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Reasons Why SSS Maternity Benefit Claims Are Denied

Updated June 2014

Here are some reasons why SSS maternity benefit claims are denied. These are based on the personal experiences of women SSS members who have commented on our blogs.

1. Birth Certificate of Child is not Authenticated by the local registrar or NSO.

    Do not submit the birth certificate issued by the hospital.  Get your child's birth certificate from NSO, or get a Certified True Copy of your child's birth certificate from your Local Civil Registrar.   

2. Signature in MAT1 is different from Signature in MAT2 because in MAT1, the maiden name is used, and in MAT2, the married name is used, and that SSS has not yet been updated about the change in civil status using SSS E4 form.

   If you want to change your surname as you are processing your claim, it is best to first wait that the change in surname is effected before you submit your MAT2 claim. Check your online SSS account from time to time.

3.  Applicable Contributions are Paid, but Not yet Remitted by Employer or Not Yet Posted

If you're Employed, before you file your maternity claim, make sure that the 6 monthly contributions that will be considered by SSS in computing your Maternity Benefit are already posted in your SSS account.  Check your online SSS account.

4.  Your Coverage Status in your Record is Different from your Status in your Claim

Example:  You checked VOLUNTARY in your MAT2 form, but your status in your SSS account is  EMPLOYED.

5.  Questions about the Child's Middle Name and Surname

Example:  The child's middle name is different from the mother's surname, and the child's surname is different from the father's surname.  

Remedy for this:  Submit Affidavit to Explain Discrepancy in Names

6.  MAT1 was not submitted to SSS before delivery of the child.  Or maternity notification was not filed online before date of delivery.

If you were not able to submit MAT1 or notify SSS online before delivering your child, attach your letter of explanation to your MAT1 form and ultrasound report or pregnancy test report.

Not all explanations are accepted; it depends on your reason and on the SSS officer evaluating your claim.

7.  Member is not eligible for maternity benefit.

Member has not paid her contributions for at least 3 of the 12 months BEFORE semester of delivery or semester of contingency.

8.  Member delivered her child by CS, but did not submit Operating Room Record

9.  Member had Miscarriage, but did not submit Histopathology Report and Medical Certificate

10. Member recently resigned from work, but did not submit these 3 documents:
        Certificate of Separation
        Certificate of Non-Advancement of Maternity Benefit
        L-501 form

If your date of separation from employment is within 6 months of your date of delivery, you need to submit these 3 documents from your former employer:
 . Certificate of Separation from Employment (must include date of separation)
 . Certificate of Non-Advancement of Maternity Benefit (this means your employer did not advance any amount of maternity benefit to you)
 . 2 copies of Specimen Signature Card (SSS Form L-501)

If the gap between your Date of Separation and Date of Delivery is more than 6 months, but less than 1 year, prepare to submit these 3 documents. The rule mentions 6 months, but there are officers still requiring these documents even if the gap is more than 6 months.

There was one member who commented here, saying that the gap in her case is 11 months and 28 days, and her claim papers were accepted. But later on, her claim was Denied  due to lack of separation papers. She had to wait for her rejected papers, and had to resubmit her claim.

11.  There's an error in the Certificate of Separation or L-501.

Example: The signatures on the L-501 and Certificate of Separation are not the same. Or there is No Date of Separation in the Certificate of Separation.

12.  It was Certificate of Employment that was submitted. 

Submit Certificate of Separation. These 2 kinds of certificates have almost the same contents, but they have different emphasis.  There have been at least 3 members whose claims were Denied because of this reason. 

13.  The Numbers of Pregnancies or Deliveries or Miscarriages in the Forms or in Previous Maternity Claims are not consistent.

Example:  In your MAT1 form, you wrote 2nd pregnancy, but the Birth Certificate shows 3rd in Birth Order.  Another Example: 3rd pregnancy in MAT1, but MAT2 shows 2 miscarriages and 2 deliveries or the Birth Certificate shows 4 in Total No. of Children Born Alive.

14.  Member has no Date of Coverage.

Usually, a member discovers that she has no Date of Coverage upon submission of MAT1, but there are cases that are not detected early, especially now that MAT1 can be submitted online.

Why are  there members without Date of Coverage (DOC)?
These members without DOC are usually the ones who have been paying their contributions as Voluntary without first registering properly and correctly.

You have a Date of Coverage if:
 . you were reported to SSS by your employer as Employee
 . you registered at an SSS branch as Self-Employed using RS1 form and your Proof of Source of Income       and your application was approved
 . you registered as Non-Working Spouse and your application was approved
 . you registered as OFW and your application was approved

Making your FIRST payment to SSS as Voluntary is not allowed. You become Voluntary only when you stop being an Employee, Non-Working Spouse, Self-Employed or OFW, and you decide to continue making SSS contributions.

15.   5th or Subsequent Pregnancy or Miscarriage

Only the first four deliveries or miscarriages are covered under the SSS maternity benefit program.  This policy started on May 24, 1997. Even if you were not able to claim your maternity benefit for your first four deliveries or miscarriages, you can no longer claim for your 5th or subsequent deliveries or miscarriages.

No. of Pregnancies or Deliveries or Miscarriages in Your SSS Maternity Benefit Claim
documents should be consistent

What to Do When Your SSS Maternity Benefit Is Denied 

Other Comments by Readers Can Be Seen Here: Reasons Why SSS Maternity Benefit Claims Are Denied


icon13 said...

Hello sir/mam,

Just want to clarify regarding the Certificate of Non-advancement of Maternity Benefit and L-501 requirements for MAT-2, is it only required for separated employee whose separation is within 6 months or less? I'm confused because those 2 requirements still included by sss-pasay on the checklist of reqt's for my MAT-2 when i notify them about my pregnancy. The period of my separation to my delivery date is already 7 months. My EDD will be on Sept 2013.

Kaydee said...

Hi icon13, the SSS Guidebook 2010 says it's 6 months. But since the Pasay branch requires you to submit, you comply. In past comments, I've even encountered some who were required to submit even if the gap between dates of delivery and separation is nearly a year. Perhaps there was a memo regarding this but it was only internal and was not published.

icon13 said...

Got it sir/mam,
Thank you.

ms13 said...

How long is the grace period for claiming maternity benefit? Until when can i submit my requirements maternity benefits? I gave birth last june 25. thank you

Criscel Ladra said...


just want to know if there is a deadline on passing mat2? until when?i gave birth last june23 and until now july 16 i still cant pass the requirements because i am waiting for the hospital to release my request of surgical memo which is a requirement of sss for cs.

Kaydee said...

Hi ms13, you must submit your MAT1 before delivery. For MAT2: you have 10 years from date of delivery to submit your MAT2 claim.

Kaydee said...

Hi Criscel, yes, you have time to wait for your surgical memo. You are given 10 years within which to file your MAT2 claim. It's MAT1 that must be submitted before delivery.

jennelyn said...

Thank you so much to your advice ms. Kaydee!..

Kristina Francisco said...

Action Taken:**DENIED** As of 08-22-2013
Remarks : WRONG TYPE OF CLAIM / REBATCH * wrong key-encoding

Ano po ibig sabihin nito

Karen Rhea Claro said...

What does status denied ABSENCE OF MATERNITY NOTIFICATION DULY RECEIVED BY SSS PRIOR TO DATE OF DELIVERY/MISCARRIAGE * wrong key-encoding mean..I just submitted my mat1 together with an explanation letter and utz result during my filing.

Nica Uy said...

