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I would also like to ask about SSS contributions by voluntary members. I would like to start making contributions again. How will I know how much to remit? I know the amounts range from 110 to 1,760, but how would I determine what amount I am supposed to contribute per month? How does voluntary contribution work?


The outright answer would be: it depends on your current monthly income. You look at the SSS contributions table, and then pay the corresponding monthly contribution.

But since you are voluntary, and you can decide how much income to consider, you decide based on how much benefit you want in case of sickness, disability, maternity, retirement, or death.

The amounts of your BENEFITS depend on two factors:
1. your average monthly contributions and
2.  number of monthly contributions
during certain periods or throughout your membership period.

For example, the amount of your Maternity Benefit or Sickness Benefit will depend on the total of your 6 highest average monthly salary credits within the 12-month period before your semester of delivery or semester of sickness.

For Maternity Benefit, the total of these 6 credits will be divided by 180 and then multiplied by 60 days if normal delivery, and by 78 if by Cesarean Section (CS).

For your Retirement Benefit, the amount of your monthly pension would depend on:
1. the total number of your monthly contributions
2. the number of your credited years of membership
3. the average of your monthly salary credits for the last 5 years
4. the average of your monthly salary credits throughout all years of your membership

Take note also that SSS has rules on changing the amount of your monthly contributions. It says that:
1. You can change only by 1 or 2 salary brackets at a time
2. You cannot go below the 5,000 bracket once you have paid beyond this bracket
3. At age 55 or older, you can increase only by 1 salary bracket at a time, if your current monthly salary bracket is already 10,000 pesos or higher.

You can however do No. 1 and 2 by declaring your income on RS5 form, and be prepared to submit supporting income documents if ordered by SSS.

There are members saying that we can increase by more than 2 brackets at a time without filling up the Income Declaration portion of the RS5 form. My reply is Yes, we can. The SSS cashier or payment center officer will accept our payments. They will not check if we increased our payments correctly or not. They do not have time to check every voluntary contribution amount, and I have observed that they have not yet incorporated this factor into their automated systems. I don't also know if they're doing random checking.

But there was one mother who commented in one of our blogs, saying that her maternity benefit claim was put on hold because an SSS officer noticed her sharp increase in monthly contributions, from a low monthly contribution to 15,000 pesos per month.

If you increase your monthly contributions by more than 2 salary-credit levels, and you fill up the Income Declaration portion of the RS5 form, keep this RS5 form, in case your sharp increase will be questioned in the future. 

SSS Contributions by Voluntary Members

                                                      as of January 2014

Range of Actual Income    Salary Credit    SSS CONTRIBUTION


1,000 – 1,249.991,000110

1,250 – 1,749.991,500165

1,750 – 2,249.992,000220

2,250 – 2,749.992,500275

2,750 – 3,249.993,000330

3,250 – 3,749.993,500385

3,750 – 4,249.994,000440

4,250 – 4,749.994,500495

4,750 – 5,249.995,000550

5,250 – 5,749.995,500605

5,750 – 6,249.996,000660

6,250 – 6,749.996,500715

6,750 – 7,249.997,000770

7,250 – 7,749.997,500825

7,750 – 8,249.998,000880

8,250 – 8,749.998,500935

8,750 – 9,249.999,000990

9,250 – 9,749.999,5001,045

9,750 – 10,249.9910,0001,100

10,250 – 10,749.9910,5001,155

10,750 – 11,249.9911,0001,210

11,250 – 11,749.9911,5001,265

11,750 – 12,249.9912,0001,320

12,250 – 12,749.9912,5001,375

12,750 – 13,249.9913,0001,430

13,250 – 13,749.9913,5001,485

13,750 – 14,249.9914,0001,540

14,250 – 14,749.9914,5001,595

14,750 – 15,249.9915,0001,650

15,250 – 15,749.9915,5001,705

15,750 – over16,0001,760
SSS Salary Loan Renewal -- Loan Amount
SSS Educational Loan Launched in 2012

Other Comments from ReadersSSS Monthly Contribution Table for Voluntary Members


  1. kahit po volunteer same amount ang contribution?

  2. hi goodafternoon..i was so amazed how you answers all their questions..thanks God i saw this is net..i do have concern din kc..i seperated from my employer last feb 2015..here are my questions po..

    1. i heard i still can pay sss even im not employed through voluntary payment..my last contribution is on jan 2015 my employer deducted 508 from my salary..every month po kc iba2 ang contribution ko..pinaka mababa po nung oct 2014 380 ang ndeduct skin..mgkano po ang bbyaran ko for feb to march and for the following month hbng wla ako trabaho?..pwedi rin po na below 500 since di ako employed?..

    2. kya din po ako mgvoluntary kc gusto ko po mgloan..pwedi na po b non sa april if i paid feb and march?..i checked my contribution meron na po ako 43 months as of dec 2014 daw pero sa payslip ko nadeduct ako ng jan 2015..

