How Much Is My SSS Maternity Benefit?

Monday, January 14, 2013

The amount of your SSS maternity benefit depends on your 6 highest monthly contributions within the 12-month period immediately before your Semester of Contingency.


Manganganak po ako sa March 2013. Ito po ang nakapost na contributions ko. Puede po bang magpa-compute kung magkano ang SSS maternity benefit na makukuha ko? Thanks po.

Feb - 468
Mar - 1092
Apr - 1196
May - 1040
June - 520
July - 260

Feb - 416
Mar - 676
Apr - 520
May - 676
June - 624
July - 728
Total Contributions:  8216.00


Dahil manganganak ka on March 2013, ang Semester of Contingency mo ay Oct 2012 to March 2013. So ang 12-month period na titingnan ng SSS ay Oct 2011 to Sep 2012. Ito ang 12 months immediately before your Semester of Contingency. Meron ka bang 3 months na nabayaran sa loob ng 12 months na yan? Merong 3 months, so eligible ka sa SSS maternity benefit.

Magkano ang benefit mo? Diyan sa 12 months na yan, titingnan ng SSS ang 6 highest monthly salary credits mo. Anim lang naman ang contributions mo, so yan na ring anim na yan ang titingnan natin ang corresponding SSS monthly salary credits:

Feb - 468  -  salary credit is 4500
Mar - 1092  -  salary credit is 10500
Apr - 1196  -  salary credit is 11500
May - 1040  -  salary credit is 10000
June - 520  -  salary credit is 5000
July - 260  -  salary credit is 2500

Kung halimbawa lang meron kang 7 to 12 monthly contributions sa 12-month period na yan, titingnan ng SSS yong 6 highest monthly contributions. Kung 3, or 4 o 5 contributions lang, yan din lang ang titingnan ng SSS.

Sa case mo, anim lang, so yan na rin ang ico-compute natin.

Add the 6 highest monthly salary credits: 4500 + 10500 + 11500 + 10000 + 5000 + 2500 = 44000

Divide by 180 days. Bakit 180 days? Kasi 6 months x 30 days:  44000 / 180 = 244.44

Ang average daily rate mo ay 244.44.

Kung normal delivery, 60 days ang maternity leave, so 244.44 x 60 = 14666.67
Ang maternity benefit mo ay 14,666.67 pesos.

Kung Cesarean Section or CS, 78 days ang maternity leave, so 244.44 x 78 =  19,066.32
Ang maternity benefit mo ay 19,066.32 pesos.

If you're employed, your benefit will be advanced to you in cash, check or payroll account deposit by your employer, either in full, or in partial amounts before and after your delivery.
If you're voluntary, OFW or self-employed, your benefit check will be delivered to you in the form of a check via a registered mail, delivered by your postman to the address you wrote in your maternity claim.

Warning:  Paki-check ang computation ko, baka lang meron akong mali. Ang importante, naipakita ko kung paano kino-compute ng SSS maternity benefit based on the rules released by the SSS on its website.

How much is lowest maternity benefit amount?
2,000 pesos for normal delivery
 2,600 pesos for CS

How much is the highest maternity benefit amount? 
30,000 pesos for normal delivery
39,000 pesos for CS


i need help giving birth on nov 2013,
this is my monthly premium
sep -364
nov -1560



i really cant compute it myself..sorry po but i hope u can help me too..thanks for your help

correction po pala my expctd due is on oct. 29 2013

White Swan said...

Hmm let me try. Maternity Benefit computation for Clarisse Benabese:
Expected due date oct. 29 2013 belongs to the 4th quarter (Oct, Nov, Dec).
Exclude semester of contingency: July 2013 to Dec. 2013.
So 1 year before that is: July 2012 to June 2013.
Next step is to identify the 6 highest monthly contribution from July 2012 to June 2013.

sep -364
nov -1560=H


Answer: You can get the maximum Maternity Benefit of 30,000 for Normal Delivery. 39,000 for CS.
This is my computation. I could also be wrong. :)

aries said...

Good day! Magtatanong po sana ako if how can avail maternity benefit. Ofw po ako noon and I aws shocked when I check my contribution and thres nothing paid. Im 1 month oregnant now and I want to pay my sss contribution. Ano po ba ang dapat kung gawin to avail it. Thanx po..

Kaydee said...

Wow! Kudos to White Swan!
Yes, your computation is perfect! and you had explanations too! Thank you very much for sharing! You're a beautiful swan!

Kaydee said...

Hi aries, were you locally employed before? And did your employer register and paid for you? Because if not, and you have zero contributions, you need to register as self-employed using RS1 form and presenting your IDs and proof of source of income. Then when approved, pay for April to June and then later, July to Aug. It's important that you get approved/registered (RS1 form stamped by SSS) before you pay. If all these are done, you can qualify.

aries said...

Hi kaydee... thanx for ur reply.,,yes .. im ofw bfor.. yes I have zero contibution too. And I now housewife na po.,, ano p ba aplaysn k? Voluntwry ba? Thanx

xnudlsx said...

Good day! Ask ko lang po kung may existing loan po ba ako sa sss, ibabawas nila yung utang ko sa benefits na makukuha ko from them? thanks po :)

xnudlsx said...

Nag aapply po ako ng Maternity benifits kasi nag karon po ako ng ectopic pregnancy ngayong May 29, 2013. 2 months lang po akong nagbuntis at tinanggal sya nitong May 29.2013, may makukuha po ba akong benifits if nagresign po ako nung Feb.5,2013? at may existing loan pa po ako sa SSS?

Kaydee said...

Hi aries, self-employed dapat ang aplayan mo kasi you were not able to pay your contributions when you were an OFW. Ang Voluntary ay yon lang dating active Employed member or OFW. Puedeng non-working wife ang aplayan mo kung SSS member ang husband mo.

Kaydee said...

Hi xnudlsx, ang sure ako na ibinabawas ang loan balance ay sa retirement benefits at sa permanent disability benefits.
I'll check kung pati maternity benefit...

Kaydee said...

Hi xnudlsx, were you able to pay at least 3 monthly contributions within Jan to Dec 2012? If yes, eligible ka for maternity benefit kahit meron kang existing loan.
Wala akong makitang circular na ibinabawas ang loan balance sa maternity benefit.

aries said...

Thank u so much kaydee... big help for me.God Bless!

Rafael Jonas said...

gaano po ba katagal dumating ung check ng sss? 40 days na nung nag file ako ng mat.2. wala pa din dumadating saken,ano popwede kong gawin?

andrei said...

sis ako po nacompute ko yung maternity benefits ko pero hindi ko sure kung tama ba yung computation ko... pa check naman po kung tama please?

due date : july 2013


jan - 416
feb - 780
march - 1560
april - 1560

june - 1456
july - 1404
aug - 1040
sept - 1456
oct - 1404
nov - 1560
dec - 1248

may - 208
june - 208
july - 208
aug - 208

sorry p o ah... base po kasi sa nakuha kong sagot, i could avail:

27,300 - normal
35,532 - CS

tama po ba ako??? really neeed help!

Kaydee said...

Hi Rafael, email mo na lang SSS -- -- kasi laging busy raw ang SSS phone. Enrolled ka ba sa My.SSS? Click Online Inquiry, them Benefit then Maternity Benefit. Kung Settled na, wait for about 2 weeks for delivery via registered mail from date of settlement.

Kaydee said...

Hi andrei, your quarter of delivery is July to Sep, so your semester of delivery is April to Sep. Your prior 12-month period is Apr 2012 to Mar 2013. Your 6 highest are:
June 1456 = 14k
Jul 1404 = 13.5k
Sep 1456 = 14k
Oct 1404 = 13.5k
Nov 1560 = 15k
March 1560 = 15k
Total = 85k
85k / 180 days = 472.22 per day
Normal = 472.22 x 60 = 28,333.20
CS = 472.22 x 78 = 36,833.16

Please check my computation, kasi inapura ko lang, wala nang checking....

andrei said...

Thanks kaydee! Sobrang laking tulong. Ang layo ng computation ko sa computation mo. Hehe! Thank you po ulit

may expiration date po ba ang maternity loan. di ko pa kasi sya naasikaso ngayon, last april 22, 2013 pa ko nanganak.. thank you po

Kaydee said...

Hi Rubie, it's maternity benefit, kasi benefit siya, hindi loan. You have a 10-year period within which to file MAT2. Pero dapat yong MAT1 notification form ay dapat napa-stamp BEFORE you delivered your baby.

nag file na po ng mat1 ang misis ko,may question is she was planning po kasi to resign this august,iku consider pa po ba kaya ng company un khit magreresign na sya? pwede po bang ipalipat na lang ang mailing address ng check dun sa permanent address namin para di na pumunta pa ng office para kunin un?


Arlene Reyes said...

Hi ask ko lang po panu po magfile ng MAT-1 kung OFW po? thanks

Kaydee said...