Good afternoon! I got married last July 30, 2013 and gave birth last August 10, 2013. I haven't filed for maternity reimbursement because I am still waiting for the necessary documents from my previous employer. I got separated from them last July 18, 2013. Since I recently got married, I should update my record, particularly my name, to have it changed to my married name. My question is, when I filed my MAT-1, I was still using my maiden name. Now that I will need to update my name, I am worried that I may encounter issues with my maternity reimbursement because my name may appear differently in my MAT-1 and MAT-2 forms. I understand you mentioned in your blog that it is best to regularly check my online account to see if the changes have already been applied, but from what I know, I only have 60 days from my delivery date to file for maternity reimbursement. As of today, September 5th, I haven't submitted my E-4 form as I delivered via CS and I am still recovering from the operation. By next week, hopefully, I'd be well enough to drop by SSS to update my name, but I'm worried it may take a while for the changes to reflect and it may already be too late and past the 60-day deadline. Should I update my name first or would you advise that I stick with my maiden name until I have everything taken care of with regard to my maternity reimbursement? Thank you.

Kristine said...

Hi Ma'am,

I suffered from a miscarriage last February 26 and filed for a Maternity Claim afterwards. I did not know that I was pregnant thus Mat1 was not submitted. I then submitted both Mat1 and 2 at the same time with the Ultrasound and Histopathology report but my Maternity claim was denied. Reason being, the histopathology report specified it as Endometrial Polyps instead of Placental Secundines. I went on a two month maternity leave to follow the normal process. However, since my claim was denied, my two month leave went uncompensated. Kindly assist please.

Many thanks!

Kaydee said...

Hi dhes, kelan ka ba due? Nakabayad ka ba ng SSS contributions last 2012 and/or this 2013? You need to file MAT1 with SSS before delivery of your baby

Ryeleen Eva said...

Hello! I checked again and na change na rin sa wakas! Thanks ms kaydee!

Glendelyn Bation said...

Hi everyone!

This is Glendelyn. May concern lang po ako regarding sa maternity loan ko. "Denied" ang stats. REMARKS: NO SEPARATION PAPER, COMPLETE RECORDS RETURNED. * wrong key-encoding.

I passed all of my requirements. By the way, I am AWOL in my previous job. My delivery date was on August 17, 2013. And, I am separated in my previous employer last December 2012. Upon submitting all of my requirements in SSS branch, I already informed them that was AWOL in my previous job. They required me to submit a Affidavit of *SOMETHING* (I forgot the name of that document) stating that I can not submitted my Certificate of Employment because I am AWOL. That document was notarized and they accepted it.

I need a help. Kindly facilitate my concern. I am just a newbie.

Kaydee said...

Hi Glendelyn,unfortunately, SSS now requires cert of separation and non-advancement of benefit plus L501 especially if your former company still exists. There's even one here who complained because her former company no longer exists but SSS still rejected her claim. You need to go back to your employer and talk with them

Kaydee said...

Hi vernalyn, hope you're already read my answer in another post where you commented. Yes, you have lots of time to file your MAT2. In fact the MAT2 filing period is 10 years, as long as your MAT1 was filed before delivery. But of course you file as soon as you can so you can enjoy your benefit the soonest possible.

Kaydee said...

Hi krystel, do you have an SSS online account? Does it say Check settled or generated? Sometimes it depends on the SSS work load and post office location and work load.

krystel Redaon said...

ms.kaydee *FOR*REVW* As of 10-11-2013.. but i passed it oct.5 pero npost nila oct.11 n sa online account ko.. Mukha ngang mdaming gawa.. :(

Yang Labrague said...


for employed moms, what is the maximum number of days an employer must file the claim at SSS office before said claim will be denied?

Kaydee said...

Hi Yang, MAT1 must be filed BEFORE delivery. MAT2 has a long deadline; it must be filed within 10 years after delivery. But it's advisable to file MAT2 asap so any defect in the documents can be corrected earlier.

Kaydee said...

Hi Kristine, For Review means they're evaluating your documents. Later on, it will say Check Generated, then you wait for your check's delivery via registered mail.

JENNY said...

hi...before i file MAT 1 namiscarraige n aq but i have ultrasound that im pregnant.i have complete doc from the hospital n naraspa aq.cani still claim maternity benefit?

thanks for the info

Kaydee said...

Hi Kristine and Krystel, depende kasi sa current work load ng SSS at ng post office.

Kaydee said...

Hi Jenny, yes, you can file your claim even if you were not able to file your MAT1 before miscarriage. It's good that you have ultrasound and hospital docs. SSS maternity benefit documents for miscarriage

Kaydee said...

Hi krystel, the check is delivered via registered mail to the home address you wrote in your claim form. Maybe next week or in 2 weeks. You can also visit your local post office if not yet delivered after a week.

ivy cabato said...

Miss kaydee,,,eto po nkalagay sken crl review is on going,,,tiaka na update pa po ata ung account ko last oct. 17 pa gnun po ba tlaga katagal,,

Kaydee said...

Hi Ivy, that means your documents and your records are being evaluated. Meron siguro silang vina-validate na document kaya natatagalan.

ivy cabato said...

Sa tingin nio po miss kaydee kylngan ko n xia ifolow up sa branch or ill just wait nlng ,,bka po kc ma disapprove or my kylangang gawin pa kaya mtgal xia

Kaydee said...

Hi ivy, you need to have that MAT1 with you, yong merong Received stamp ng SSS, kasi that's one of the docs you will submit when you file your MAT2 claim. So ask your former employer if your MAT1 was filed so you can get your MAT1 from them, and if not, file another MAT1 with SSS. Another option is to file MAT1 in your online account.

ivy cabato said...

Hi miss kaydee nagsubmit na ko nang matt 2 ko n mga requirements hindi nman nila hinanap,pnu po kaya yun?tinanong ko na po yan dun sa assigned person for maternity sa sss okei nman na daw un khit d ako magsubmitt ewan kug bkit nga

ivy cabato said...

Hi miss kaydee nkalagay settled claim na po,,idedliver nlang po ba dito sa address ko tru mail,,?anu po mga iprepresent ala n po ba?

ivy cabato said...

Many thanks miss kaydee :)

khrisel said...

hello! i filed my mat-1 and mat-2 together with the supporting documents like original birth cert, operating room techniques, ob history, cert of employment, cert of non-cash advancement with L-501 last oct 29. then yesterday Action taken: **DENIED** Remarks: NO L-501 ON FILE. PLEASE SUBMIT SPECIMEN SIGNATURE CARD OF YOUR AUTHORIZED SIGNATORIES. * wrong key-encoding. Claim Type: Separated and in my member's info im a Voluntary Member. Now my question is why is like that? i filed my L-501 to them and how long will i need to wait for my papers to be returned?

Kaydee said...

Hi khrisel, I hope you can receive your denied documents in 1 month. Maybe longer. They return documents through the registered mail. Wrong key encoding usually means your status in your SSS record is different from your status in your claim form. If your status in your online SSS account is Voluntary, then check Voluntary in your claim forms. Did you submit 2 sheets of L501? The signature there should be the same as the signature in the cert of separation and non-advancement.

ecjoy nacsenon said...

Hello.Just wanna ask what is the best thing I can do with my SSS Maternity Benefit.When I checked it online it was DENIED with this remark:FOR RE EVALUATION/CLARIFICATION OF APPROVED CONFINEMENT*wrong keyword encoding


Kaydee said...

Hi Sheena, wait for your check to be delivered by your local postman via registered mail. Kung wala pa in 2 weeks, puede kang magtanong sa post office ninyo.

Kaydee said...

Hi Sheena, yes, that's right. sa address na isinulat mo sa application form. Sa mga employed, idinideliver sa company address

joyjoy said...

I gave birth at home, I am still entitled to Maternity Reimbursement even if I don't have Hospital Records?

Rosalie Aiza de la Cruz said...

Hello, is it acceptable if my letter of explanation of not notifying the SSS of my pregnancy is that I am not aware of this process? I am not employed and this is my first time to have a child. thanks.

kristine rariza said...

hi.. ask ko lng po kung ang icheck ko bng membership s mat2 ay separated since kkresign ko lng po?

