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Can I Change the Amount of My SSS Contributions Monthly?

Can Voluntary, Self-Employed or OFW members change their SSS contributions monthly?

Yes. If you are a Self-employed, Voluntary or OFW member, you can increase or decrease your SSS contribution every month by 1 or 2 brackets at a time.

If you like to increase or decrease by 3 brackets or more, you must make sure that your actual income justifies a big and immediate increase or decrease in your monthly contributions because you will be required to fill up and sign the Declaration of Earnings portion of the RS-5 form. This declaration says:

"I hereby  declare, for purposes of Sec.19-A of the Social Security Law, the amount of __________ as my monthly earnings, which shall be the basis of my monthly selary credit to be effective until I revised in my next declaration.
I affirm under the penalties of perjury,that this declaration has been made in good faith, and to the best of my knowledge and belief, is true and correct."

Take note of the penalties of perjury.

You also sign this portion if you decrease your contribution and go below the 5,000 salary bracket.

Another restriction:  If you are 55 years old or older and your current monthly salary credit is already more than 10,000 pesos, you can increase by only one salary bracket at a time, even if your actual earnings increase by more than 2 salary credits over the month.

SSS Guidebook
2010 Web Site Edition

RS-5 Form -- Contributions Payment Return (06-2012)


Xin Zhia King said...

Hi Ms Kaydee, my husband is a voluntary member. He continues to pay his monthly contribution from the small income from school bus service and allowance from our children. He has increased his monthly contributions more than 3 brackets but has not indicated any income in the Declaration of Earnings section of the form. He said that he was advised by an SSS employee to just leave that section blank (this happened long time ago). Is he going to be penalized for not declaring his earnings? What are the implications? Would appreciate your clarification and advice to rectify the error. Thank you.

Kaydee said...

Hi Xin, I think that in the future, SSS will no longer ask your husband to present that RS5 form with Declaration of Earnings, since he maintained his contributions at that level for many months/years. Based on my readings, nag-que-question lang ang SSS kapag obvious na obvious na taking advantage ang member, halimbawa, nag-start ng minimum, and then matagal na tumigil, then biglang mag-contribute ng maximum for 6 months only para lang ma-maximize ang maternity benefit.
I think what is important is he has a Date of Coverage. Curious lang ako kasi sabi mo Voluntary siya. Was he an employed member before? Register online at and then check if he has a Date of Coverage. This date is important; it means that he started/registered with SSS properly.

Xin Zhia King said...

Hi Kaydee, thank you for your quick response. My husband was employed before. I have registered him online and confirmed that he has a Date of Coverage. Ang nangyari kasi, in 1994 he converted to voluntary and contributed 105 monthly only until end-1995. Then nag-stop for so many years and resumed in July 2012 and increased his contribution to 1,560 (without proper consultation with SSS). My worry is, baka masayang ang contributions nya kasi wala proper declaration of earnings. We're already in the mid-50s, and he's hoping na meron sya pension sa pagtanda. Again, thank you for finding the time to respond to our questions. God bless you always!

mahal said...

Hi I was paying 330 for my monthly voluntary sss contribution for the last 4 months through my bank online.Now that I am in the US I would like to increase my monthly voluntary payment is that okay?

Shy said...

Hi mahal, yes, you can. 440 in May, 550 in June, 660 in July, and so on. I hope you've registered online at so you can track your payments. Great that you're with a bank that allows online payment to SSS.

JK said...

Jenny M: Just wanna ask how to revive my SSS. I was employed last 2009, but my contributions stopped when I resigned in 2010. I am working as a freelancer in sales and want to continue paying my contributions. Please help. thank you so much

Hi Jenny, you can continue paying immediately. Just decide the amount and pay. For your first payment, pay at SSS using RS5 form, so you can use the transaction no. when registering at later on. You can see your SSS records online if you register. If the difference between your last contribution and your new contribution is big (3 or more brackets), fill up the Declaration of Earnings in the RS5 form. Keep this form in your file. For your next payments, you can pay at Bayad Center or SM Business center.

JK said...

Nilda Puno Hello my aunt paid 1,040 for her SSS contributions for the 2nd quarter of 2012, and then increased it to 1,560 for the 3rd quarter, and have been paying the same amount ever since. Will there be a problem when she claims her pension later on? Her age is now 52.