Hi Arlene, you can file online sa online SSS account mo (Click Transactions), sa Internet cafe para merong printer kung walang printer sa inyo, and then print yong acknowledgment after you click Submit, then keep this print-out -- for your MAT2 filing.

Kaydee said...

Hi Gerald, I don't know her month of delivery...and... Will she file MAT2 while Employed or as Voluntary na? If as Voluntary, if the date of her resignation and date of delivery are within a 6-month period, or kahit more than 6 months, pero less than a year (kasi minsan merong SSS branch na sigurista),
before she resigns, she must get a Certification of Separation with date of separation and statement that the company did not advance any maternity benefit to her, plus Specimen Signature (L501 form).
About your address, if she files as Voluntary, her check will be delivered to your home address/address written on her application. Make sure if she files as Voluntary, dapat nakita nio muna na Changed from Employed to Voluntary ang coverage status niya online, para exact match ang personal data, and make sure na posted na ang contributions niya as Employed (yong contributions na significant for benefit computation)

Leianne Guevara said...

Hi, I'm an OFW and I want to apply for maternity benefits. But I have not pay any contributions yet. But I had contributions before s phils. If ever I will pay my contributions this year would I be eligible? Im giving birth sept 2013.

Chriselle Palad said...

Hi ask ko lang po kung pano makakuha ng maternity benefits? Nagvoluntary member po ako sa SSS and this June po ang umang hulog ko by myself?? Hindi n po kasi ako nag wowork..

January to March 2012 po ung hulog kong last nung nag work pa ko... then ngaung June lng po icontinue..
Paano po ba to??

October 8, 2013 po ang expected due date ko...

Angel said...

Hello !

I am so confused if I can avail the maternity benefit

Please help .

I worked in FREEMONT FOODS CORP with 6 monthly contributions on April 2009–September 2009

then continued by JOLY-CYBERGATE CORPORATION with 2 monthly contributions June 2011–July 2011

and then in FAR EAST NOBLE HOUSE INC (Gaisano)4 monthly contributions June 2012–September 2012

and Present I had 5 monthly contributions November 2012–MAy 2013

Ngayon, Nanganak ako sa 1st child ko noong Feb.14,2011 so bali dinala ko siya ng 9months start ng may 2010 - feb.2011 at yong pangalawa ko din ay feb.14,2012.So, pareho lang.

Hindi ko kasi maintindihan kong paano titingnan kung pwede ba ako maka benefit sa maternity.Talagang naguguluhan ako.

Please naman oh , help me with this.

Thank you,

Kaydee said...

Hi Chriselle, pay for April May June asap, para makahabol ka ng 1/2 of your maternity benefit. File your maternity notification asap. After paying using RS5 form (check Voluntary), enroll in My.SSS so you can check if you have a Date of Coverage.

Kaydee said...

Hi Leianne, dahil OFW ka, puede mo pang mabayaran ang Jan Feb March. Pay asap para mahabol mo ang 1/2 of your maternity benefit. File your maternity notification asap. Enroll in My.SSS so you can check your Date of Coverage. You can also file your MAT1 via your online account.

Kaydee said...

Hi Angel, with your first child, sorry hindi ka eligible:
month of delivery = Feb 2011
quarter of delivery = Jan-Feb-Mar 2011
semester of delivery = Oct 2010 to Mar 2011
12-month period na titingnan ng SSS kung meron kang 3 contributions = Oct 2009 to Sep 2010

With your 2nd child, hindi rin eligible, kasi 2 contributions lang ang makita, dapat 3 contributions:
month of delivery = Feb 2012
quarter of delivery = Jan Feb Mar 2012
semester of delivery = Oct 2011 to Mar 2012
12-month period to be checked by SSS = Oct 2010 to Sep 2011

Please check my counting.
May 3rd child ba? Sundan mo na lang itong pag-count and pag-check. And file your MAT1 form BEFORE manganak.

Additionally, dapat napa-stamp sa SSS ang MAT1 form o na-file online BEFORE nanganak, so puedeng ma-reject ang claim kasi kulang ng isang required document.

aj marquez said...

Hello po!

nka pag file na po aq ng mat-2 form ko
last june 4,2013.kya lng po wla pa din
till now...

ang ikinawowory ko lng po ei
d kya po dahil hnd ko na ipasa
yung hospital bill ko..(dko po kc alam)

na kasama sa requirements un.ceasarian
po kc aq...

isa po kya un sa rason?mahahabol ko pa po b
yun??anu pong dapat kong gawin?

I need ur advice po!


yshie said...

gud day
EDD ko po is sep. 19 2013
ang hinulugan ko lng po is january 2013 to june 2013
nung last 2011 pa po yung last na hulog ng employer ko po..nung jan 2012 till dec 2012 wala po akong hinulog..Am I qualified to get my matternity benefits?

Dianne Gomas said...


I'm due to give birth this Sept 20, 2013 and I would like to know if I am eligible to get my maternity benefit.
I was employed from sept 2012 until my resignation date of Mar 22, 2013. I then changed my status from employed to voluntary member and paid contributions from April to Sept 2013 only to find out now that my previous employer did not post any contributions for Mar 2013 since I was on leave w/o pay (this was around the time i had pregnancy-spotting related concerns and was on bedrest). Now im worried if this would affect my eligibility to get maternity benefits since there were no contributions for March 2013.

Please help!

hello i'm an ex ofw and now has no work. i have contributions before. but i just recently came home on the country last May so hindi ko natuloy ung contribution ko while i was outside the country. pde pa po ba ko magfile ng mat benefit of ever bayaran ko ung jan-july? am i eligible for that? i'm due on nov 2013

melody planto said...

hi.I'm melody acupan po ask lg po ako kng mag kano kaya makukuha ko sa maternity benifits ?.ko nag start po ako mg pay ng 416 since dec.2012 up to dis month of june schedule ko na po dis july 25 2013 for cesarian section.tnx...

Glenn Supan said...

hello po...pwede rin po ba ako giving birth this nov. 2013

aug. 208
sept. 1,092

mar. 936
apr 936
may 936
june 936
july 936
aug 936
sept 936
oct 936
nov 936
dec 936

jan. 1,092
feb 1,092
mar 1,092
apr 1,092
may 1,092
june 1,092

hindi ko po kase alam icompute..thank u po in advance

jen nanale said...


Can i ask po? member ako sa SSS nung april 2006 pero 2 months lang contribution ko at nastop na siya..maari ko ba bayaran ang buong 2012? para maka avail ako sa maternity benefit? pwede ba yun? Im an online freelancer now..

Thanks Po! Duedate ko pala is December 2013.


Kaydee said...

Hi ai, hindi naman required yong hospital bill. Ang required yong operating room record. Enroll in My.SSS sa so you can check your maternity benefit. Use your active email address

Kaydee said...

Hi yshie, yes, you qualify, but you get only half of your maternity benefit, kasi 3 months lang ang maco-consider:
Due -- Sep 2013
Semester of Delivery -- Apr to Sep 2013
Prior 12-month period kung saan titingnan ng SSS ang 3 at 6 contributions mo -- Apr 2012 to Mar 2013
Meron kang 3 months -- qualified ka
Average for 6 months ang ico-compute for benefit, kaya lang 3 lang ang meron ka, so half lang.
File your MAT1 asap

Kaydee said...

Hi Dianne, yes, you're eligible. File your MAT1 asap.
Semester of delivery -- Apr to Sep 2013
Prior 12-year period na dapat meron kang 3 at 6 contributions -- Apr 2012 to Mar 2013. Meron kang 3 at 6 (Sep to Feb), so you're qualified.

Kaydee said...

Hi michelle, pay asap 2nd quarter sa SSS branch na; puede pa before the 10th (or later depending on the last digit of your SSS no.). Kung ma-post itong 2nd quarter properly, you will qualify, kahit half lang.
About 3 days after paying, enroll in My.SSS, so you can check your status, if you have a Date of Coverage, etc. How to Enroll in My.SSS

Kaydee said...

Hi melody,
semester of delivery -- Apr to Sep 2013
prior 12-month period kung saan titingnan ang 3 at 6 months -- Apr 2012 to Mar 2013
dec 2012 -- 416 = salary credit is 4k
jan 2013 -- 416 = 4k
feb 2013 -- 416 = 4k
mar 2013 -- 416 = 4k
4k x 4 months = 16k
16k divided by 180 days = 88.89
88.89 x 78 days for CS = 6933.42
your estimated benefit = 6,933.42
Please check my counting and computation, kasi wala nang checking uli

Kaydee said...

Hi Glenn, your semester of delivery is July to Dec 2013. Your prior 12-month period is July 2012 to June 2013. Your 6 highest salary credits within this 12-month period are in Jan to June 2013.
Salary credit for 1,092 is 10,500
10,500 x 6 months = 63,000
63,000 / 180 days = 350
350 x 60 days for normal delivery = 21,000
350 x 78 days for CS = 27,300
Your maternity benefit = 21k if normal, or 27,300 if CS
Please check my computation...

