sa asawa ko . gusto ko po sana ngaun n mg voluntary n lang pwde po b un. Ok lang pp b na mawalan ng employee ung ni register namin ss. Nag alala po ako n baka kahit terminated n ako eh mg penalty parin ung account namin

  20. Hi jk .. Nka employed po kasi ako sa asawa ko . gusto ko po sana mg voluntaree n lang pwede po b un na mawalan ng employee ung busness namin. Nag alala po kasi ako baka mapenalty kami kahit walang nkaregister n employee under our sss registered busness number.. Thank you po .god bless

  21. hi Jk nag file ako today october 19-2016 ng Mat 1. then pinagpapasa ako ng certificate of separation and specimen from my former company,kaso nag awol naman ako sa dati kong company, anong gagawin ko? pwde bang hndi na magbigay ng certificate of separation? ang EDD ko ay sa 10-31-16. thanks, jk

  22. good pm po.magtatanong lang po sana ako if qualified po ako sa mat.1 kahit 3yrs. ago na ako nanganak?april 2013 po ako nanganak then umalis po ako sa dati kong work end. of oct. 2012 dahil grabe po u.t.i. ko dahil 3mo's na po akong buntis?di po ako nagresign dun,nagpaalam lang po ako na pahinga muna ako work.sana po may makasagot sa tanong ko,salamat po.

  23. Last Nov pa po ako hindi employed sa company namin . Nanganak po ako june 27. Kailangan pa po ng 3 documents na requirements ng sss ?tnx po

  24. Hello po. Ask ko lang. Umalis po ako sa company ng Nov 2015 nanganak ako June 2016. Kailngan ko pba mag pasa ng certificate of Separation and Non advancement of maternity benefits?

  25. Hello JK.

    I send this message in behalf of my wife. It is better that i ask this rather than wait the long lines and pass the requirements for maternity benefit for nothing. Not worth my time spend useless po.

    The story is...my first child was born june 21, 2012. Me and my wife got separated altogether from the company last feb 28, 2012. We just got married this april 9, 2016.

    She started working from the same company as i was working last sept. 1, 2010. She had her contributions paid and updated from jan 2011 up to feb 2012 (this i will check again).

    The issue is..can we still get something despite it is almost 5yrs have passed since the birth of my first child?

    Your comment is highly appreciated. Thank you very much po.