Hi Nilda, the premiums have changed, since Jan 2014. This is the new SSS contributions table. Your aunt needs to pay additional amount if there were underpayments since Jan.
About the increase from 1040 to 1560, that's a big jump. But since she has been paying 1560 ever since, I think that consistency will prove that her income has really increased correspondingly, so it won't be a problem later on.
Is she registered at So she can check her contributions and if she has a Date of Coverage.

jeanvey Bato-ampo said...

Hi. Is it possible to change my monthly contribution which is i pay 880 a month..i want to decrease it base on my salary now?

jeanvey Bato-ampo said...

Pls i need help here...can anyone answer me?thank you

JK said...

Hi jeanvey, yes, you can decrease your contributions. You can decrease to 770 pesos. If you decrease to lower than 770, you need to fill up the Declaration of Earnings at the lower portion of RS5 form.

Vinz said...

Hi. I want to decrease my contributions by 2 brackets. Will i need to fill up a form to change my monthly contribution?

JK said...

Hi Vinz, if the decrease is only by 2 brackets, you don't need to. Just pay your decreased contributions.

niou baluyot said...

I think this is out of topic, but is it possible to pay contributions for past months? For example I would like to pay my contributions the last few months today.Thank you in advance.

JK said...

Hi niou, if you pay quarterly, yes. For example, this Sep, you can still pay for July to Sep. But you can no longer pay June backwards. In October, you can still pay for July to Sep, depending on the last digit of your SSS no., but you have to pay at the SSS branch. Here are
SSS payment deadlines.

christine ulanday said...

Hi!just would like to confirm if yung sss payment is based on gross taxable income for the whole month and not a single payroll alone.

JK said...

Hi christine, it's based on the employee's gross income for the whole month.

JK said...

Rose Sanchez October 28, 2014
hi may i ask if i can claim maternity benefits if this october i start and contribute to SSS, but my due date is december? what to do po ? thanks

Hi Rose, sorry you can not claim. You should have paid at least 3 contributions within July 2013 to June 2014.
Ask others too.



Is anyone of you knows if an Employed member of SSS could voluntarily add/incresase his/her current contribution?

Thank you very much.


JK said...

Hi Lovely Joy, I think you can if you are Employed and Self-Employed at the same time, but not Employed and Voluntary at the same time. Voluntary status is for a member who is no longer employed. Employed and Self-Employed can be for people who are employed and who are doing their own business at the same time.
But to be sure, ask SSS. Self-employed membership needs registration.

Robie Aquino said...

hi po. ang hulog ng wife ko sa sss is max monthly contribution for 5 years nung dito p cia work sa pinas. tpos nung nag abroad cia 550 na naihulog ko for 2yrs na,,ok lng po ba i max ko ulit ung hulog nia from 550 to 1760 agad. working abroad pa rin po cia.

JK said...

QUESTION from Robie Aquino January 21, 2015
Hi. My wife's contributions to sss was max monthly contribution for 5 years when she was working here in pinas. When she left to work abroad, I paid 550 for 2yrs. Is it ok if I increase from 550 to 1760 immediately and get back to her former max contribution? She's still working abroad.
Hi Robie, yes, you can increase to 1,760 immediately. But pay at SSS branch, so you can fill up the RS5 form. Be sure to fill up the Declaration of Income portion of the form. Write an amount higher than 16k monthly. Surely, her monthly income is higher than 16k as she's working abroad. Keep this SSS-marked RS5 form for future use.

JK said...

Hi Robie Aquino, check also Overseas Filipino Worker

JK said...

QUESTION from Ervin Reyzaner Bernal January 21, 2015
Hello, 550 is my monthly contribution. It's also the same amount that I write on the declaration of earnings. is there a problem with it? Voluntary member. I want to increase from 550 to 660. Do I need to do something to be able to increase to 660? And if 660, can I also write the same on the declaration of earnings? Thank you.
Hi Ervin, if 550 is your contribution, your Declaration of Earnings should be 5,000 or 5,200. You don't need to fill up the Declaration of Earnings every month. You fill up that portion only for the month that you increase or decrease your contribution by more than 2 levels.
Yes, you can increase your contribution to 660. You don't need to fill up the Declaration of Earnings because 660 is higher than 550 by only 2 levels. But if you like, you can write 6,000 pesos for the first month you're paying 660. If you pay 660 again the next month, you don't need to write 6,000 pesos again in the Declaration of Earnings portion.