Kaydee said...

Hi jen, you can pay April to June. Must be asap -- check your payment deadline, depending on the last digit of your SSS no. Pay at an SSS branch. When your payments are posted, enroll in My.SSS so you can check your status and if you have a Date of Coverage. You can file your MAT1 online, or file at the branch asap. Use your active email address. SSS Payment Deadlines

Kaydee said...

Hi Jen, did you register properly in 2006? Were you employed? Self-Employed SSS Member

riyah beltran said...

Hi Kaydee,

Hindi ko po sigurado kung makaka claim ako ng SSS Maternity Benefit.

Ang nag open po ng SSS ko ay company dito sa pilipinas, pero ang nagtuloy po ng hulog ng contribution ko ay ang nanay ko since umalis po ako at nag OFW.

OFW po ako pero ang status ng SSS membership ko ay Voluntary lang.

ang monthly contribution po na inihuhulog ng mother ko ay 312.00 pesos lang.

makaka avail po ba ako sa SSS?

may epekto po ba ung status ko? alin po ang mas malaki ang nakukuha?OFW po ba or Voluntary?

kung voluntary po papano po kinocompute ung magiging benefit?

thanks sana po matulungan niyo ko.

(nahulugan po ng mother ko from 2011-until now ng walang ligdang)

Bong Gabrang said...

Gud day po.ngwrk po aq s sm nung april2009 as prt tymcashier.nung 8 mos.n q,3mos n po aq bunts,nag file aq s sm ng mat 1.naendo po aq ng feb. 2010. D n po aq nkpgfile ng mat2 dhl endo n nga po aq.wla ng pprmang employr s mat 2 mku2ha p po b aq? Help me po.c kathy po e2

Bong Gabrang said...

Gud day po.c kath po 2.nag wrk aq s sm nung aprl 2009 as a prt tym cashier.10 mos.contrct q dun.nung ika 8 mos.q po s wrk,3mos.n aqng bnts.nag file po aq s sm ng mat 1.naendo n po aq nung feb.2010 kya d n po aq nkpg file ng mat 2 dhl wla n po pprma s employer q s mat 2.nangank aq nung mkkuha pb aq?

carla baldonado said...

good afternoon po. pano pag twins ang dinadala ko. doble din po ba yung benefit na makukuha o counted as one lang? salamat

Bong Gabrang said...

Gud day wrk po aq s sm as prt tym cashier ng 10 strt aq ng aprl 2009 at nung ika 8 mos.q n po dun,3mos.n aqng file po aq s knla ng mat 1.pgkaendo q nung feb.2010 d n po aq nkpghulog s po b ng file aq ng mat 2 ngyn my mku2ha po b q kht wlang prma ng emplyr q s sm kc nga po endo n q?nangnak aq nung may 2010.

melody planto said...

thank u very much.godbless......

Kaydee said...

Hi kath, it's good that you were able to submit your MAT1. Do you have your SSS-stamped MAT1?
You delivered May 2010, so your semester of delivery was Jan to June 2010. Ang titingnan kung meron kang 3 at 6 months na nabayaran ay Jan to Dec 2009. Meron ka, so eligible ka for maternity benefit.
Because you delivered within 6 months of your date of separation from SM, kelangan ng certificate of separation from SM (merong date of separation at merong statement na SM did not advance you any maternity benefit) plus SSS L501 form Submit also birth certificate from NSO and MAT2 form.
Maternity Benefit Claim Documents

Kaydee said...

Hi carla, counted as one lang. Wow, twins! Congrats!

Kaydee said...

Hi kath, yong MAT2 wala nang pirma yong SM kasi hindi ka na Employed noong nanganak ka. Pero kelangan ang SSS L501 form (2 copies) at Certificate of Separation (with date of separation and statement that SM did not pay you any maternity benefit)

Kaydee said...

kasi Feb 2010 ka naendo, then nanganak ka May 2010 -- within 6 months.

mitch selerio said...

gud day.. gusto ko po sana malaman ung expected benefits ko, expected delivery november 11, 2013.
june - 780
july - 1092
aug - 1144
sept - 1144
oct - 1040
nov - 1040
dec - 1092

jan - 1092
feb - 1196
mar - 1300
apr - 1092
may - 1144
june - 988
july - 1144
aug - 1092
sept - 1144
oct - 1092
nov - 1144
dec - 1144

jan - 1144
feb - 1144
mar - 1092
apr - 1092
may - 936

thank you po

Hello I'm fats. Call center agent po ako ngstart ako nitong jan.18,2013 at ngaun po since maselan ang pgbubuntis ko plano kong file ng imidiate resignation so bali almost 6mos. Lng ang hinulugan ng employer ko sa Sss. Eligible po b ko sa maternity benefits? Thanks po.

Ang expected duedate ko po pla ay feb. 22, 2014. :)

Mary Fangon said...

Hello po..EDD ko is jan 10.2014 nagwork po ko last 2008 pero 2 months lang po nahulugan.. nagstart po ko mawork jan. 2013 tapos po sabi ng company feb sila nagstart maghulog eligible po ba ako makakuha ng mat benefits?

hello po! makakuha pa din po ba ng maternity benefits kung ngayon palang magsisimulang maghulog ng contribution? self-employed po. sa january po ang month of labor. thanks po!

nayana said...

Hello, I just have a few questions. Nagwork kasi ako sa isang call center last Sept. 2012. tapos nagleave ako ng dec 2012 din since dinudugo ako. inadvice ng doctor ko magpahinga. bumalik ako ng work Jan 2013 then pinagresign nako ng doctor ko by end of Feb 2013. After nun, nag voluntary nako sa SSS. Nakapagbayad nako for the month of April, May and June. Hindi ko kasi alam kung need nila 6 months na walang pagitan sa buwan ang isasama ng SSS for the computation or ung latest lang sa taon na un.

Eto ung mga nacontribute ko:
Sept 2012 - 686
Oct 2012 - 1590
Nov 2012 - 1590
Dec 2012 - 1518

Jan 2013 - 0
Feb 2013 - 1590
Mar 2013 - 0
Apr 2013 - 1560
May 2013 - 1560
Jun 2013 - 1560
Jul 2013 - 1560

Kung maarin po sanang malaman kung magkano ang makukuha ko at kung masasama ung nahulog last year para maging 6mos ang masasama sa computation. Pakisagot naman po. Nalilito kasi ako. Maraming salamat po.

nayana said...

Ang EDD ko po pala eh sa August 19 2013. Nakapagfile na din po ako ng Mat 1, and wait ko na lang na manganak ako para ifile ung rest ng requirements. Thanks po sa makakasagot.

Bong Gabrang said...

Gud day po! C kath po ult 2.pano po kng wala skn ung mat1 q kc ipnasa q po un s hr ng sm dhl nga ngwwrk p q s knla.d q rn po alm kng my sss stamped n po un.ano po ang dpt qng gwn.? Thanks po.

Kaydee said...

Hi Mitch, your semester of delivery is July to Dec 2013, so the 12-month period evaluated is July 2012 to June 2013.

6 highest salary credits within the 12-month period:
Meron kang 6 na 1144 within this period,
so meron kang 6 na 11k salary credits,
so 6 x 11k = 66k
66k / 180 days = 366.67
366.67 x 60 days for normal delivery = 22k
366.67 x 78 days if CS = 28,600
Your benefit is either 22k or 28,600
Please check my Math
Take care

Kaydee said...

Hi Fats, your sem of delivery is Oct 2013 to Mar 2014, so the 12-month period to be evaluated is Oct 2012 to Sep 2013. You're eligible because you have 3 contributions within the 12-month period. Sabi mo "almost 6 months", so pay 1 contribution more before sem of delivery para complete na 6 contributions ang ma-compute for benefit.

Kaydee said...

Hi Mary, pareho kayo ng semester of delivery ni Fats or Ma Fatima Espina above, so pareho ang sagot ko sa inyo; pakibasa na lang. File Mat1 asap.

Kaydee said...

Hi Mitch, I've answered your July 8 question -- please see above.

Kaydee said...

Hi Gian, yes, if you pay contributions for July to Sep 2013. Try if you can still pay for Apr to June (this depends on the last digit of your wife's SSS no.), so that SSS can see and count 6 contributions for benefit computation.

Kaydee said...

Hi nayana, your sem of delivery is Apr to Sep 2013, so your 12-month period for evaluation is Apr 2012 to Mar 2013.
5 months lang yong ma-consider:
Sep 2012 - 686 = 6,500
Oct 2012 - 1590 = 15k
Nov 2012 - 1590 = 15k
Dec 2012 - 1518 = 14,500
Feb 2013 - 1590 = 15k
Total salary credits for 5 months = 66k
66k / 180 days = 366.67
366.67 x 60 days if normal delivery = your benefit is 22k
366.67 x 78 days if CS = your benefit is 28,600
Please check my counting and computation

Kaydee said...