    3. incase na mkpgtrabaho nko by april 2015 di nmn po ako mgkkaproblema sa processing ng sss ko dahil ngvoluntary payment ako?..

    thanks in advance..id be happy to receive answer from u..Godbless 😊

  3. I am 58 years old and voluntary and paying quarterly. So for April, May, June I plan to pay this month. My MSC is less than Php10,000 so I plan to increase 2 brackets per month. From 440 I would like to pay April 550, May 660, June 770. That is what I specified in my RS5 however the bayad center didn't accept they can only encode 1 value as they showed me. (1) Is it possible to pay as quarterly if I filled up 3 different RS5 for each month of April to June? (2) Wouldn't it be considered late payments if I used 3 RS5 forms? (3) Or should I just make all 3 months 550?

    I also would like to increase as much as I can my contributions up until I'm 60 to would there be no problem if I switch from quarterly to monthly just so I can increase 2 brackets at a time before I reach the Php10K MSC?

  4. Hi Mrs. B., yes, you can switch from quarterly to monthly, so you can increase by 2 brackets until you reach 10k. If you pay at Bayad Center, pay for the current month within the current month. Ex: Pay for June any day within June 1 to 30. Even if your 2-bracket increase is valid, it is better to patiently pay from month to month to avoid questions from the tellers if you pay 3 different monthly contributions in 1 quarter.

  5. Hello! I am Maria pope, I am residing here United States, I just want to find out if I can help to my son, to pay his SSS and Where if I can? I have SSS but it was a long time and I forgot my number so stopped paying it. I hope I can have an answer about the payment for my son. Thank you very much I do appreciate it. Have a great day.

  6. Hi Maria Pope , yes, you can pay at the remittance centers and partners of PNB, and the remittance partners of IRemit, Ventaja and LuckyMoney. They also have online remittance services. Will write some links later. Have a great day too.
    About your SSS no., you can email ofw.relations@sss.gov.ph and ask your SSS no. You're not an OFW, but you can use this email for inquiry. Attach a scan or photo of your ID. Mention your complete name (using your surname when you registered; you can file to change later on), date of birth, place of birth, gender, and names of parents)

  7. Hi! I already have my SSS number since July of last year but I still have not made any contributions. The company I am working for is an international non-profit organization, ergo we are tax-exempt(income) but also no contribution (SSS, Pag-ibig, Philhealth). I would like to start paying my contributions. My colleagues pay theirs as Voluntary members. Can I also pay as voluntary even if this is my first job?

  8. Hi ma'am, I am Angelica a member also of SSS paying as voluntary. Last year I'm paying 550pesos monthly contribution..And this year 2015 I paid 770 pesos from 550 pesos contribution... Is it alright that I forgot to fill up the declaration of earnings form? I was not questioned when I paid for it so I thought It was okey...

  9. Hi Ash Luzadio, no, you cannot start as Voluntary because you were not previously a paying Employed SSS member. I think, even if your organization is nonprofit, tax-exempt and international, as long as it's operating in the Philippines, it should be paying SSS. But let me research this matter again, and how you can pay SSS under the correct category.

  10. Hi Angelica, I think it will be alright. But to avoid any question, this July, pay 660 pesos, to comply with the two-level-limit increase, and then in August, you can continue paying 770 pesos. Increase by 1 or 2 levels only, so you don't need to declare your earnings. About decreasing from 770 to 660 pesos, it's also allowed since it's just 2 levels below -- anyway, you're decreasing this July only.


  11. Hi Angelica, I just read today a new
    SSS circular about changes in contributions
    . Based on it, if you are younger than 55, you can continue paying 770 this July, and continue increasing by as many levels as you want, as long as you are younger than 55.

  12. hi ask ko lng paano ko malalaman kung may contribution ako sa sss kasi di ko na matadaan kung anong taon ako nag trabaho sa isang factory dati i think i was 22 or 23 that time 34 na ako ngaun. sa natatandaan ko isang beses lng nahuloan ang sss ko kasi umalis din ako agad. since then di ko na itinuloy until now to pay may contribution.pero nagbabalak ako uli na ipagpatuloy. sana masagot mo ang tanong ko. thanks :)

  13. Hello po! Question lang po.. employed po ako from 2010-jan 2015.. pero may mga kulang pang contributions yung employer ko before.. :( then after that di ko na po natuloy yung contribution ko sa sss because i was unemployed from feb-aug po.. i am going to start working na po again this month with different employer.. pwede ko pa po ba mabayaran yung from feb-aug para di mastop yung contribution? What can i do po kaya? And if i can pay, how much po yung pwede kong bayaran? Thank you..

  14. About paying contributions for past months September 5, 2015
    Hello po! Was employed from 2010-jan 2015, but there were missed contributions, not remitted by my employer.:( then after that I had no more contributions because i was unemployed from feb-aug po. i am going to start working again this month with different employer. can I pay for feb-aug so there's no missed contribution? What can i do po? And if i can pay, how much po can I pay? Thank you.
    SSS has payment deadlines. What you can pay as Voluntary this September are for this quarter -- you must pay for the whole quarter (Jul Aug Sep). The problem is your new employer will also pay for Sep, so there'll be duplicate payment. Are you thinking of maternity benefit? If not, just wait for your employer to continue remitting your contributions. Anyway, you have lots of time to accumulate 120 contributions or more to qualify for pension.