Ervin Reyzaner Bernal said...

May kaso po ba kung sakaling ganon nga na kung magkano ung hinuhulog ko eh yun din po nilalagay ko s declaration of earnings? Simula po kasi nong mag start ako mag voluntary nong 2012 nilalagay ko n ung amount ng hulog ko don s declaration of earnings. Iniisip ko po ngayon baka mag penalty ako.maraming salamat po ulit.pati don po about s maternity thanks din po s sgot.big help po to know n di totoo ung cnbe ng friend ko and ipapabasa ko na din s knya para mlinawan sya.tnx ulit

ross valente said...

hi i am currently employed and my employer just paid me a total of 7000 msc. i would like to increase my msc to 15000 how is this done. do i need to file as voluntary even i have an employer?

JK said...

QUESTION from Ervin Reyzaner Bernal Jan 26, 2015
Is there a problem as I've been writing the same amounts? Since I started paying as Voluntary in 2012, I was writing the same amount for the declaration of earnings. I'm thinking if I get penalties. Thanks, also about your answer to maternity question. big help. I'll also show this to my friend, so she'll know.
Hi Ervin, I think none. Usually SSS inspects the Declaration of Earnings portion only in cases where they think there's a violation of rules, such as increasing contribution amounts to maximum to get a higher maternity benefit even if the actual monthly income is low.
By the way, you said you started paying as Voluntary in 2012, do you mean you were employed previously? Do you have a Date of Coverage?

JK said...

Hi ross, is your actual monthly salary between 6,750 to 7,249.99? If yes, then your salary credit is 7,000. I think you can add to your monthly contribution if you are both Employed and Self-employed. This would be the same case with those who have 2 employers. Submit RS1 form and proof of self-employment. But you cannot be both Employed and Voluntary.
If your actual salary is around 15,000, then talk respectfully with your employer about your SSS contribution.

Ervin Reyzaner Bernal said...

Ok thank you po.opo dati akong nag work,,.pinagpatuloy ko lang yung 7months n hulog ng company sken.bago ako nag voluntary tinanong ko muna s sss kung anong dapat ko piliin kung voluntary or self-employed.sabe nila voluntary kya un ang sinunod ko kc may hulog nman n daw ako, ipagpatuloy ko n lng daw.salamat po ulet ng marami.

pearl said...

Hi, I was ended my contract with my employer last july 5 2014. And unemployed until now, and I am 5 mons pregnant. I didnt paid a voluntary contribution. Can I still file to claim my maternity benefits? What should I do? Tnx

JK said...

Hi pearl, is your expected delivery in May or June? If yes, you are eligible. File your MAT1 asap. Pay 1 monthly contribution so that your member status will automatically change to Voluntary, so the SSS officer won't require you to submit separation papers.

pearl said...

Tnx sir. Yes its june. Do i need to pay from aug 2014 - march 2015? The 8mons pending or only 1 month? Tnx.

JK said...

QUESTION from Asa Hero Feb 22 2015
Hello! When I was employed, my contribution was in the P7000 bracket. Then I resigned. After 5 years, I decided to continue my SSS as Voluntary member as advised by my sister. Will I have a problem as I chose the P5000 bracket as Voluntary? I did not fill up the Declaration of Earnings portion when I started contributing as Voluntary. I thought it was ok going down to P5000 as minimum for Voluntary members. I had been paying for 3 years under the P5000 salary bracket. One more thing, I plan to increase my contributions next year 2 brackets at a time until I reach maximum. But I had been paying annually since the start. Can I pay next year on semi annual or quarterly basis until I reach max and then return to annual payment? I have 20 years more before I'll retire. Haha
Hi Asa, based on what you described, there's no problem with you're going down to 5000. I've observed that SSS is more concerned with drastic increases in contributions by voluntary members who claim maternity benefits or pensions immediately after increasing suddenly to maximum contributions.
Your plan for next year is all good, as I see that you know the rules. Yes, you can pay monthly, quarterly or semi-annually and increase by 2 brackets from month to month or from quarter to quarter. I hope you have registered at so you can track your records.

JK said...

Hi pearl, pay only 1 monthly contribution, for Feb. If you like, you can pay Feb and March. You can no longer pay for months in 2014. If you paid at least 3 contributions in 2014, you're eligible for maternity benefit.