Hi kath, if SM keeps their employee records, baka andon pa yong MAT1 mo. I hope the SM HR people will be kind enough to find the document for you. Kung wala, I'm not sure if effective yong gumawa ng Affidavit of Submitting MAT1 to your former employer SM and that when you left the company, you were not able to get MAT1 from them.

Mary Fangon said...

sabi kasi sa HR namin kelangan daw po may hulog ako ng 2012. eh ang nahulugan lang po is yung 2008 mfeb and march and ngayong 2013 feb, march,april.. nagstart lang po kasi ako magwork sa company namin last january. June ko pa po nisumbit sakanila mat1,ultrasound and 2 valid ids ko po. bakit po ganon? jan. 2013 na po ako manganganak

Kaydee said...

From Jeniffer Sengco: Hi.. i would like to ask... nobody answer as in lahat ng number ni SSS hotline even emails... please i need answer.. my inquiry about maternity benefits.. submitted my MAT1 last april 3 then no notification. im employed and supposed to be may 1st check na ako.. my due date will be on Sept na and i need mag leave n due to my condition..... please i need you help.. thanks!

From Kaydee: What's your question ba? About 1st check na ayaw pang ibigay ng employer? Ang alam ko, ibinibigay ang 1st check kapag mag-leave ka na for giving birth. Itong early leave mo ay dahil sa difficult pregnancy -- baka yon ang reason nila. Tanungin mo na lang kung napa-stamp na nila sa SSS yong MAT1 mo, para sure

Kaydee said...

Hi Mary, i-follow-up mo na lang nicely sa HR nio kung napa-stamp na ang MAT1 mo. Usually kasi merong sked for HR to go to the SSS, specially if they don't have a messenger. What's important is they submit it BEFORE your delivery.
Jan 2014 ang due mo, so Oct 2013 to Mar 2014 ang semester of delivery mo, and Oct 2012 to Sep 2013 ang titingnan ng SSS kung meron kang 3 contributions at dito rin titingnan yong 6 highest salary credits mo for benefit computation -- see my response to Fats.

anne ocampo said...

hello gudpm po ask ko lng po nagfile po aq ng mat1 last feb 28'2013 bale ang expected date q po dpat ay july 22'2013 e ang nanyari po napaAga aq ng panganganak at premature po ang baby q june 11'2013 ang nging date anu po b requirement dadalhin ko? ask q din po kung mgknu computation ng maclaim q bale 26months start july2011@ the amount of 364 per mnth contribution.nid q po reponse nyo thank you.

nayana said...

Thanks Kaydee. :) such a big help!

Chris Maniego said...

Hi, Im expected to give birth on Nov 2013. I was a covered employee tapos naging voluntary member since I resigned from work. I have been a member since 2009 and from what I last saw, ang monthly contribution is 1,560 (til february 2013). I am now planning na ituloy yung contribution but will pay the minimum amount only. How much will be my maternity benefit? Thank you.

Angel Revelar said...

hello po.gusto ko lang po sanang malman kung magknu po ang pwede kong makuha for maternity aug po ang due date ko.nkapaghulog po ako ng 3 months(dec_feb).hindi po ako sure,nsa 160 po ata ang kaltas sa akin monthly.magkanu po kaya ang minimum na benefits ko/tnx po

Angel Revelar said...

hello po.gusto ko lang po sanang malman kung magknu po ang pwede kong makuha for maternity aug po ang due date ko.nkapaghulog po ako ng 3 months(dec_feb).hindi po ako sure,nsa 160 po ata ang kaltas sa akin monthly.magkanu po kaya ang minimum na benefits ko/tnx po

Bong Gabrang said...

Lst question nlng po. Ok lng po b kht saan branch ng sss aq mg file ng mat 2 then ask q nlng po s knla kng pwdeng i check nla kng my naipsa b n mat 1 ung dti qng employr n sm? D2 n po kc aq nktra s mnla.ngwrk pa po kc aq nun dti s sm taytay kya mejo mlau kng s sss branch p nla aq mgfi-file! Ok lng po b un?

Kaydee said...

Hi anne, Okay lang naman na napaaga -- the requirements are still the same. Kung palaging 364 ang contribution mo, then your salary credit is always 3,500, so
3,500 x 6 months = 21,000
21,000 / 180 days = 116.67
116.67 x 60 days for normal delivery = 7k pesos
116.67 x 78 for CS = 9100

Maternity Documents required

Kaydee said...

Hi Chris, the 12-month period SSS will consider for your benefit is July 2012 to June 2013. You said you contributed the maximum, then your 6 highest salary credits are all maximum (15k). Your maternity benefit then is the maximum benefit which is 30k for normal delivery, and 39k if CS.

Kaydee said...

Hi Angel, kung 160 ang deduction mo for SSS (166.70 ang exact amount), at ang employer share ay 353.30, then your salary credit is 5k.
5k x 3 months = 15k
15k / 180 days = 83.33
83.33 x 60 days for normal delivery = 5k
83.33 x 78 days for CS = 6,500

By the way, it's maternity benefit; it's not a loan.

Kaydee said...

Hi Bong, you can file MAT2 near where you live or work. You can check your online SSS account (click Online Inquiry, and then Maternity Notification) if they have a record of your maternity notification. Print the page, and ask the SSS officer if you can use it as MAT1, since you can no longer ask SM about your MAT1.

Hi there. My due is Feb 2014. The last time I paid my sss as voluntary member was when I was pregnant with my son more than 2 years ago for me to avail the maternity benefit. Can I still pay for April to September, as that will be my 12 month period? Will they still allow me to avail the benefit even if its too obvious that I contributed only for me to avail and make a claim? Should I pay up to September or august only? Thanks. Please help

Jenn Reyes said...

Hi Sir,
Ask ko lang po if pwde aq sa maternity loan. Employed po aq for 6yrs from July 2003-March 2009. Tapos po nag VOLUNTARY member ako nung January 10, 2013, at nagfile ng MAT-1 nung January 11, 2013. Nakapaghulog na po ako ng Jan-Feb-Mar 2013. EDD ko po ay July 22, 2013 kaso napaaga po at nanganak ako ng July 9, 2013, CS po. Balak ko po sana ihabol ung April-May-June na hulog kung may makukuha po ako. Or kahit hindi ko na hulugan, may makukuha po ba ako? Ano po sa tingin nyo? Thanks po.. :)


pde pacompute din poh nanganak aq nung JULY 12,2013.





Kaydee said...

Hi sweetTOOTHforAYNAT, surely you can pay for July to September. For April to June, it depends on the last digit of your SSS no. See payment deadlines. Pay up to Sep so you'll have 6 contributions for benefit computation.

Kaydee said...

Hi Jenn, yes, your maternity benefit is 10k if normal delivery, and 13k if CS. Hindi maka-count ang Apr to June because it's part of your semester of delivery.

Kaydee said...

Hi Trixia, your sem of delivery is Apr to Sep.
Your 6 highest are
July 988 = 9500
Sep 1144 = 11k
Nov 1560 = 15k
Dec 1040 = 10k
Jan 988 = 9500
Feb 1040 = 10k
Total salary credits = 65000
65000 / 180 days = 361.11

If normal delivery, benefit is 361.11 x 60 = 21,667 pesos

If CS, 361.11 x 78 = 28,167 pesos

About posting: If employed, usually posting of contributions takes time.

Please check my computation, hindi ko na na-check uli.

marj jeru said...

my expected due is oct. 2013..but my payment stopped because I became self voluntary contribution.So far this year I have just been paid (jan.- mar. 2013) i entitle to the benefits even if it's just my contribution or i need to pay the following month up to my expected due date?? pls. help me to answer my questions...tnx

jhoi said...

good day, ask ko lang po.. nung nag start po ako ng work temporary sss no. lang binigay sakin kc wala pa nso ko nun.. binigyan ako ng 6 months para iupdate ko at magi2ng permanent no. ko na yun.. kaso 9months na di ko pa nabalik, valid pa po kaya yung no. ko na yun? maka2 pag avail din kaya ako ng maternity benefit?

Ms.kaydee, thanks for answering my question. My deadline of payment for apr-jun will be on the 31st of July. I have another concern, I am getting married this august 2013. I don't have my own philhealth, that is why I need to be my Hubby's dependent. How will I be filing my mat-1, using my maiden name? Won't it give me complications as when I submit the hospital documents needed for sss, I will be using my married name with the documents. What do you think is the best thing to do? I have read that sss needs marriage certificate from nso for status update. And M.Certificate is only available at nso after 3 months.

Kaydee said...

Hi Marj, you're eligible, but only Jan to Mar will be counted for your benefit. File your MAT1 asap. Try to pay Apr to June so you can accumulate 6 months for benefit computation.