Kaydee said...

Hi lyka mae, yes, magkaiba ang separation at employment. Ang dapat i-submit mo ay cert of separation with date of separation, cert of non-advancement of maternity benefit, and 2 sheets of L501 form. Dapat the same person ang mag-sign sa documents at dapat the same signature.

Kaydee said...

Hi kristine, yes, Separated ang i-check mo kung kare-resign mo lang at hindi ka pa nagbayad ng SSS contribution as Voluntary. Submit cert of separation with date of separation, cert of non-advancement of maternity benefit, and 2 sheets of L501 form.

Alvin Suni said...

Hi po.ask ko lng po if ok lng mgfile ng mat-2 khit di mkapagfile ng mat-1. 10mos n po kxe ung baby ko.

Kaydee said...

Hi lyka, required na you wait for the return of the denied docs because there are instructions there. yes, ganon nga, it takes some months.

Kaydee said...

Hi Alvin Suni, try filing your claim and pray. Include a letter to SSS explaining why you were not able to file your MAT1 before delivering your baby. Include your MAT1 and ultrasound report or cert of pregnancy

mommyJ said...

Hi Maam. Im a mom from Pampanga and same with the other comments I forgot to file my Mat1 before because I thought I wasnt eligible and i am not fully aware of the benefits together with the reason that I had a sensitive pregnancy and I am not married yet, I have all other documents ready and okay just the Mat 1 is missing because of the said reason. my baby is already 15mons old now. What do you think is the best way to claim my benefits? the amount will be a big help for us since we are kinda struggling. I was able to use my Philhealth on my delivery but not the SSS i was not really aware that I was eligible. :( Please Help me.

Kaydee said...

Hi mommyJ, file your claim together with the filled-up MAT1 form, your ultrasound report or cert of pregnancy and letter to SSS explaining why you were not able to file your MAT1 before delivery plus the other required docs. You can say that you did not know that you have to file MAT1 before delivery. Or you can cite the reason you wrote here. I also do not know what reason is valid for SSS to accept, so whatever you feel is the right reason, then that's what you write. You also make a plea and then thank them in advance for their kind consideration. And then pray that your claim will be approved. You can ask others too.

lyka mae Cabading said...

ms kaydee . ask ko lng about sa 2 shets ng L501 . xerox and original copy po ba un ? kxe 1 sheet lng na L501 ung na submit ko non.

Kaydee said...

Hi Yllana Marie, puede mo nang i-file yong MAT1 mo as single, kasi it's important that you file MAT1 before delivery. Mareremedyuhan naman ito later on with presentation of marriage cert. if you decide later on to file MAT2 with married name. When filing MAT2, isipin mo na lang kung magkakaroon ka ng ID with married name during the time you file your MAT2 and during the time you encash your check. If you decide to file MAT2 as married, file E4 first with SSS, and then wait for your SSS civil status to change from Single to Married before filing MAT2. Ask others too

Kaydee said...

Hi emz, yes, the online confirmation of your MAT1 is sufficient to back up your claim. If your HR people are efficient, your MAT1 is stored in your 201 file, so it's there in your file. Also, since you're employed, and if your company advances your benefit, maybe in 2 releases, MAT2 filing would be easier, since you just submit your child's birth certificate after delivery, and the company will be the one to file your MAT2.

khrisel said...

hello! tatanong lang sana ako.. bcoz i pass all my requiremnets for maternity benefit last december 5, 2013 then last december 19, 2013 its already for review. but until now almost a month na the status is still for review... why so long???

Kaydee said...

Hi Kristine, kung recently Separated ka, required ang Cert of Separation with date of separation, cert of non-advancement of maternity benefit, and 2 copies of L501 form.

Jean B. said...

Hello po Ms. Kaydee,Im Jean B. my maternity claim for my second child was already settled(dated Nov. 23,2007) but when i claim for my third child (dated Aug. 17,2013) it was denied (CLAIM WAS ALREADY SETTLED *delivery number already settled). SSS record was that my 2nd child is my 3rd child. SSS doctor told me to write a letter to correct my delivery number, then wait for reply. Tama po ba kasi ilang ulit na akong pabalik-balik. Thank you.

Kaydee said...

Hi Kirri, meron ka bang Date of Coverage? Check your online SSS account. If you have, that's great. That means you started contributing to SSS correctly. One reason na temporary ang SSS no. ay kung hindi original o merong question sa birth cert na ipinakita mo when you applied for an SSS no. Go to SSS with your local-civil-registrar- or NSO-certified birth cert and valid IDs and ask why your SSS no. is temporary. Comment here again if you don't have a Date of Coverage, and I will give suggestions.

laurence hermoso said...

Hi Kaydee,

Delivery date ko is Oct.24,2013
start po ng feb 2012- sep 2013, total contribution ko nun is 23,712

Kaydee said...

Hi Kirri, that's great na na-solve na. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Kaydee said...

Hi alliyah, yes, malaki ang chance, basta nagsubmit ka ng histopathology report, OB report, medical cert, MAT1 with explanation letter, ultrasound report before and after miscarriage, MAT2.

Kaydee said...

Hi izza, did you submit cert of separation, cert of non-advancement of benefit and L501? Did these 3 docs have the same signatures? If yes, tama naman na Separated ang na-check mo sa MAT2 kasi sabi mo hindi ka pa naman nagbayad as Voluntary.
Yong Employed at Separated ay tama o match basta nag-submit ka ng 3 docs I mentioned.
Baka merong ibang reason. Match ba ang name of previous employer mo sa certificates doon sa name of last company mo sa online employment history mo?
Check again your online account baka na-review na at okay na. Kung Denied talaga, wait for your documents to be returned, and then accomplish the instructions. Based on comments here, sometimes it takes 1 month or more for the docs to be returned.

Kaydee said...

Hi fennie, on second thought, kung merong serious or valid reason kung bakit ayaw mong gamitin ang surname ng biological father, then be ready to make an affidavit. Ask na lang others knowledgeable about names kung ano dapat ang middle name ng baby.

Apple Ugay said...

Hi Kaydee i just want to share my situation and to ask something also.
i got hired august 2013 and resigned last December 2013 so i have atleast 3 months contri.. my concerned i gave birth last may 2013 Cesarean Section..and pass my mat 2 application last dec 11 2013.i didn't have the chance to pass my mat 1 application before i gave birth because i don't have idea on Maternity benefit on SSS.and also i just figure that im pregnant when its already 2 months.
way back to my application
i submit

MAT2 application
Letter for not submitting mat1
Certificate of Non-advancement of Maternity Benefit and L-501
BC of Baby from NSO
Surgical documents.
valid Id's

first Application Status:
**DENIED** As of 01-15-2014

but i already submit it but it just a photo copy and the print on it is so faded..but still can i just submit the orig copy with seal of hospital.

then applied again last March 11 2014
2nd Application Status:
**DENIED** As of 03-25-2014

but i already submit SEPARATION PAPER is this diff. from Certificate of Non-advancement of Maternity Benefit or COE???

don't know whats wrong with them.
what if after i submit the separation paper again? is it possible that they will see another missing documents???
and what is the meaning of
wrong key-encoding

pls help me :(

FYI, i got hired again on my last company last august 2014. :)

Thanks. :)

Shy said...

Hi Apple, ito ang sample: sample certificate of separation from employment

Shy said...

Hi yoj, based on those commenting here, change of civil status takes 1 to 2 months, so if you plan to change your status, change asap, file E4 with marriage certificate (orig and xerox)... so you have lots of time before you file your MAT2. But make sure that you will have 2 valid IDs showing your married name by the time you file your MAT2.

Shy said...

Hi Apple, Mariell and Veronica: Thanks a lot, Apple, for sharing info for Mariell/Veronica. Tama yong advice na you go to the branch where your submitted your claim.

