How to Enroll in SSS Online Service My.SSS


This is how to enroll in SSS Online Service My.SSS:

1Open your Internet Explorer

     This is the browser that works well with the SSS website.

2.  Go to the SSS website: sss.gov.ph

3.  Look for this and click: 

4.  Select Member

5.  Click Submit

6.  Fill up the form:

SS No.  (10 digits, no space, no dash)
First Name
Middle Name
Last Name
Date of Birth
Email Address (Be sure this email address is working. Should be your personal and not company-based email)

Write email address again
Enter code shown

7. Click Submit

8. Wait for an email from SSS

9. After receiving the SSS email, click the link and continue your registration.

10. Fill up the form:

Mother's Maiden name
City or Province
Postal Code
Contact No.
User ID (you create this, between 8-20 characters; use letters or numbers or underscore)
Password (you create this)

11.  SBR No. or OTC No.:

If you are Employed, you enter your employer’s 10-digit SSS no.
If you don’t know the branch code, input 000

If you are Self-Employed, Voluntary Member, Non-Working Spouse, Overseas Contract Worker, or Househelp, you enter 6 digits from your SSS Contribution Payment receipt's SBR No. or OTC No.
Use the newer receipts which you think are already encoded. 

For those paying at Bayad Center, SM Business Center, Ventaja, or I-Remit, enter 6 digits from your recent payment receipt.

Note: Your receipt no. has more than 6 digits and sometimes has letters. Choose only 6 digits.
Example: the receipt no. is T1234000H789, enter 123478 or 123407 or 234789

If you are a pensioner, you write your pension savings account no. or a recent pension check no.

For those paying via ADA, input 000000

After accomplishing the online form, click Submit and wait for an email from SSS.

12.   You might want to read these tips in order to maintain your online SSS account:
        Online SSS Registration Tips

How to register in Online SSS

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