Can I Change the Amount of My SSS Contributions Monthly?

Updated April 17, 2016

Can Voluntary, Self-Employed or OFW members change their monthly SSS contributions every month?

There has been a big change on the rules since SSS released its circular on decreasing or increasing monthly SSS contributions in 2015. See the SSS circular on changing monthly SSS contributions here. 

What are the new rules?

1. If you are younger than 55 years of age, you are allowed to increase your SSS monthly contributions any time, by any number of brackets, and by any number of times within a year.

    If you want to decrease, you are also allowed anytime, by any number of brackets, and by any number of times within a year, as long as you do not go below the minimum amount in your membership category.

The minimum monthly salary credit for OFWs is 5,000 pesos, so OFWs should not decrease their contributions to below 550 pesos (the current monthly contribution for the 5,000-peso salary credit).

2.  If you're already 55 years old or older than 55, you are no longer allowed to increase many times within a year.  You are now limited.  You can increase your monthly SSS contribution once within a calendar year, and by only one bracket within a calendar year.

Is there an exception?  Yes, there is.
You are exempted from this limit if you have changed your membership type from Employed or Self-Employed to Voluntary Member or from Employed/Self-Employed/Voluntary Member/Non-Working-Spouse to OFW member for the first time.

These notes below are no longer true:

Yes. If you are a Self-employed, Voluntary or OFW member, you can increase or decrease your SSS contribution every month by 1 or 2 brackets at a time.

If you like to increase or decrease by 3 brackets or more, you must make sure that your actual income justifies a big and immediate increase or decrease in your monthly contributions because you will be required to fill up and sign the Declaration of Earnings portion of the RS-5 form. This declaration says:

"I hereby  declare, for purposes of Sec.19-A of the Social Security Law, the amount of __________ as my monthly earnings, which shall be the basis of my monthly selary credit to be effective until I revised in my next declaration.
I affirm under the penalties of perjury,that this declaration has been made in good faith, and to the best of my knowledge and belief, is true and correct."

Take note of the penalties of perjury.

You also sign this portion if you decrease your contribution and go below the 5,000 salary bracket.

Another restriction:  If you are 55 years old or older and your current monthly salary credit is already more than 10,000 pesos, you can increase by only one salary bracket at a time, even if your actual earnings increase by more than 2 salary credits over the month.

SSS Guidebook
2010 Web Site Edition

RS-5 Form -- Contributions Payment Return (06-2012)


  1. Hello po! pwede po kayang magpalit ng monthly contribution from 1200 monthly contribution to 500? 3 times pa lang po ata ako nakakahulog nun, ok lang naman po kahit di macount ung previous contribution basta mabago lang po ung magiging contribution ko pag itinuloy ko ulit ang paghulog.. self-employed po..thanks a lot..

  2. Hi Miss Kaydee, I have same problem with Mr. Escriba. Is it possible to change my contribution from 1,100 to 500? It's just that my salary is often delayed and hindi ako makapaghulog monthly.. If yes, ano dapat procedures to follow? Thank you!

  3. QUESTION from Michael Escriba March 9, 2015
    Hello po! Can I change my monthly contribution from 1200 monthly contribution to 500? I've paid about 3 times. It's ok for me if previous contributions will not be counted as long as I can make the change if I start to contribute again. I'm self-employed po. thanks a lot.
    QUESTION from Kristine Doringo March 12 2015
    Hi Miss Kaydee, I have same problem with Mr. Escriba. Is it possible to change my contribution from 1,100 to 500? It's just that my salary is often delayed and cannot pay monthly. If yes, what are the procedures to follow? Thank you!
    Hi Michael and Kristine , you have 2 options: If your actual monthly income truly decreased from 11k to 5k, declare your earnings in the RS-5 form. Note that there's perjury penalty if you're not telling the truth.
    So the better way is to decrease your monthly contribution by 2 levels at a time. You can save 2 contributions and then use these to pay 1 month. For example, from your current 1210, your next should be 1,100. Save two 550s, then pay 1,100 in April. Save 2 again, then pay 990 in June, then pay 880 in August, till you reach 550.

  4. Hi, I had few drastic changes in my contributions in the past because of employment. I never claimed anything though just a couple of loans which I already paid. I didn't know that this dramatic increase in contribution is prohibited. Now that I know, do I need to explain such changes 35 years from now when it's time to retire.?

    1. Hi TheSuperk25, this two-bracket rule is applicable only to individual payors like voluntary and self-employed members. For employees, drastic changes are allowed, since contributions are based on actual monthly compensations.
      In your case, since you were employed when you had these drastic changes in contributions, you have nothing to worry about.
      Individual payors can also have drastic increases in contributions as long as they have documents to prove drastic increases in income.

  5. QUESTION from Zekiah Bleyzell May 1, 2015
    Hi ms. kaydee, im 34 weeks pregnant. Will give birth in june. employed but resigned from work yesterday. leave of absence since november, so I have no SSS contributions since november. Want to avail of maternity benefit. Went to sss and was told I need to switch to voluntary as only voluntary and self employed can submit maternity notification. Can I claim maternity benefit? Have no contributions for 5 months, and I need to pay as voluntary to claim maternity benefit. please advise po
    Hi Zekiah, have you paid at least 3 contributions within Jan to Dec 2014? If yes, then you are qualified. To change your status from employed to voluntary, pay ASAP one contribution this week as Voluntary. Wait for about 3 to 7 days for your contribution to be posted and for your status to change to Voluntary, then file your MAT1 as Voluntary. You must file your MAT1 before your delivery.
    You can also try to pay your contribution at the SSS cashier and then file your MAT1 at the customer service area after paying. Show your payment as Voluntary -- the officer might consider your payment as proof that you are already Voluntary.