Frustrated_Member said...

Your blog is really very helpful and informative. Hats off Ma'am! Hope you can also extend your knowledge and shed some light regarding my predicament. I recently submitted my documents at our local SSS Branch but the officer said my L-501 form is not valid because it has a date stamp of Apr 13, 2013 from SSS. Totoo po ba na 1 year lang ang validity ng L-501? I spent a lot of money, time and effort para makakuha nang certificate of separation and L-501 from my previous employer kasi nasa malayong province ako from where my previous company is located. Its very frustrating that after all the trouble I went through, hindi acceptable ang L-501 form. Can you confirm if this is true? Thanks in advance. ☺

JK said...

Hi Frustrated Member, sorry it's my first time to encounter something about the time validity of L501. Try filing another day, and line up at another desk and check what the other SSS officer will say about your L501. Thanks for appreciating my blog.
By the way, I'm puzzled why your L501 has a date stamp of Apr 13, 2013 from SSS. When did you get your L501 from your employer?

JK said...

Hi HMYC, sorry I'm not sure what happened to your claim. Ang ibig mo bang sabihin sa late filing ay you did not file your MAT1 before delivery? There are many cases na kasi based on comments online that if MAT1 is not filed before delivery, the claim is rejected.
But there are also few cases that the claim is approved. Keep waiting na lang, then maybe after 3 to 5 months, you can go to your branch and ask.

JK said...

Hi April, maybe your claim was denied because your employed filed your MAT1 late. MAT1 should be filed BEFORE delivery. Preferably nga between first and last trimester. Follow up, wait and pray.

JK said...

Hi Josia, ask for a Certificate of Separation. Cert of Employment is different although the contents are almost the same. Under Section 24 (d) of the SSS Law, RA 8282, your employer must give whatever document employees need for their SSS claims. For MAT1, submit it BEFORE delivery. For MAT2, file within 10 years.

Maricris Bitangga said...


I had a miscarriage on Feb. 24 and nung nagcheck po ako online regarding the status of my maternity claim ang nakalagay po ay Denied For evaluation/clarification of approved confinement wrong key encoding. I was not confined po kasi I did not undergo D & C under medical management lang ako. What could this possibly mean po? Thanks.

JK said...

Hi Maricris, if your claim passes the 2nd evaluation, then your online account will change from Denied to "Settled" and "Check generated." If it's again denied, wait for your papers to be returned to you, and re-submit with the correct documents. For miscarriage, one of the more important documents is the histopathology report.

Maricris Bitangga said...

Hello again!
How long is the processing for the second evaluation?

JK said...

Hi Maricris, sorry I don't know. Maybe 1 month or more. Depends on their work load.

Flordivina Monroid said...

hi mam i just want to clariify about my M claim. do i need to provide certified true copy of the birth cert of my child though i submitted the original.

JK said...

Hi Flordivina, the original birth certificate you submitted is enough, as long as the birth cert was from NSO or from the local civil registrar.

Flordivina Monroid said...

Hi Sir Jk, Good morning!
Yes sir the birth cert is from Local civil Registrar but then the SSS personal still asking me for a certified true copy of it. is the original birth cert need to be stamp certified true copy so that it will be valid?

Sir, i also ask if is it ok or posible denied if the surename of child is different from me? because his using the surename of his father, and where not yet married? do i need to provide affidavit of discrepancy?

JK said...

Hi Flordivina, yes, it must be stamped Certified True Copy and signed and sealed by the local civil registrar. Sorry I missed what you meant in your previous question, but all birth certificates from the local civil registrar has Certified True Copy stamp, seal, signature and date. I'm puzzled why it does not have that stamp and seal and signature.
About your child's surname: Is the name of the father written in the Father portion of the birth cert? And the child's middle name is your maiden surname? If yes, there's no name discrepancy. Ask others too

Flordivina Monroid said...

Hi Sir Jk

Yes sir tha surename of his father written on his birth.

Sir please evaluate this Birth Cert came from LCR and that is that 's only a scan copy.

is that Birth is Invalid?
yan ho kasi yong binigay ng LCR sa akin

Sir saan ko po pwede e email yong pictures?

Thank you

JK said...

Hi Flordivina, yes, I think so too that if a document is original, it should not need a stamp. But I think the people at SSS are so used to seeing LCR-issued birth certificates with the Certified True Copy stamp/signature that they miss recognizing that the document is original. If you like, you can submit your MAT2 documents at another SSS branch. Or just comply with what the branch you dealt with is asking you. Keep your original copy for other use in the future and ask your LCR for a birth cert with the CTC stamp/signature/date.
Ask others too

Rona Feliciano said...

Hi po. Just want to ask. May EDD is on Oct 2014. I just ended my contract as an ofw nurse this June 2014. Bayad naman ako sa sss from june 2013 to 2014 while I was in saudi. Do I still need to get docs from my previous employer here in the Philippines? Last working day ko sa kanila was January 21 2013. After 6 months nag Saudi na ako. THANK YOU!

ave said...

Hi ma'am, i have already signed my mat1 on Jun 6 (Friday) attached the ultrasound, due to lack of SSS ID i decided to submit it on Jun 9 (Monday)unfortunately, i brought to the hospital on Jun 7 (Saturday)i was miscarriage..meaning, i failed to file mat-1 before miscarriage, do i still need to submit mat-1? or mat-2 nlng...pls. help thanks!

JK said...

Hi Rona, no, you don't need to get docs from your previous employer because the gap between your separation and delivery dates is already more than a year. You wrote your question days ago, is your online account already active? Is your status OFW? If it is, then write OFW on your MAT1. Check again your status before you submit your MAT2, so the status on your online account and on your MAT2 are the same.

JK said...

Hi Johanna, do you mean your employer advanced your maternity benefit to you? And it was lower than the SSS computation? When your HR finally gets your check from SSS, and the amount is higher than what they advanced you, your company should give you the balance.
About MAT2, yes, your HR will get your baby's birth certificate and your MAT2 form, so they can refund from SSS what they advanced to you.

JK said...

Hi ave, you file your MAT2 together with your MAT1 and a letter of explanation why you were not able to submit your MAT1 earlier. Submit also required documents for miscarriage. I hope you have a histopathology report from the hospital.

Rona Feliciano said...

HI Sir?/Mam? JK! Thank you for the response. Yes my SSS online account is already active. Coverage status is OFW.

How can I change that to VOLUNTARY? Hindi po magka problem na pag nag file ako ng MAT-1 is OFW status ko then MAT-2 is voluntary na? Kasi the next time I will pay my SSS ( JULY to SEPTEMBER) I will tick voluntary already in my RS-5 form. Wala po maging problem yun? Thank you again for your help!

JK said...

Hi ave, you filed your histopathology report and other important docs, so your claim should be approved. Check your online account from time to time

JK said...

Hi claire, the requirement is at least 3 contributions within the 12-month period prior to semester of delivery. Check this: SSS maternity benefit eligibility

JK said...

Hi Flordivina, just check from time to time, can be 3 days to 1 month, depending on SSS work load.

JK said...

Hi Rona, your member status on MAT2 will be the one to be matched with your member status record with SSS.
It's like with civil status... many are Single on MAT1, and then Married on MAT2 (but they have filed E4 so their civil status with SSS is already Married).

Rona Feliciano said...

HI JK! So you mean I can file my MAT-1 now with my current status as OFW and then when I pay for my SSS the next semester using the RS-5 form (JULY to SEPTEMBER) I will tick VOLUNTARY and that will also automatically reflect in the system. Para when I file my MAT-2, I will just tick VOLUNTARY. Thank you very much. Your answers are very helpful!

P.S. Is it better to file my MAT-1 online or at the SSS office branch so that I can have a hardcopy/proof that my MAT-1 was received? Because a MAT-1 notification is required as an attachment with the MAT-2 right? Thanks again!

