When Can I Renew My SSS Salary Loan?

Updated June 4, 2014:

SSS Salary Loan Renewal 

There had been changes in the SSS Salary Loan program since December 2012.

When can I apply for a new loan? 

You can now apply for a new loan after you have paid at least 50% or one-half of your first loan and one year or more has passed since the date of your first loan check.

Make sure also that your latest loan amortization that will complete your 50% payment has been posted to your SSS account.

Even if you have paid your latest amortization, but it has not been remitted yet by your employer to SSS, or it has not been posted yet to your SSS account, then you cannot yet renew your loan. The system will tell you that you have not yet paid at least half of your loan.

You can check your loan eligibility through your online SSS account. See Loans or Loan Application.

How much can I borrow if I renew?

SSS will deduct your old loan balance from your new loan computation based on your monthly contributions.

The amount of your salary loan is based on your Average Monthly Salary Credit for the past 12 months (12 months before your loan application).

Example:  Here are your monthly contributions and salary credits for the 12 months before you apply for your salary loan:

1,560       15,000
1,560       15,000
1,560       15,000
1,508       14,500
1,508       14,500
1,456       14,000
1,456       14,000
1,404       13,500
1,456       14,000
1,352       13,000
1,300       12,500
1,560       15,000
Total      170,000 

You add the salary credits, and then divide by 12.
170,000 divided by 12  = 14,166. 67

Your one-month loan amount is 14,166.67
This is the amount you can borrow if you have accumulated at least 36 monthly contributions, but less than 72 monthly contributions.

If you already have accumulated 72 monthly contributions or more, you will be given a 2-month loan:
 14,166.67  x  2  =  28,333.34

The maximum loan amount is 32,000 pesos. 
Monthly contributions increased in January 2014. 
The maximum salary credit has increased to 16,000.

What happens to your old loan balance?

The balance from your old loan will be deducted from your new loan computation.
For example, you are eligible for a loan of 30,000 pesos, but your balance from your old loan is 11,000 pesos, you will get a new loan amounting to 18,700 pesos.

30,000  -  300 pesos (service fee)  - 11,000 (old loan balance)  = 18,700 pesos

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  1. Good day to you. This page is really useful. I just want to clarify: the myth of: sss loan increases every time you avail it is indeed a myth? There is only 2 amounts that you can get? Either 1 month loan or the 2 month loan.

    My previous employer is the one paying my 1 month salary loan, when i left them,the balance of my loan was deducted to my backpay. How would i know if they really paid it?

    Is there a way we can track our payments to our loans?

    Thank you. :)

  2. Hi sansu mendiola, you can go to SSS with your ID and verify your loan payment. Fill up a verification slip.
    You can also register at sss.gov.ph so you can track your payments online. Register at non-peak hours, like midnight.
    About loan amount: If you have paid at least 72 contributions (6 years), you can apply for a 2-month loan.
    If have paid 36 to 71 contributions, you're eligible for a 1-month loan.

  3. hi, ask ko lang po kung gano katagal ang manual posting pag sa loan payment?
    last april po kase nagpunta ako sa pasig branch ng sss, may mga loan payment po kase ako na di posted dahil mali yung info sa company na pinapasukan ko, yung front liner dun sa sss kinonsolidate yung mga unposted loan payment ko pero until now wala pa din sa system...
    second question po, what if mag resign ako sa pinapasukan ko, totoo po bang yung total loan balance ko is ibabawas sa magiging backpay ko? or pwedeng iinform ko nalang sa new company na papasukan ko na itutuloy ko yung loan payment..please help...thanks!

  4. ask ko lang po: i paid my salary loan from my previous company to have less tan 50% remaining balance and it shows sa loan otc payment. bakit di parin po ako makapagloan sabi ng website still more tan 50% ang balance ng previous loan?

  5. hi . my account was locked. how i can i unlocked it?Please i need help!

  6. Hi! i forgot my password and email address, how can i retrieve it? please help.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi AE, go to a SSS branch where there are a few persons waiting, like a new branch, and request your password and user name and email address. If you have no time, post your concern at facebook.com/sssph, and they will give an email address to write to.

  7. My loan was granted last 2016 June 16, and until now , I haven't receive it yet.Please inform me the status. Thanks.

  8. Nagloan po ako nung 2008...Akala ko binabawas na yun ng company ko sa sahod ko...after 2 years saka ko lang nalaman na hindi pa pala..After few months nagresign po ako so hindi ko na nabayaran yung monthly amortization ko pero tuloy tuloy ung contributions ko until now. Siguro 1 month or 2 months lang po ako nagpalya.. Pwede na po ba ako magre loan kahit ibawas na lang yung previous loan ko?

  9. Hi. I have resigned from my previous employer. But i still have existing loan in sss. According to them, i have an option to deduct my sss remaining balance to the backpay i will get. Will i be able to renew it with sss if i'll pay it in full? It's only like 7 mos since i got my loan..

  10. Hi. Do you happen to know if there is a problem with the records of SSS online? My loan payments are not showing up on my online account. I am paying voluntary.

    Hope you can help shed light on this as their hotline is always busy.


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