Kaydee said...

Hi jhoi, the best thing to do is to visit SSS and verify your SSS no. and contributions. Bring your valid IDs and your NSO (orig and xerox). Depende kung kelan ang due mo, baka puede mo pang bayaran ang Apr to June to qualify for maternity benefit. But verify first your membership

Kaydee said...

Hi sweetTOOTHforAYNAT, your due is Feb 2014 so I think you will have time to change your civil status in SSS and Philhealth. As soon as you have your marriage cert, you change your SSS status (this takes about a month, based on comments online). For ID, you have the option to apply for a new ID under your married name or you can still use your maiden-name ID with marriage cert. Yong new ID, siguradong matagal i-issue yon, but you can use your SSS acknowledgment stub as ID together with 2 valid photo IDs. Ikaw na lang ang mag-choose which is better for your case. Yong sa marriage cert, puedeng kausapin ang magkakasal sa inyo na paki-file agad ang cert sa local registrar para ma-process and ma-forward sa NSO in less time.

Thanks again Kaydee! You're of big help! :) God bless.

Alex Nufable said...

Good evening Kaydee, My name is Kheizy, I would like to know if I am elgible for maternity benefit. I found out that I am pregnant and my due date is January 2014. My last work is March 2009, so from April 2009 up to present I do not have any contribution.

Mag qualify po kaya ako if maghulog ako as voluntary member? Mababayaran ko pa po kaya ung whole 6 months para makuha ko fully ung benefit? End po pala ng sss no ko is 2.

Thanks po.

Alex Nufable said...

Sorry po, account po pala ng husband ko ung nka sign in

Kaydee said...

Hi Kheizy, surely you can pay for July to Sep, and these 3 months will qualify you for the maternity benefit. You're already late for Apr to June kasi 10th ang deadline mo; pero if you like, you can try paying at the SSS cashier for Apr to Sep if they accept. Then check later on sa online SSS mo if these were posted for Apr to Sep.

raine03 said...

hello ms kaydee!
please help me po in my case. im pregnant and my due is on november 2013. i stopped working po last june 2012. and my last contribution is 1508 (may 2012). my when i learned that im pregnant i started to continue my contribution as self employed. i started it last april 2013 at 416.00. can i avail maternity benifits and how much will i get?
thank u po.

Hi Ms. Kaydee, Good day! please help us. My due is on Oct. 9, 2013 and I got married last june 2013, but until now me and my husband hindi pa nakakapag-change status dahil po pareho kaming may work. I can avail or get my maternity benefits even if i submit already my MAT1 after may wedding under my maiden name??since hindi pa kami nakakapagchange status. kindly know wat the best things to do..bigla po kasi me naguluhan baka po magkaconflict sa record. Thanks & God Bless!

Kaydee said...

Hi Liezl, yes, okay lang na under maiden name mo ang MAT1, lalo na kung pabayaan mo munang as is ang personal data mo sa SSS. Kung change SSS data naman, meron namang marriage certificate to justify the difference in MAT1 and MAT2's names.
Just weigh na lang your options if you change your SSS status and name now or after you get your maternity check na lang. According to those commenting here, it takes a month for a change in status and surname to effect online. About IDs din, what's your surname in your IDs? You use IDs to encash a check. Or your name in your bank account -- if you deposit a check, name of check payee should be the same as account name. Surname of baby will be the father's surname, so wala ring problem with it. So tingnan mo na lang kung ano ang mas convenient sa iyo, kung maiden na lang muna, or change status na sa SSS.

Kaydee said...

Hi raine03, the next time you pay, you should check Voluntary because you were formerly Employed. But okay lang yong mga previous mong Self-employed contributions. Your 12-month period for evaluation is July 2012 to June 2013, so what will be counted are Apr 2013 to June 2013.
salary credit for 416 is 4k
4k x 3 months = 12,000
12,000 / 180 days = 66.67
Maternity benefit:
66.67 x 60 = 4k if normal delivery
66.67 x 78 = 5200 if CS
Please click also your maternity eligibility in your online SSS account kung tama ang estimate ko

Thanks Kaydee for the info., atleast now its clear na po sakin ang dapat gawin... Thanks again to have a blog like this... its a BIG help and convenient to us. God Bless!

raine03 said...

thank you po for the information. one thing more po. i cant register through online. lage pong nakalagay is "member status is not the same with SSS records". i called sss and the status na nakalagay po dun is same with my status na nireregister ko. how can i view po my online sss account po without registering online? thank you po for the help. God bless!

Dawn Tan said...

i need help po. my due date is on Oct. 3. my monthly premium is

233.33 from january 2013 - june 2013


rheena said...

Hi po.kakastart ko pa lng magbayad ng ss membership fee ko nun may2013,as self-employed..due date ko po ng august 03,2013..makakaavail po ba ako ng maternity benefit sa sss???

kar-lyn galang said...

hi po!!pa compute po aq..nagadvanced na kz aq ng hulog sa sss..edd q po ay march 2014 pa!!how mch kya ma avail q na maternity loan tnx po
jan-march 312
april-aug 520

aug-sept 1196

if ever icontinou q ung hulog q from oct2013-dec2013 ng1196 din ihuhulog q my mkukuha po ba q?!tnx po

Kaydee said...

Hi raine03, ang member status ba na natanong mo over the phone ay self-employed? Try mo again ang self-employed. Pag ayaw, you try Voluntary.
You have to register in My.SSS before you can check your data online. Sorry there's no other way.

Kaydee said...

Hi Dawn, your salary credit is 7k
7k x 6 = 42k
42k / 180 days = 233.33
Your maternity benefit:
233.33 x 60 days = 14 if normal delivery
233.33 x 78 days = 18,200 if CS
Have you filed your MAT1?

Kaydee said...

Hi Liezl, thanks and God bless din

Kaydee said...

Hi rheena, sorry hindi pa puede, kasi kaka-start mo lang. Your semester of contingency is Apr to Sep. Ang titingnan ng SSS kung meron kang 3 contributions ay Apr 2012 to Mar 2013. Please ask others too.Semester of Contingency

Kaydee said...

Hi kar-lyn, Aug to Sep 2013 ay 2 months lang. You must pay July 2013, puede pa; if your SSS no.'s last digit is 9 or 0, you can still pay April to June para 6 months ang mabilang. Or kung hindi man, if you like, you can try paying baka tanggapin at baka ma-post naman for Apr to June.
Your semester of contingency is Oct 2013 to Mar 2014, so your prior 12-month period is Oct 2012 to Sep 2013. Please ask others too

lailani Sotto said...

hi kaydee.. papanu po ba ang computation ng maternity benefits thank u.

lailani Sotto said...

hi po. nanganak po ako last may 2013
ang monthly contribution ko po e 216.70 tas tumaas po ng 316.70 last january 2013 papanu po ang computation nun?

Juvie Julian said...

Hi po. Ask ko lang po ung maternity benefit ko, kc po sabi ng employer ko wala pa sa kanila ung cheke,e las tym na tumawag po ako senyo sabi nyo june 9, 2013 nachekehan na. Bakit po sobrang tagal naman?

Kaydee said...

Hi lailani, kunin mo yong 6 highest salary credits mo last 2012. Hindi na kasali ang 2013 kasi semester of contingency mo is Jan to June 2013. Kung puro 216.70, magiging 6,500 x6 = 39k.
39k / 180 days = 216.67
216.67 x 60 days = 13k if normal delivery
216.67 x 78 = 16,900 if CS

Kaydee said...

Hi Juvie, kung meron nang tseke, malamang sa postal system ang problem. Or puede rin sa pagdala from SSS to post office. Mag-enroll ka sa My.SSS para makita mo kung nagawa na nga ba talaga yong check. By the way, this blog is not affiliated with SSS; it only shares info about SSS.

Dawn Tan said...

Hi Kaydee, hindi pa po ako nakakapag fill up ng mat1 ung employer ko po kasi
ngaun pa lang nya ipaparecieve sa sss ung contribution ko. Hindi nya
kasi agad hinulog. Possible po ba na makuha ko pa ung maternity
benefits kung sa 2nd week pa ng september ko maverify na may hulog na
sSs ko? Thank you so much po

Dawn Tan said...

I need ur answer Kaydee -_- thanks

Hi Ms. kaydee,
Im here again, I have another concern... if a resign this coming aug. or 1st week of sept. need ko pa ba magpasa ng MAT2 sa agency ko or derestso na ako sa SSS???? and kanino ko po makukuha ang benefits ko??? May OB told me na need ko na mag totally bed rest before my due.,dahil may mga nararamdaman pa ako na di dapat..may due is last week of sept. or 1st week of october. Waiting for your reply... Thanks!

Kaydee said...

Hi Dawn, basta ma-file mo ang MAT1 mo through your employer BEFORE delivery, eligible ka. Kelan ka ba due? At ano ang mga previous months mo nang nabayaran? Or puede mong tingnan ito: Maternity Benefit Eligibility

Kaydee said...