JK said...

Hi Rona, yes, you're correct. If you have time, it's better filing your MAT1 with your ultrasound report at your SSS branch

JK said...

Hi erika, you can change your status to Voluntary by paying your contribution as Voluntary, but you still need those separation documents because your date of delivery and separation from employment are within 6 months. Yes, those docs need to be signed by only one person.

JK said...

Hi Arcy, is this sickness benefit claim? There must be defects in your medical documents. wait for your documents to get returned and then make corrections. Ask also your HR about your claim.

JK said...

Hi claire, click Online Inquiry, Benefit, then Maternity Benefit.

JK said...

Hi Josephine, you can use your first MAT1. If your dates of separation and delivery are within 6 months, even if you're Voluntary, you will be required to submit separation papers. But you can try filing.

JK said...

Hi ledelyn, enroll at so you can check the status of your matenity benefit claim.

Gracie said...

Hello sir/mam what po meaning nito: FOR RE-EVALUATION/CLARIFICATION OF APPROVED CONFINEMENT * wrong key-encoding I had kase spontaneous abortion d me na confine sa hospital sa bahay lang me at nag rest . DO i need to show them any documents? is there a hope na ma approved pa din kahit ganito status? thanks

JK said...

Hi josephine, the gap between Apr 2014 and Jan 2015 is already more than 6 months, so you should no longer be required to submit separation papers. But there have been people commenting here they were still required. If they will require separation documents, ask them if you can submit an Affidavit of Separation because your former company refuses to give you those documents.
If your member status is still Employed, pay at least 1 contribution so your status becomes Voluntary. Hope that your Voluntary status will convince them not to require you separation documents.

JK said...

Hi vergel, yes, you're eligible because you have 5 contributions (May to Sep 2013) within the 12-month period prior to semester of delivery. Yes, file your MAT2 and other documents after delivery.

JK said...

Hi Mary, did you submit a histopathology report or medical certificate? Sorry I can't determine the reason. But based on comments on our blogs, for miscarriage cases, SSS considers the histopathology report as very important.
Maybe your claim is still for re-evaluation. But I'm puzzled that your claim is not posted. You can follow up at your branch.

JK said...

Hi Gracie, what document did you submit as proof of your miscarriage? Based on comments on our blogs, for miscarriage cases, SSS considers the histopathology report as very important. That's why for miscarriage cases without consultation/confinement after, claiming is often difficult because of lack of medical papers. Wait for your documents to be returned and comply with the instructions.

Josia Mainit said...

what if your previous company doesnt provide cert of separation ,is there an altrnative to that document? or it is ok as long as you have the non cash advancements and l502 ,what is the difference of L501 to L502 though?thnks

JK said...

Hi erika, yes, you can apply for your salary loan and then file your maternity benefit claim later on. Your maternity benefit will be affected by your salary loan only if you default in paying your monthly amortization. If you make your monthly loan payments on time, your maternity benefit amount will not be affected.

JK said...

Hi Andrea, there's a big chance your claim will be approved because you submitted histopathology report (the most important document in miscarriage cases) and the other medical papers. But in case the SSS officer who will evaluate your claim is strict regarding the other docs, just wait for your docs to get returned, read the instructions, and then re-file again. Register at if you don't yet have an online account, so you can check your claim status.

JK said...

Hi Josia, L501 is a Specimen Signature Card. It shows the signature of the person authorized to sign SSS documents in behalf of the employer. I can't find a sample L502 document. Ask your SSS branch if you need to submit an Affidavit of Separation from Employment because your employer refuses to give you a certificate. Tell them you already have the other certificates.

Marites Membrillo said...

I would like to ask about my maternity reimbursement..until now the status is for review..I filed my MAT-2 last July 3,2014.and since our company is already enrolled to SMB through bank it will only takes 2-3 weeks to received the payment..what to ask as I read the SSS-manual it only takes 10 days to process the maternity claim.

rory mina said...

Hi po.. my maternity benefit claim was denied. ang reason po na nakalagay: "no separation paper, complete records returned. wrong key encoding". I was separated from my employer before i even got pregnant, pero I still submitted the L501 and certificate of no advancement. wala po yung certificate of separation kasi naka-indicate na po sa certificate of no advance payment doc yung start and end date ng employment ko - pero denied pa din. bat ganun? isa pa po na concern ko is yung amount na nakalagay sa online po dalawa - employer and sss. tapos dun sa amount na katabi ng denied check is the amount from the employer which is like half lang po nung sss amount. yun lang po ba yung claim ko after the re-filling? thanks in advance.

jediel magbanua said...

HI po! I have a question regarding my maternity benefits claim. I filed my MAT 1 on May 2014 with single civil status. My husband and I got married last May 2014. I gave birth to our son June 2014. I used my single status in my hospital records but it's indicated in our son's b-certificate that his parents are married. I intend to file my MAT2 using my maiden name and single status since my id's and hospital records are under my maiden name. However an sss personnel told me I have to change my civil status using form E4 and present an ID using my married name (which I have none yet) because it is indicated in our son's b-certificate that I'm married to his father. Is there anything that I can do so that I will not be forced to change status and produce id's using married name yet? Thanks!

erika mae Payao said...

enough na poh ba magfile online?? ngfile na poh ako online tapos na accept nman poh at na acknowledge.. i just want to know if ok na ba yon or do i still need to go to SSS branch to submit my MAT1 form..?

JK said...

Hi Andrea, there have been miscarriage cases approved even without MAT1, based on online comments.
About RS5, you can have an RS5 transaction no. if you pay your contribution as Voluntary using RS5 form at an SSS branch (only some Bayad Centers use RS5 forms). But if you checked Separated in your MAT2, don't pay yet as Voluntary because if your Voluntary payment is posted, your Employed (Separated) status will automatically change to Voluntary, and there will be a discrepancy in your status.

JK said...

Hi Marites, sad to say that compared to last year, processing time for SSS claims this year has been longer. Could be due to a big increase in claims and changes in the system.

JK said...

Hi rory, comply with the instructions. Re-file your claim together with your cert of separation with date of separation. Write your date of delivery and your contributions within 18 months before your delivery, and I'll try to compute.

JK said...

Hi Flordivina,
Login at
Click Online Inquiry
Mouse Over Benefit
Click Maternity Benefit

JK said...

Hi jediel, you should be able to file as Single. Many members have filed as single even though they're already married because they don't have IDs yet with their married surnames. You can try filing with another personnel of the same branch. Or find another SSS branch near your residence. SSS says that members should file at the branch nearest their residence or their place of work.
Or you can comply with the instruction (file your E4, wait till your married surname is posted, and then apply for your SSS ID. Apply for 2 other IDs as married, as you will need to present your SSS ID application stub plus 2 IDs)

JK said...

Hi erika, yes, online filing of MAT1 is enough. Print your acknowledgement page, for submission later on together with your MAT2 filing.

JK said...

Hi Andrea, pray that your claim will be approved. Based on comments on our blogs, there are those without separation papers that are approved and those that are not approved. I'm assuming that SSS evaluators sometimes make different decisions regarding this matter. But I hope your docs are good.

JK said...

Hi Strell, based on comments on our blogs, some SSS officers require cert of non-advancement, specially if the gap between your separation and delivery dates is less than 6 months. But there are those that no longer require this document. If the gap between the 2 dates is less than 6 months, I think you need to submit, to be sure, as the officer who will accept your docs and the officer who will evaluate your docs are 2 different persons. Ask your branch.

JK said...

Hi Joann, sad to say you might not be able to qualify. If you're giving birth in Sep 2014, your semester of contingency is Apr to Sep 2014, and SSS will look for 3 contributions within the 12 months prior to Apr 2014 (Apr 2013 to Mar 2014). You can no longer pay for Jan to Mar 2014. Ask others too.