  6. ask lng po, im a voluntary member for almost a year na po, bale nsa 550 po contribution ko til today pero ng-increase n po kasi ung kita ko and i want to increase my contribution also, naglagay po ako sa Declaration of Earnings ng 5,000 if mag-increase po ako like 1,045 as contri and change ko po ung Declaration ko sa 9,000 pwede po ba un gawin ko sa next month na payment ko?? monthly po kasi ako ngbbayad ng contri...

    thank you po waiting to your response

  7. Hi mam pede ko po ba ihabol ang hulog ko starting july to dexember 2015 kc dko nahuLugan mo of july aug sept pede ko pab cia isabay this oct to decmber 2015

  8. mhenggay, about late payments of contributions 11/16/15
    Hi po can I pay my contributions starting july to december 2015.I was not able to pay july aug sept. Can I pay it together with oct to decmber 2015?
    Hi mhenggay, sorry, SSS will no longer accept payments for July to Sep. But this Nov or Dec, you can still pay for Oct to Dec 2015.

  9. my mother, OFW,57 y.o had paid monthly P550 contributions but in 2016-1stQ she paid P990/mo, what is the effect of our change in contribution and can she still make another change this 2016?

  10. During my employment i contributed 1,100/month,

    now i am Separated from work.
    it is high to shoulder 1,100/month as voluntary

    i am planning to become a voluntary member for 330/month.
    and increase my contribution later

    is it possible to make my contribution increase..

    by 1 step by 2 step
    January 330 January 330
    February 385 February 440
    March 440 March 550
    April 495 April 660
    so on... so on....

    month over month

    so that i can reach maximum contribution later on before retirement in 5 years

    thank you

  11. Hi,
    My mom has been self voluntarily contributing. In 2001-2007 she contributed Php294.00, in 2008-2013 Php 520.00, then from 2014-2016 she was asked to contribute Php 550.00. Now that she reached 60, she went to your office to file for her retirement pension, however according to the officer, she needs a letter of explanation why she increased her contribution in 2008. At the same time, the officer commented that instead of Php 5,000 pesos monthly pension, she should just gey Php 3,500 pesos.
    This is absurd and very much upsetting.
    We would like to know for real if she really needs a letter of explanation for increasing her contributions and why would an officer question her monthly pension stated in the sss website itself?
    I plan to take further actions if this is not resolved correctly.

  12. hi, good day.
    my dad has been paying for I think over 9 years with the lowest contribution rate. last payment was way back 2012. he just resumed payment this june 2016 and paid for june&july at 550 contribution rate. it is possible to increase his contribution right away when he pays for aug2016 from 550 to maybe 1000 or higher? my sibling and I are planning to pay for our dad's contribution since he is no longer employed. is that allowed?
    thanks in advance.

  13. Increase in Contributions:
    Is your father younger than 55? If younger, he can increase his monthly contributions to any higher contribution that he wants. He can pay the maximum if he wants.
    But if he is 55 or older, he can increase by only one level per year. Ask your SSS branch too.

  14. I would like to decrease my sss contribution from 550 to 330 as i am no longer an ofw.I am now a voluntary member.Anyone knows if that's possible? Thank u

    1. Hi jessica, if you are younger than 55, that is allowed. When you have another source of income, increase it so that you'll have a higher benefit in case you claim for a short-term benefit like maternity benefit.

  15. hello po, if monthly salary is more than 16000 since 2013 but nung nagchange yung sss contribution table, same pa rin yung binabayad which is 1590 until last month, what should I do? I am planning to change it to 1790 since yan yung dapat na bayaran sa sss. thank you.

  16. hello po, if yung monthly salary credit is more than 160000 since 2013 and yung monthly na binabayad nya is 1590 nung 2013 until last month kahit na nagchange na yung contributions since 2014. what should he/she do? 1790 should have been the right amount na icocontribute. thanks

  17. hi! what if i want to decrease by 4 brackets? i was paying 550 for the last 6 months but i am unemployed? is it ok to do that coz i can no longer afford it tnx!

    1. decrease contribution amount
      Are you younger than 55? Yes, 550 is allowed. You can decrease to any amount since you're unemployed and you're younger than 55

  18. good eve! I just started my self-employed membership, my declared earnings is 10k a month can I contribute 500 first rather than the suggested amount of 1k for my bracket?Im planning to increase my contribution yearly...wouldnt there be a problem in the near future?

    1. Hi edbanto: Pay 1,000 for your first contribution to honor your self-employed registration. Then change to 500 the next month. This is allowed because you're younger than 55. At age 55, you can change only once per year and by only one bracket.

  19. Hi KD! My aunt is 63y/o paying P990 as monthly contribution. We would want to increase the amount to the maximum. She has 3 years left to qualify for pension. So is it possible to increase it now?

    1. Hi Kelly: Based sa circular above, hindi na puedeng mag-increase by many brackets kapag older than 55, so increase by one level this year, then another level next year, meaning increase from 990 to 1,045 this month, then 1,100 in January next year, then 1,155 in 2018.
      You can ask others too

  20. Hi po!..I was not able to pay my monthly contributions since february to december 2016. Can I pay it alltogether this decmber 2016?

  21. Hi po!..I was not able to pay my monthly contributions since february to december 2016. Can I pay it alltogether this decmber 2016?