HI Liezl, if resigned/unemployed ka na at the time of delivery, mag-file ka na as Separated (kung hindi ka pa naghulog ng contribution as Voluntary; File as Voluntary kung may na-post nang Voluntary contribution). Ask for Certification of Separation with date of separation and statement that employer did not give you any maternity benefit plus L501 signature card. Enroll in My.SSS so you can see your status; dapat matched ang status mo online at status mo sa MAT2 papers.

Arianne Ante said...

Question lang po:

Nalaman ko lang na buntis aq june 30, 2013 tapos sinabihan aq na threatened abortion daw so advised na bedrest... tapos ff up check sakin July 7, sabi no fetal heart beat na daw so wait na mag natural miscarry..kaso netong july 26, 2013 rush aq sa hosp for d&c kc clogged ung cervix ko..
Hindi ako nakpag notify ng MAT1 agad.. pwede pa ba ako mag claim ng benefit for miscarriage?
advised kc aq ng bedrest..
sb kc missed abortion siya ng 7weeks- twin pregnancy; delivery date dpat is feb 15,2014.

Kaydee said...

Hi Arianne, yes, you can file your claim. Include a letter addressed to SSS explaining why you were not able to file your MAT1. Include pregnancy test or ultrasound before D&C, D&C report or operative report, medical certificate. If your branch does not accept your claim because you have no stamped MAT1, file at the Diliman branch.
Hope you can comment later on if you got your claim

hi, another concern... sa sept. 3 pa end of contract ko and possible maextend me ng one week. and my due last week of september possible po ba na makapagfile ako agad ng mga requirements na need nyo before my delivery date???..

"File as Voluntary kung may na-post nang Voluntary contribution). Ask for Certification of Separation with date of separation and statement that employer did not give you any maternity benefit plus L501 signature card".

or pwede ko po ba maprocess un after my delivery???? lalo na po sa pagfile ng voluntary??? ithink po kasi mahuhulugan pa ng agency ko ang month of september.

Thanks po waiting for reply... naguguluhan pa din po ksi ako sa dapat kung gawin... i want to avail the benefits na wlang magiging problema sa huli... please... thanks

Alex Nufable said...

"Hi Kheizy, surely you can pay for July to Sep, and these 3 months will qualify you for the maternity benefit. You're already late for Apr to June kasi 10th ang deadline mo; pero if you like, you can try paying at the SSS cashier for Apr to Sep if they accept. Then check later on sa online SSS mo if these were posted for Apr to Sep.

July 22, 2013 at 1:37 AM"

Thanks Kaydee for answering my query. Isa pa po pala. How much po kaya will I get if hulugan ko ung July to Sept ng maximum contribution?

Kaydee said...

Hi Kheizy, how much were your last contributions in 2009? Were they around 1560? If much much lower, declare your income in the RS5 form when you pay 1560 each for July to
Sep. Ask others too about paying maximum if your 2009 contributions were much much lower.
15k x 3 = 45k
45k / 180 days = 250
Your benefit:
normal delivery: 250 x 60 = 15k
CS: 250 x 78 = 19,500

Kaydee said...

Hi Liezel, yes, puede namang hindi mag-apura. Ang kelangan mo lang naman talagang i-submit sa SSS para ma-approve and ma-stamp BEFORE delivery ay MAT1. Ang MAT2 filing ay after delivery na. Kelangan lang pareho ang status mo na nakasulat sa MAT2 at yong nasa SSS database.

Alex Nufable said...

mga around 8k lang po ang salary ko. kaya may straight po akong hulog from dec. 2006 to mar 2009. tpos po tumigil ako mag work. kaya po ask ko if ok lang na mag voluntary ako ngayon tpos mag hulog ako ng maximum contribution para po ma avail ko ung max na benefits?

mel anie said...

hi, my EDD is Nov.5. I'm done with MAT1. I wasn't able to ask this when i'm in sss as it didn't cross my mind that time. i was planning to have labor sa lying in clinic near us as hospital is far, much expensive and i don't want the ambiance nga sa hospi. sa MAT2 there was this form na it says to be fill up by any physician, e sa midwife ko gusto manganak. Am i still going to have my mat.ben. if sa midwife ako manganganak then ipapasign na lang ung form sa doctor na pinagpapacheck up-an ko? pls help me.

mel anie said...

EDD nov. 5. i have my contribution may-oct last year then jan-feb this year for employed. last april i switch to voluntary as i no longer have work. these are my higher msc:
june 2012 -- 15k
july 2012 -- 14k
aug. 2012 -- 14,500
sept. 2012 -- 14k
oct. 2012 -- 14, 500
feb. 2013 --15k

how much po kaya ang mat.ben ko? is there any deduction if you have missing contribution within the 12 month period that they computing?
help pls... thanks a lot

Kaydee said...

Hi Alex, puede kang Voluntary kasi dati kang Employed. Puede ring maximum ang contribution. Pero ang alam ko kapag biglang taas, dapat sulatan yong Declaration of Earnings sa lower portion ng RS5 form ng salary na katumbas ng contribution. Pero magtanong rin po sa iba para sure.

Kaydee said...

Hi melanie, doon naman sa Obstetrical History form, ang nakalagay sa signature portion ay Attending Ob-Gyne/Midwife. Hindi naman na required ang Operating Room Record or Surgical Record kapag Normal delivery.

Kaydee said...

Hi melanie, your 12-month period for evaluation is July 2012 to June 2013.
14k + 14.5k + 14k + 14.5 + 15k + your Jan salary credit = Total salary credit
You divide the total salary credit by 180. Yong result nito ay you multiply by 60 days (for normal delivery), yan ang benefit mo.

Thanks again Kaydee.
I hope mas marami pang mommy na nakakapag view ng blog nyo... to help them sa mga query na gusto nila malaman.. lalo na always busy sa line ng sss.

Thanks & God Bless,

Ay! meron pa po pala... i've heard somebody in my work na pwede din po magavail ng paternity leave once na kasal na ang lalaki. Wat po pala ang proseso nun and requirements??? My husband is work since 2011 until present... and Ms. Kaydee until now hindi pa din sya nakakapag change status single to married?? makakapag avail pa din ba sya??? or need pa nyang magpa change status?? Please thanks

Kaydee said...

Hi Liezl, thanks for appreciating my blog. Yes, your husband can avail of 7 days paid leave, usually after delivery. But he should file for paternity leave in advance (he should ask his company when to file). Yes, he should change his status -- the paternity leave law says that this leave should be spent in support for his legal wife. God bless din

Siren2013 said...

Hi Kaydee, ask ko lang po kung may makukuha akong maternity benefit/allowance in my situation. I gave birth June 2012 I got my allowance with no problem kasi I was working during that time. I never expected that I'd be pregnant right away. I left work July of last year I went back however I decided to stop because of my pregnancy. I don't know if may makukuha nga ako. I gave birth last July. My contribution is magulo and broken but then on my online profile meron namang nakafile dahil nagfile ako. May I request for a computation if meron mang dapat i compute. And may I know what the process is in claiming it. I have the mat 1 stamped and mat 2 unstamped. Here are the months with contribution:

Dec 2012 - 1560
May 2012 - 1560
April 2012 - 1560

I have no contributions between June-November of 2012.

I know Jan- March contributions are no longer included but here they are anyways:

March 2012 - 1560
Feb 2012 - 1560
Jan 2012 - 1560

Thanks a lot for any enlightenment that you may share.

Kaydee said...

Hi Siren2013, your delivery was in July 2013, so your sem of contingency was Apr to Sep. Your prior 12-month period was Apr 2012 to Mar 2013. Within that period, you should have paid at least 3 months. Meron ka, so you're qualified.
6 highest salary credits: (3 lang ang meron ka)
Dec 2012 - 1560 - 15k
May 2012 - 1560 - 15k
Apr 2012 - 1560 - 15k

15k + 15k + 15k = 45k
45k / 180 = 250
250 x 60 (your benefit for Normal delivery) = 15k
SSS maternity benefit claim filing

Kaydee said...

Siren2013, please check my computation

jolz lau said...

hi giving birth this nov. 2013 po this is my monthly premium



pakicompute naman po ..until now po pumapasok prin po ako sa trabaho..maraming slamat po

Kaydee said...

Hi jolz,
6 highest salary credits from Jul 2012 to jun2013:
dec 12k
jan 11.5k
mar 10k
apr 11.5k
may 11.5k
jun 11k
total = 67,500
67,500 / 180 days = 375
Benefit for normal:
375 x 60 days = 22,500
Benefit for CS:
375 x 78 days = 29,250
Please check my computation, thanks

Judycyl Kamping said...