JK said...

Hi Strell, your semester of contingency is Apr to Sep 2014. Your prior 12-month period is Apr 2013 to Mar 2014. Your 6 highest salary credits within the 12-month period:
Apr 988 9500
May 936 9k
July 988 9500
Aug 936 9k
Sep 988 9500
Nov 780 7500
Total salary credit = 54k
54k / 180 days = 300 pesos per day
300 x 60 days (Normal delivery) = 18k
Your maternity benefit is 18k
Please check my math.
If CS, multiply by 78 days.

JK said...

Strell Consunto:
Been separated more than 6 mos from the company; should they require separation papers?
Here are my actual premiums for the year 2013
Feb- 884
March- 936
May- 936
June- 780
July- 988
August- 936
Sept- 988
Oct- 416
Nov- 780

Delivery date: July 21, 2014
Separation from company: Nov 30, 2013
Thank you

JK said...

Hi Strell, SSS requires separation papers if the gap between delivery date and separation date is less than 6 months. But some SSS officers require these papers even if the gap is 6 or more months.

Strell Consunto said...

Thank you very much jk!;) Keep helping others by answering their queries.. Your blog helps a lot. God bless you more! :)

JK said...

March 26, 2014 at 8:34 PM
Hi Apple, wait for your docs to get returned and then read their instructions. Yes, the cert of separation (with date of separation) is different from the cert of non-advancement of benefit. Wrong key encoding might mean your member status in the SSS system is different from member status in your claim form. Might mean other discrepancy in the documents.
Check your member status in your online SSS account, as you mentioned you got re-employed and your new employer has remitted your contributions. It's most likely your status is again Employed. When you re-submit, ask the SSS officer what member status you should write, as you're now Employed but you were Separated when you gave birth.

Grace said...

Good day po!

Just found out na I am not entitled for a maternity benefit due to the 2 semester contingency.. Is there any way to claim?

Here is my scenario: I have resigned from my previous company last April 2013, which is my last contribution month for that year because I did not work due to health reasons. I went back to work when I got better only this year March 2014. Since then continuously paid my contribution.. But when I went to SSS they told me I'm not qualified because of the contingency when u take out a 2 quarter from my payment.. that I have only 2 mos. contribution against the required contribution of at least 3 mos. meaning I only lack 1 mo. contribution.. This is truly harsh.. please help me..

JK said...

Marjorie: I have a delinquent salary loan way back in 2010. Will this affect my maternity benefit claim?

Hi Marjorie, sad to say, yes, your delinquent loan will be deducted from your maternity benefit. You can read this rule at the back of the salary loan form.

JK said...

Hi Grace, yes, rules are harsh, but sadly, those are the rules. Are you giving birth within Aug to Sep? If yes, you should have at least 3 contributions within Apr 2013 to Mar 2014. Sadly, you can no longer pay for those missed months because there are payment deadlines.
There could be another blessing waiting for you.

JK said...

jennie fajardo Good day. I filed my maternity benefit claim on Aug 5. I passed all the requirements based on your blog. I saw online my contributions from sep 30 to Jan 30, but when I checked, I saw this note "Member has no maternity benefit." What does that mean?

Hi jennie, that means that your claim has not been encoded yet. If your claim is denied, you will see "Denied". Check from time to time

Marites Membrillo said...

Good day upon checking my SSS online account my maternity claim is already settled last august 4, 2014 but employer said it is still not deposited to my employers account. since maternity claim is paid through bank why it takes so long?

cash crate said...


I have a couples of queries po.

1) I've read about submitting separation papers once you delivered within 6 months and some were required too even it is within a year from the time they got separated from the company. In my case my last contribution from the company was August 2012, I forgot what is the exact effectivity date of my separation from the company. Then in October 2012 I change my status to being a voluntary member. Paid only that month then I resume my payment in February 2013 onwards. I delivered my baby on September 2013 so I just want to make sure that I am safe not to get those separation papers since my status right now is a voluntary member.
Please need some clarifications.

2) Is it okay not to change my status to married not until I can claim my maternity benefit? I just want to wait until I get my check. I don't want to process that paper yet until I get home.

3) How long does it take for them to process a maternity benefit until the delivery of the check. And how many days is the validity of the check. I am out of the country and I don't have a bank account in PH to where they can deposit the money.

Thanks a lot for any help.

JK said...

Hi Marites, yes, the SMP is supposed to make the process faster. Maybe there are some glitches as the system is new. But you should get your money before the end of the month.

JK said...

Hi cash crate,
1. You should no longer be required to submit separation papers. The time gap is already more than 1 year.
2. In the past, many are doing that -- not changing their status yet. And they were able to claim. But there's one who commented last week that the SSS officer required her to change her status. I don't know if this is now advised by all officers, or if this is just one strict officer.
3. Filing to delivery might take 1 month or more. I'm not sure if maternity checks have a validity of 6 months (the usual validity of checks in the Phils), as the validity of SSS educational loan checks is only 3 months.

JK said...

user232425 Hi im Janey..I really dont know the SSS process I am due to give birth this Oct 11. In my med cert, it's written that my dr is sept.25 onwards..Im really worried that sss would deny my maternity claim because when I asked my company last July for the MAT1 form they didnt advise me of a timeframe and just informed me when i have docs to submit.Ive been on and off bedrest for the couple of months and it was only yesterday that I asked my hubby to submit to our company. Now they are saying its too late and we have to explain..Im worried it might be denied. Please advise.Thanks

Hi Janey, you still have time to submit MAT1. It's not too late. The rule is "at least 60 days from the date of conception but not later than the date of delivery." Call your HR. Explain respectfully you did not know the company has a deadline because what you know is that the SSS deadline is before child birth. If your company doesn't have a messenger, your company can sign the MAT1 form and then your husband can have your MAT1 stamped at your SSS branch.

JK said...

shania: This helpful blog is correct. I've filed my MAT1 and have updated online, and will submit my certificate of
separation, non-advancement and L-501.
How do I submit my MAT2? At any branch? How can I receive my benefits since I'm separated already. Will it be delivered to
my house? What documents should I submit for MAT2? I'll be giving birth at a private lying-in.

Do I get the full amount? and when? I'm too young for this. but i am ensuring all of my documents are ready. any response will be greatly appreciated. :)

Hi shania, you submit your MAT2 documents after giving birth, at the SSS branch in your city/town or the branch nearest your residence. After approval and check issuance, your check will be delivered to your home address -- the one in your MAT2 form. You will get the full amount.
50-percent advance benefit payments are only for employed members.
List of MAT2 Documents

JK said...

Francis Abubo: My wife can't get her L501 and cert of non-advancement because her former company has closed down. My wife has her cert of employment, which was given to her at the end of her contract. We verified at SSS Alabang, and they said her former company is still active, but in truth, the company has closed down. How can my wife claim her maternity benefit?

Hi Francis, is the gap between your wife's separation date and child delivery date less than 6 months? Are you sure the company has closed down? Maybe it moved to another address. Do you have proof that it has closed down?
If you're sure it has closed, use affidavits: Affidavit of Non-advancement and Separation from Employment.
But take note that SSS will check if the company has really closed down.

ave said...

Hi ma'am / sir,

Just want to ask how long the processing of maternity is, i submit my mat2 in verification dept. last july 11 but until now i haven't seen the status on my online account..any contact no. so i can verify the status..thanks..

May Falip said...

hello, i receive 10 pesos in my mat. benefits because i forgot to attached my Voucher advance by my employeer, what will i do? pls. answer...thanks.

