Find Your SSS Loan Payment Data in Your Online SSS Account

This is how to find your SSS loan payment records in your online SSS account.
This is for members who have just registered to get their online SSS accounts and have not yet explored their My.SSS accounts.

1. Login into your My.SSS account.
2. Double-click Online Inquiry.

3. Hover over Loans.

4. Click Loan Status/Loan Info

5. Double-click Salary Loan you would like to check.

6. Double-click Statement of Account & Loan Payments.

7. Now you can see your loan data, such as your Credited Payments, etc.

"Why do I have penalties and interests when I have been making my monthly payments on time?"

Check your Last Payment Considered. Since September last year, I have observed that they have been slow in posting loan payments. They're also slow in updating balances. They seem overloaded with work -- there was a loan condonation program, there were new salary loan rules, there's a new educational loan program, etc. 

"What do I do then? Penalties and interests keep accumulating on my online SSS account when I have been paying on time?

Keep your receipts. As long as you are paying on time and as long as you are able to pay your salary loan within 2 years, based on the date written in your loan voucher, then the penalties and interests that appear in your online account should be wiped out after balance computation. What should be considered for final evaluation are the Dates of Payment in the ML1 form or in the payment receipts.


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