Good afternoon po..
i already applied my maternity notification.. i checked na ive been paying my contribution for 46 months..pero this april 15 i resigned na po in our company.. the problem is.. since april upto now di pa ko nkkpag bayad..makakuha pa po ba ko ng benefit? Jan 2014 delivery date ko..Bayad center po is not accepting late payments.. also i dont know how to get ung monthly premium for computation.. ty so much po...

amber1418 said...

Hi i'm amber. i learned that i was 4 weeks pregnant last aug 14, 2013. the doctor advised me to have a bed rest. threatened abortion daw kasi. i filed my notification to my employer last aug 16, 2013. they were able to file it last aug 23 due to habagat. the problem is i had a miscarriage last aug 16 evening. can i use my maternity benefit? what are the requirements that i need to pass? di ako na-confine due to that. i just had bleeding. thanks

Kaydee said...

Hi Judycyl, parang nasagot ko na ito... sa ibang post?
Anyway, your 12-month period in which they will check kung meron kang 3 contributions at 6 highest contributions ay Oct 2012 to Sep2013. So eligible ka for maternity claim. If you like to contribute for July to Sep, puede pa.
Check your 6 highest salary credits within the 12-month period.
sss maternity benefit eligibility

Kaydee said...

Hi amber1418, kahit hindi ka na-confine pero nag-leave ka, I think you can claim your maternity benefit. Get a medical certificate from your OB that she advised you to have a bed rest due to threatened abortion and that you miscarried on Aug 16, 2013. Submit your MAT1 even if it was submitted late. Ask the SSS officer if you need to submit a letter or affidavit that you filed your MAT1 with your employer on Aug 16. For the other documents: check here: SSS maternity benefit claim documents

Trina Magud said...

hi. 6 weeks pregnant ako nun nalaman ko na buntis ako. kaso ectopic pregnancy. need na cya tanggalin sakin kasi health ko naman ang magkakaproblem. kaso dahil 6 weeks pregnant pa lang ako hindi ako nakapag file sa employer ko. nalaman ko lang na buntis ako nun ooprehan na ako. makaka claim ba ako ng maternity benefit? salamat

Eicah Magz said...

Hi kaydee im pregnant my due date is march 2014 last contribution ko is 2008 i contributed this august 2013 lng. 1mnth can avail maternity benefits ???hope u answer godbless

Eicah Magz said...

i pay as voluntary what months should i pay?nalilito kc ako..

Erika Leyritana said...

hi.. my due date is November or December this year,,, can I still avail the benefits? nag update lang ako ng hulog last may2013 till' now.. im currently employed..

Kaydee said...

Hi Trina, hindi ako sure pero kung ma-submit mo ang mga docs na kelangan nila, at nakapag-leave ka, or nag-absent ka for some days, I think maka-avail ka. Kelangan lang merong document to prove that you were pregnant. Write a letter explaining why you were not able to submit MAT1. Documents to claim maternity benefit

Kaydee said...

Hi Eicah, pay also July and September so you can accumulate 3 monthly payments. Enroll in My.SSS. If you see that your payments were posted for July Aug Sep 2013, then you can avail, although half lang ang benefit mo, kasi dapat 6 contributions ang ma-compute. SSS Maternity Benefit

Kaydee said...

Hi Erika, kulang ka yata ng 1 month. Tingnan mo ito SSS Maternity Benefit Eligibility

Angel Requinto said...
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Angel Lica said...

hi po, ask ko lang po if mkakaavail ako ng maternity benefit.,employed po ako before in Manila from June 2011 - April 2012 me nadeduct po s salary ko every month for sss, but not sure about my contribution if its the same,I'm an ofw now and since April 2012 I haven't update my sss, but im planning to update it now, im one month pregnant and expected n delivery is on may 2014. me mkukuha po ba akong maternity benefit? thank you/

Kaydee said...

Hi Angel, yes, since you're OFW, puede mong bayaran ang Jan 2013 to Dec 2013. Ang important na mabayaran mo for maternity ay July 2013 to Dec 2013; the higher the better. SSS maternity benefit

mel anie said...

hi, thanks for the answer. ngayon lang ulit ako nakapagnet so now ko lang nabasa to. last question, kung ano ba ung result sa computation mo yun din ang makukuha mo? thanks

Kaydee said...

Hi mel anie, yes, kung yong mga salary credits na kinompute mo ay pareho sa SSS records, then pareho din ang cocomputin ng SSS. Check your 6 highest salary credits within July 2012 to June 2013.
I hope wala kang delinquent loan, kasi ibabawas nila ang delinquent loan balance sa maternity benefit.

mel anie said...

nag apply ako for educational loan assistance last july for my sister. sa pagkakaalam ko po hhindi pa ko required na magbayd nun now. tama po ba?

mel anie said...

first loan ko po yong last july...

Kaydee said...

Hi mel anie, you're right. You start paying one year after graduation

mel anie said...

thanks po.. God bless u and your family

Jun Ponciano said...

i was diagnosed of unruptured ectopic pregnancy and i was treated only medically (methotrexate therapy) as out patient since it was early detected, i was on leave only for 3 weeks, is my case fall under the category of maternity? and what would be the requirements needed to be submitted s SSS.
thank you.

Kaydee said...

Hi Jun, I think you can try claiming kasi nag-leave ka naman, at meron kang diagnosis na ectopic pregnancy. Basta makapag-submit ka ng proof of pregnancy, like ultrasound report or certification of pregnancy, at explanation why you were not able to file your MAT1, and all the other documents required like doctor's diagnosis and description of your treatment and medical certificate. SSS maternity benefit claim documents Ask others too para sure at mas complete, baka lang I missed some things

Kaydee said...

Hi mel anie, thank you too and God bless you and your family too

Hi ms. Kadie, tanong ko lng po.. Ngrequest po aq ng certificate of separation at certificate of non advance payment of maternity benefit with l501 s previous enployer ko pero sbi po skn d daw cla ngiissue ng l501. Pnu po un eh d b po need un s pgfile ng mat2.. Anu po kaya ang pwede kong gawin? Need ur reply asap.. Tnx po!

Rubie Marquez said...

hi kaydee, i' rubie and sept. 24, 2013 ang duedate ko nakapagfile nako ng form mat 1 and nasakin nadin ang form mat 2, i'm worried kasi may 2012 to apr 2013 lang nahuhuluguan ang sss ko (employer based) does it mean kahit hindi nahuhulugan ung peroid of contingency ko e may makukuha padin ako?

Kaydee said...

Hi Mary Joy, baka ang ibig nilang sabihin ay ikaw ang kukuha ng L501 form sa SSS at dalhin mo sa kanila. Bring 2 sheets of L501 to them and makiusap ka. Sabihin mo na galing ka na sa SSS at hindi aaprubahan ng SSS ang claim mo kung walang L501. Former employee ka nila, so responsibility nila na pirmahan yan. Dapat kung sino yong pumirma ng certificate, yon din ang pipirma sa L501 para the same signature.

Kaydee said...

Hi Rubie, yes, kahit hindi ka nakapaghulog sa contingency period mo ay qualified ka for maternity benefit because you have paid at least 3 months of the 12-month period before your semester of contingency.

Tnx ms. Kaydee! gnun n nga ang ggwin q.. Thanks ult.. Really a big help to me.. :)

Gud iv po miss kaydee.mag 3 bwan napo pregnant ang wife ko duedate nya po ng march at nag resign po xa sa work nya nun july.since july 2012 po kinakaltasan po xa ng agency nya ng sss hangan jun 2013.dipa po namin na check kung hinuhulugan talaga nila.kung nahulugan po ba covered po b xa sa maternity benifits?at pano po kung dipo nahulugan?ano po maganda naming gawin?pls help po.salamat and god bless

Kaydee said...

Hi Ernesto, punta kayo sa SSS and verify if her contributions were remitted to SSS. Kung merong at least 3 contributions within Oct 2012 to Sep 2013, qualified siya for maternity. She can enroll in My.SSS so she can track her records. Kung walang na-remit, at hindi siya na-register at hindi nio na mahabol ang agency, she needs to register as self-employed using RS1 form (show proof of source of income), and then pay July to Sep so she can avail of half of her benefit.

Ms. Kaydee.. Question ult.. Pwd nb ung sss form l501 n downlable ang gmitin ko pra ibigay s knla? Oh nid q p humingi s sss?

Salamat po miss kaydee..God bless po

Kaydee said...

Hi Mary Joy, yes, puede yon, clear copies mo lang. Nawala sa isip ko yong about downloading

Kaydee said...