Francis Abubo said...

ok na po. pumunta asawa ko sa sss alabang branch then sinabi nya na sarado na ung former employer nya. then binigyan sya affidavit of non advancement of maternity benefit then pina-notaryo nya sa city hall ng muntinlupa. binalik nya sa sss at sabi for verification pa. ive-verify ng sss alabang branch sa sss makati branch (branch na hinuhulugan ng former employer nya) kung talagang sarado na. if mag declare nga ang sss makati branch na closed na ung dati nyang employer, babayaran daw ang maternity benefit ng asawa ko.. yes!

rexanne meg jordan said...

hello po,
I want to clarify regarding my maternity benefit claim po. nag file ako ng MAT 1 sa HR namin October 2013 and na claim ko din po yung amount on the same month. i delivered my child last november 2 2013. now i have a problem on claiming my company clearance and back pay kasi daw po late na ako nag submit ng MAT 2, and possible daw na ma deny na ng SSS yun. and the sad thing is baka ako pa daw yung mka bayad sa company kung yung ma aapprove niyo daw po is lower than sa na release na maternity claim sa akin. tama po ba itong process na to ma'am? hope you can answer my concern po. maraming salamat

JK said...

Hi Francis, thank you for sharing updates about your case. Do you mean the Alabang branch has a pre-printed form of Affidavit of Non-Advancement of Maternity Benefit given to members that need it? If yes, then that's very good. That's really helpful to members. I think the Alabang branch is one of the better SSS branches.

JK said...

Hi rexanne, did you not submit your MAT2 and birth certificate to your company after giving birth? It's already Aug 2014, haven't the company received the check from SSS? Check your online SSS account and see if your maternity benefit check is already settled. Register at, if not yet enrolled. Ask your employer's SSS no. -- you need it to enroll as Employed.

JK said...

Hi May, I don't quite understand. 10 pesos? Or 10 k pesos? It should have been your employer that filed your MAT2 claim because they advanced the benefit to you. They should be the one making sure that they will get the correct refund amount.
Check your online SSS account and see the amount settled. Register at if not yet enrolled.

JK said...

Hi ave, call 920-6446 to 55 or go to the branch where you filed your MAT2 and ask.

JK said...

Joy Cabuyadao: Is possible that after submitting MAT1 and MAT2 and we're given a claim stub, our claim can still be denied? My claim was denied due to late submission of MAT1. What should I do? Thank you and more power.

Hi Joy, wait for your documents to get returned through the mail. Write a letter to SSS explaining why you were not able to submit your MAT1 before delivery, and then request for reconsideration. You can write in Tagalog.
Then re-submit your claim together with your letter.

JK said...

cath bardillon Hi may I ask if I can claim my check directly from the post office in case it's there already? I already have my check no. Do you think my check is already in the post office?

Hi cath, yes you can claim your check from your local post office. But some postmen insist on delivering the check to the address on the registered mail to be sure they're giving it to the right person.

JK said...

kesya29: mam/sir I wasn't able to get my maternity benefit last 2009. That was for my first baby. Now I'm again filing for my new maternity benefit. Is there a way I can get my first claim? I still have my 2009 stub. The check was not delivered to me.

Hi kesya29, have you enrolled in online SSS? Was your first claim approved? Is there a check no. listed in your maternity benefit page? Did you move to another address? If your claim was approved, you can write to SSS, and request that they re-issue your check (write check details as written in your online account) because it was not delivered to you. I'm wondering why you did not follow it up in 2009 or 2010.

JK said...

erika mae Payao
hi, I filed mat1 via online...i mistakenly wrote 3 as my no. of deliveries prior to notification. but this is just my 3rd pregnancy.. so i submitted notification again via online, and this time I wrote 2 as I only have 2 kids prior to this notification. Will this become a problem when I file my mat2?? What should I do?

Hi erika mae, when filing your MAT2, submit a printout of the acknowledgment for the 2nd notification that you filed online. There should be no problem as long as you submit your complete and correct MAT2 documents.

Danah abesamis said...

hi just want to know what does "settled" status means? i checked my maternity claim status and that is what I saw. i filed it last aug 18, 2014, how long will it take to get the check? thanks

JK said...

Hi Danah, that means your claim has been approved and your check is being issued. Based on comments online, the time for SSS to bring the check to the post office and for the post office to deliver it to your address is 2 weeks to 1 month or more.

JK said...

Sahyuri Ramos
i just want to know what I should do if this is what appears: SUBMIT CASH VOUCHER DULY SIGNED BY THE MEMBER EVIDENCING PAYMENT OF BENEFIT * wrong key-encoding? what should I do? thanks i hope you reply i need help

Hi Sahyuri, submit evidence (cash voucher or receipt) that your employer advanced you your maternity benefit. Then SSS will reimburse the money your employer advanced to you. Did your employer gave your benefit in advance?

JK said...

Angela Torres
good day maam may i ask if I'm entitled to file my maternity claim. I've filed my mat1 prior to the date of my delivery. and it was received by sss. my question is I'm married to my first
husband but we're already separated, so this my 2nd child is illegitimate. or under his father's surname. any idea.

Hi Angela, have you paid at least 3 contributions within the 12-month period prior to your semester of delivery? This is How to Check Eligibility
If you've made the right payments, you are eligible for maternity benefit even if your child is illegitimate.
You might have to submit an Affidavit of Discrepancy in Name together with your MAT2 papers to explain why your child's middle name and your surname are not the same.

ma.jennelyn fajardo said...

Good day ms. JK may question lang po ako about sa maternity ko nag file po ako last aug .5 and then nung chineck ko po thru online ang nakalagay po *FOR*VER* as of 8-22-2014 ..and then chineck ko po ulit kahapon thru online eto nmn po ang nakita ko Action Taken: *FOR*REVW* As of 08-22-2014
Remarks :crl review is on-going
ang tanung ko po ay--ano po ibig nila sabihin sa *FOR REVIEW*?
--may possibility pa po ba na ma deny ang file ko?
at ano din po ibig sabihin nito?Remarks :crl review is on-going

--maraming salamat po sana po masagot nyo ung tanong ko??salamat po ms.JK!!

Ledelyn Ungui said...

Good morning

i want to clarify regarding my maternity benefit claim po nagfile na po ako ng MAT1 sa employeer ko last june 2013 po nakita ko nadin po sa sss online ko na approved ng sss po la po ako na kuha na advance payment galing sa employeer ko po. .now i have problem po kc until now d ko pa din na claim benefit ko nibigay ko nadin po yong MAT2 ko at birthcertificate ng anak ko sa employeer ko. .last feedback po nakuha ko galing employeer ko sabi nya myroon daw po kau hinihingi na isang account na dapat myroon ang emlpoyeer noh ang prob.daw po kc wala yong employeer ko. .totoo po ba na my hiningi po kau sa kanila?. .hope po matulongan nyo po ako sa concern ko slamat po ng marami godbless po

Cherry Ann Gatmaitan said...

Good day po. :)

Due ko po sa Dec. 2014. I am a voluntary member. I have paid the Jan-June 2014 contribution, which means qualified na po ako for maternity benefit. Pwede po ba di na hulugan ang July-Dec 2014 (semester of my childbirth)? Magiging qualified pa rin ba ako? Or dapat continuous ang hulog?

Please help po.

JK said...

Hi Cherry Ann, yes, you're right, you can miss paying July to Dec, and you will still qualify for your maternity benefit. Ask others too

Cherry Ann Gatmaitan said...

118Thank you so much Ms. JK.

Cool Blend said...


My wife has been separated from her employer last Dec 2013. The same month, she manage to submit her maternity notification and last June 2014 she finally gave birth. Now she's planning to file a maternity claim, she got all the necessary requirements except for ID's. She lost her E-6 as well and the only ID she got are PhilHealth and TIN ID the (laminated one). Will these be enough?

Any other suggestions that we could do? Or is there any other documents we can provide in place of valid id's?

Thank you.

JK said...