Hi Ernesto, God bless din.
SSS maternity eligibility

Gud day po ulit miss check po namin sss ng wife ko.hinulugan lang po ng agency nya simula nung jan to march.dipa po sigurado ung april..20013.pasok po ba xa sa maternity benifits?total of contribution nya po
Jan 500
Feb 500
March 500
Total 1500
Ano po dapat naming gawin...salamat po

Gud day po ulit miss check po namin sss ng wife ko.hinulugan lang po ng agency nya simula nung jan to march.dipa po sigurado ung april..20013.pasok po ba xa sa maternity benifits?total of contribution nya po
Jan 500
Feb 500
March 500
Total 1500
Ano po dapat naming gawin...salamat po

Ask ko po ulit kung dipo nabayadan ng agency ang april to jun dipo ba namin pwede bayadan un?at kung babayadan po namin ang jul to sept?pero wala po xa Prof of income kadi house wife lang po xa.ano po pwede namin gawin?salamat po.

Ask ko po ulit kung dipo nabayadan ng agency ang april to jun dipo ba namin pwede bayadan un?at kung babayadan po namin ang jul to sept?pero wala po xa Prof of income kadi house wife lang po xa.ano po pwede namin gawin?salamat po.

Hi! I badly need your help...hope you can help me.
I started my sss contribution last march 2013 and every month i contribute 183.2 cause i only work as part time. I would like to ask if i can still avail the sss maternity benefit and if ever i can...more or less how much? By the way my expected delivery is on march 2014. Thanks!

Dae said...

I need help po, my expected due po is April 2014, unfortunately, I had d &c this September 2013. Gusto ko po malaman if may makukuha ako sss benefit. Currently employed po ako since July 3, 2013. And eto po ang ibang contributions ko:
FROM OCT 2012- JUNE 2013= NONE
AUG- 1560





Ms kaydee.. Need your help.. Pnu po yun sbi kxe skn ng hr dun s dti q work d dw tlga cla ngiisue ng l501 kht nkiusap nq.. Kxe dw s sss bacoor dw cla ng reremit so kng gsto q dw mareimburse ungmat benft q dun q dw ifile kxe meron ndw dun nkafile n l501.. Sbi q nmn wt if hingan aq ng xerox copy nun anu ippkta q? Sbi nmn nla d n dw aq hhingan dun.. Eh s sss sta.crz laguna po aq so malau p taz dq p po alm kng pnu pmnta dun.. Nid ur reply asap.. Tnx po..

Kaydee said...

Hi Ernesto, when is your wife giving birth? March 2014? Yes, your wife is eligible for maternity benefit. Pay July to Sep 204 so she can avail of the full benefit, so SSS can compute 6 months of contributions.
By the way, wala namang 500 na monthly contribution; baka 520?
For July to Sep, pay 624 each month (1872) so she can get a higher benefit. You can contribute a higher amount, but you need to declare a higher income in the RS5 form (and be ready with income proof if SSS asks for it later on).

Kaydee said...

Hi Ernesto, about proof of income, kelangan lang yon kapag hindi siya naregister ng agency. Dahil meron naman kayong nakitang contributions from agency, ibig sabihin naregister siya ng agency, so you no longer need proof of income. Check Voluntary in the RS5 form when you pay for July to Sep. Sori, you can no longer pay for April to June, part the deadline na. After paying, enroll in Online SSS so you can check her records. Check if she has a Date of Coverage; dapat meron ito.
Kumuha na rin kayo from the agency ng cert of separation with date of separation and statement that the company did not advance any maternity benefit to your wife. Plus 2 copies of Ganito: SSS L501 signature specimen card form
This is How to Enroll in online SSS

Kaydee said...

Hi Mary Joy, ano kaya ang dahilan na ayaw nilang magbigay ng L501? Kasi kahit tanggapin ng SSS Bacoor, baka naman ma-reject sa final evaluator kung hindi nagfa-final evaluation o hindi nagfa-final encoding ang SSS Bacoor. Magtanong ka uli sa Sta Cruz branch kung anong say nila.

Kaydee said...

Hi dae, your semester of contingency is Apr2013 to Sep2013. The 12-month period na titingnan kung meron kang 3 at 6 contributions ay Apr2012 to Mar2013. Meron ka, so you're eligible. Were you able to file your MAT1 before the D&C? If yes, I hope nag-leave ka kasi payment ng maternity leave yong benefit if currently Employed. On the MAT2 form, the start of maternity leave is written. If not on leave, talk to your HR about what to do. Ask also your HR if you're on leave and you did not file your MAT1 before your D&C.

Kaydee said...

Hi Sheen, are you contributing as Employed? So your employer-employee monthly contribution is 572 and your monthly salary credit is 5500? If your July to Sep contribution is also 572, your maternity benefit will be 11k (normal delivery). Enroll in online SSS so you can check your maternity eligibility and track your maternity benefit.

Dae said...

Hi kaydee thanks for your reply. Appreciate your quick response. Currently I'm on leave. D&C happened just last sept 13,2013. I have not filed my MAT1 yet Hindi muna ko nag report to work to have some rest and to recuperate. I hope my chance pa na mawork out benefits ko even I have not filed the mat 1 and mat 2 yet. By the way anu nga pala ilalagay ko sa mat 1 sa may part ng my expected date of delivery? Two weeks before the d/c kasi I already knew that this was coming since we found out that it was a blighted ovum pregnancy. It was supposed to be April 2014.

Marilyn Ignacio said...

good day!

i would like to know kung ma-aaproved p din ang maternity loan ko kung E1 form p lang SSS ko. Kc nakalagay sa site ng SSS n d ako qualified for maternity loan kc E1 form p lang or temporarily p pa lang daw ang SSS number ko pero im currently employed and 3 yrs ng nahuhulugan un... Manganganak n ko dis coming November 2013, ky sana po malaman ko agad pr makaabsent ako at makapuntang SSS pr maayos ang SSS number ko.. thakx

Carla said...
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Carla said...

Hi, My Due date is on Nov 2013. I became a member of SSS since June 2012, but my previous employer was not able to remit my contribution. I was employed by another company this January 2013, base on my pay slip my SSS contribution is already deducted since January. Am I qualified for the Maternity benefits under SSS?. And what if my employer failed to remit my contribution, can I still avail my benefits? Thank you.

Sabrina Rivera said...

Can I ask how much is my maternity benefit? Manganganak ako Oct 24, 2013,
my contribution are follows:

Keilyn Gala said...

Good Day,ask ko lang po ilan days po kaya bago ideliver ang maternity reimbursement ko kasi approved na sya nung 16 pa pero wala pa din sken. help nman po. thanks.

betchay said...

hi, i need help po..i gave birth last aug. 28, 2013 and already went to sss to pass all the requirements needed for my maternity reimbursement but they are asking me for L501 and certicate of non-advancement. According to sss they need it to verify the signature of the person who sign in my Certificate of Employemet, which is the personnel manager of my previous company. By the way i'm already resign in my employer last dec. 1, 2012 and paying my contribution as voluntary member.So i went to my employer to request a L501 but they say that can't issue a L501 because the Personnel Manager who's sign in my certificate of employment is not aurhorised..Please help me what to do to on how to process my maternity there a possibility that i can't claim i wasn't able to provide a L501? thanks

Dennis Briones said...

Hi miss kaydee. Ask ko lang po, nagresign po ang magiging misis ko last may2013. Ang nagrereflect na huling hulog ng employer nia s sss ay march2013 sa ngaun. And nag voluntary contribution kami start july to september 2013. Buntis ang magiging misis ko and due date nia is last week ng october2013. Nag file kami ng mat1 august2013 using maiden name nia. Balak naming magpakasal ng first week ng october2013. Tatanong ko lang po kung ano ang the best way para di kami ma- deny s pag claim ng benefit, kc ang inaalala namin ay kung magpapakasal kami ng 1st week october at ang ginamit niang name s mat1 nia yung maiden name, pwede bang yung ilalagay n name s mat2 is yung maiden name pa rin? Paano rin po ba yun kc diba magrereflect s birth certificate ng baby ay kasal ang parents nia. May descrepancy po b yun kung maiden name ng misis ko ang ilalagay s mat2? Maraming salamat po.

Deod Magpantay said...

Hi ma'am! Nanganak po ako Jan 2009. Pero hindi ko na claim yong check ko amounting to Php 11,700.
Nakita ko po sa SSS online ko na denied na dahil po ba; 1. seperated nako sa company 2. or dahil matagal na po? If babalik ako sa company, possible po ba na makuha ko check ko?

thank you

Kaydee said...

Hi Dae, you have a valid excuse why you weren't able to file MAT1 before your D&C because you did not expect your D&C and there's a SSS rule that you file your MAT1 after your 60th day and before your delivery.
If you like, you can file your MAT1 online through your employer's SSS online account. You can ask your HR how to do it. You can write your EDD as written by your OB (April 2014), since that was really your expected date. Filing MAT2 has a 10-year deadline, but of course you file it as soon as you're able.

Kaydee said...

Hi Marilyn, important na maayos mo ang SSS no. mo, so go to your branch with your ID, E1 form and birth certificate. Pag okay na, maka-avail ka ng maternity benefit. You can file your MAT1 online through your employer's online SSS account.

Thank you very much for your comments.
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