Hi Cool Blend, the SSS ID is required. If she does not have SSS ID, she can present her E-6 acknowledgment stub, plus 2 IDs with at least one of the 2 IDs with photo. If she lost her E-6 stub, ask SSS if she can submit an affidavit of loss of E-6 stub plus 2 IDs instead.

JK said...

hello sir/madam may i ask about what was encoded in the sss system. my miscarriage was last sept.14,2014 and that was encode d by sss, but my check up with ultrasound was on sept.15, as it was the next day that i went to the hospital, is that ok?

another thing, i was awol last april so my last contribution through the company ko was april 2014, but this sept i continued paying my contributions as voluntary, from may until this sept. Do I need to pass cert. of separation from my last employer and cert.of non-advancement and l-501? pls feedback

Hi tweety2086, I think the one-day difference in date of miscarriage and date of ultrasound can really happen in miscarriages cases and can be explained. What I'm not sure is if they still need a letter to explain that. Ask the SSS officer when submitting your documents.

About separation papers, April and Sep are within 6 months of each other, so you might be required to submit these papers. Ask SSS if you can submit affidavits instead if your former company refuses to give you your separation papers.

ma.jennelyn fajardo said...

good day ms.KT !!! thank you sa blog mo dhl nakatulong tlaga sa akin yung pag file ko ng maternity ko dhl wla talaga ako idea kng ano ang mga kailangan kong papers,,nung nabasa ko blog mo nag ka idea ako sa mga dpat kng gawin....And then nag file ako nung aug 5 ng maternity ko na kumpleto at positive na wla magiging problema,,and after a file it i check it from time to time after a 1 1/2 months of waiting finally nung i check ko last day *APPROVED as of sept 25 thank you ms. KT !!!!

JK said...

Hi ma.jennelyn fajardo thank you so much for taking the time and effort to come back and share your good news about your maternity benefit. It's a great feeling to know that our blog helps.
Now we know that processing time can take 1 month and 20 days. I hope you find the time again to share us the date when you finally receive your check. What we know is that check delivery from the SSS to their post office and to your local post office can also take time, based on complaints online. I hope yours will take a shorter time.

JK said...

Hello! my sss mat1 was submitted/accepted online through my employer. Since Im separated. My MAT2 documents are ready.
Im living with my partner, we're not married. Is it an issue with the SSS if my partner's surname is the surname of my child? Or it does not matter. Thanks

Hi shania, if your partner's name is written as Father on the birth certificate, and if the middle name of the child is the same as your surname, then I think there would be no issue.
But if not, you might be required to submit an Affidavit of Discrepancy in Name to explain.

dg10 said...

Good day po Ms. JK
1. ask ko lang po kung until now ang time allowance or period to submit/filling of Mat-2 is still 10 years? nabasa ko po yun mga comments/feedbacks na 10 years ang allowance period, but I want to make sure din po, bka kasi nagbago na ngayon 2014.

2. need ko pa din po ba yun 3 requirements for separated members for claiming the maternity benifits? kasi po more than 1 year na ako nag-resign sa work. I resigned last sept. 7 2013 and gave birth last sept. 12 2014.

Hoping for your soonest response. Thank you po in advance.


JK said...

ma.jennelyn fajardo
good day ms.JK, how many days before my sss cheque for my maternity benefit is released? my check no. was issued/posted on sept 25. based on comments, how many days? thank you.

Hi ma. jennelyn, based on recent comments, members receive their check from their postman about 3 weeks or 1 month or more from date of check.

JK said...

Hi dg10, yes, the 10-year time allowance for filing MAT2 documents is still in effect. But don't wait for many years. File as soon as you complete your papers.
About separation papers, you no longer need to file these because the time gap between your date of separation and date of delivery is more than 6 months. If you're not yet re-employed, pay at least 1 Voluntary contribution so your member status is changed to Voluntary. Your member status with SSS should be the same as your member status in your MAT2 form.

Manilyn Serrano said...

nagfile po ako ng sss last july 4,2014 with the the said requirement -

*Explanation letter why i did not file my MAT1.
*Certificate of Seperation dated Feb21,2014
*Certificate of Non-advancement of Maternity Benefits
*Specimen Signature (L501)
*Sketch of nearest sss to the lying in
*Medical Certificate with the signature and license number of the said Doctor/Midwife.

but until now wala padin po hindi ko po alam kung denied or matagal lang po talaga pero sabi po nila fact of birth daw po.
i just want to ask if how long will i wait for my maternity benefits? I've been waiting for 3 months now.

Manilyn Serrano said...

Hi! Ms.JK
I gave birth po pala in Mactan Cebu and i also give them the NSO birth certificate of the child.

Hope for your response mam pls!!

JK said...

Hi Manilyn, it's sad that the SSS website is not fully functioning so you can check your online records, or so you can register if not yet enrolled. Check the website from time to time. Did you submit also MAT2 form? Did you attach your letter to a MAT1 form? Your approval will depend on whether they'll accept your explanation for failing to submit your MAT1 form.

Maria Fe Relacion said...

What will I do if my MAT was not submitted my employer. I submitted my MAT to them before my delivery date but they did not submitted it to SSS. I already submitted to my employer also my MAT 2 with attachments. I tried to called SSS but they did not answer my inquiries.

Donna Chan said...

Hi, When we discovered that I was pregnant in Nov 2012, i was about 4 weeks then, we submitted the needed documents to sss to inform them about my pregnancy. when I was about 2 months my husband decided to increase my contribution from minimum to two steps higher than what i usually contribute, but we never missed to pay a single contribution. When I gave birth in june 2013, we submitted all the needed documents to be able to receive maternity benefit and been checking online once in a while to check for the status and after waiting for about 2 months, the status was DENIED. We think that they shouldn't deny us instead give us the minimum allowed benefit because we did not miss to pay a single contribution. Is there any rule that we should not increase our contribution during my pregnancy?

JK said...

Hi Maria Fe, have your employer submitted your MAT2 documents? You can check your online SSS account (although the SSS website is on maintenance mode as of this moment), or you can go to your SSS branch and ask.
Did you give birth at a DOH-licensed hospital? If you're employed and you gave birth at a DOH-licensed hospital, SSS does not require MAT1. This rule is in the SSS Citizen's Charter 2012.

JK said...

Hi Donna, no, I can't find a rule banning contribution increase during pregnancy. What's prohibited is an increase of more than 2 levels without documentation of increase in income.
What was the reason for denial? You said you gave birth in June 2013. Do you have at least 3 posted contributions within Jan 2012 to Dec 2012? Do you have a Date of Coverage? Is your member status in your MAT2 form the same as your member status with SSS?
You can re-file. But ask first the reason for your denial so you can correct it. Usually the reason is written in the MAT2 form that was returned to you.

Marz Dinamling said...

hello mam/sir,
just want to ask po if can i claim my sss maternty benefits po even if im a single mom kc po were not yet married.plz help me po.

JK said...

JenSister October 18, 2014
Hello, where are requirements for maternity being evaluated? Is it at the branch or where it was filed or at the main branch in diliman? Thanks

Hi JenSister, sorry I really don't know, but based on comments and my experience, there are branches that can encode the claim online and also make the final evaluation and approve it for check generation at Diliman. Checks are generated at the Diliman branch.
But there are branches where there are no maternity benefit specialists, so they need to forward documents to a bigger branch. But all branches should be able to make correct initial evaluation and advise claimants correctly about required documents.

JK said...

Hi Marz, yes, you can claim your maternity benefit even if you're unmarried, as long as you have paid at least 3 contributions within the 12 months before your semester of delivery. File your MAT1 form before delivery.

angelie macachor said...

hello goodafternoon..itatanong ko lang po sana kung makukuha ko pa ba ang remittance ko sa maternity benefit?kasi nanganak ako last nov. 21,2014 tapos hindi ko pa na susubmit yung mga requirements na kailangan para ma reimbursed ako..may posibilidad ba na makukuha ko pa ang pera?