  15. hi im keiks, good day! ask ko lang po kasi i've been employed since july 2012- aug2015. nag resign ako from work kc im pregnant. my delivery date will be on january2015. nag stop na ako ng sss contributions since july as per hr namin. will i be able to avail the maternity benifits of sss khit di nako nakahulog? and ask ko na din po kung kelangan ko ba mag voluntary payor pra makuha ung maternity benefits? ano po kaya ung mga dapat ko gawin pra maiprocess ko ung maternity benefits.

    btw, im planning to find a new job after giving birth. thanks jk in advance for the response :)

  16. Is ten years contribution by a member enough for her to recieved monthly pension when she is 60 years old.?

    1. Yes. The member must make sure she has paid at least 120 monthly contributions.

  17. Hi po, want to know lang po if pwede aku na magbayad sa sss contribution nang father ko, i do have his sss number po? Last hulog po atah nya was 2005 or 2006..thank you po

  18. I am an SSS voluntary member. I'd like to know should I retire at 60 years old, whether I'm required to get a certificate of separation from my last employer, way back 1989.
    Since then, upon resumption of my SSS contribution last 2006, I am paying in the capacity of a voluntary member.

    Are there any options or alternatives of getting equivalent or other related requirements in lieu of the certificate of separation.
    I am just projecting this scenario, though I am only 52 years old at this moment.

  19. Hi galencssrno, you will no longer be required to submit a Cert of Separation. I made a post out of your question, including the source of my reply, here: Do I Need a Cert of Separation for Retirement Claim

    1. And thanks a lot for your question :)

  20. Tanong ko lang po if how many required contribution po to avail maternity benefits? Im planning to get sss voluntary membership po this june and my expected cs delivery po is on nov 17 this year. Pwede po ba ko magbayad ng advance to meet the required number of monthly contribution to be qualified for maternity benefit? Thank u po

    1. voluntary membership, You should have at least 3 monthly contributions within the 12-month period before your semester of delivery. If you will give birth in November, you should pay for April May June ASAP on or BEFORE June 30. If this is your first time to pay to SSS (meaning you never paid to SSS as employee), register as self-employed using RS-1 form. Bring your ID and proof of source of income, like barangay certificate certifying your source of income, or sales commission receipts.

  21. Hi. I am an OFW and have not paid my SSS contributions since I left the Philippines in Oct.2008. Prior to October 2008, I was employed in a Makati company before and a member in good standing for many years. I would like to voluntarily contribute as an OFW and I wish to know how much I should be paying monthly and also, I want to know if there is a way for me to check my personal contribution record? Thanks

    1. OFW asking about SSS contributions: Sorry my reply is delayed. I had commitments.
      Yes, you can continue paying as OFW. You can pay the minimum for OFWs, which is 550 pesos, or more. If you're already 54, I suggest you pay the maximum, 1,760 pesos, so you'll get a higher pension.
      Yes, you can check your contributions online through your online SSS account. Here's how to enroll in SSS online service. Would you please comment again if you were able to come back and read my reply? Thanks a lot.

  22. Hi good day..paki explain po kung anong benefits makuha sa voluntary member. 330 lang mo ang monthly.
    Kailaingan bang straight 10yrs ka mag pay para makuha mo ang pension?
    Paano kung 2013-2015 last payment ko gusto ko mag voluntary,di ko ba mabayaran ang lapses na months?

    1. Hi Beth: Makakuha ka ng mga SSS benefits tulad ng sickness, disability, salary loan, maternity and pension when you turn 60. Meron ding funeral and death benefit for your heirs if it's time.
      About pension: No, hindi kelangang straight na 10 years. Puedeng merong gaps. Basta meron kang at least 120 monthly contributions.
      About paying as Voluntary: Yes, you can continue paying. If younger than 55, kahit anong amount. Sorry hindi na puedeng bayaran ang mga unpaid years, kasi there are SSS payment deadlines.

  23. Hope all is well today.

    I started working in various private institutions from June 2010 to April 2105 in with my employer regularly remitting my SSS contribution. On May 2015, I started working in the Government sector in which my SSS payment was stopped as the GSIS being the social insurance institution for government employees.

    Q1. If I opt to continue my contribution as voluntary member. How much I need to pay SSS monthly assuming my last payment is at maximum contribution? Should I base my contribution in my current income as a government employee or may I opt to pay any amount?

    Q2. Assuming I opt not to continue my SSS, can I avail any benefits for my previous contribution (2010-2015)?

    Thank you,

    1. Government employee with SSS account: Yes, you can continue contributing to SSS as Voluntary. It will be great to receive pensions from 2 institutions later on in your retirement years. Since you're Voluntary and younger than 55, you can choose how much to pay monthly. But remember that if you decide to claim for short-term benefits later on, your benefit amount will be based on your recent payments. For maternity benefit, it's your 6 highest contributions within the last 12 months prior to semester of delivery.
      If you decide not to continue paying, you can claim your 2010-2015 contributions plus interests when you turn 60 or when you retire from GSIS.

  24. Hi to all.

    I just wanted to know if PART-TIME employees are entitled for SSS contributions. I already have SSS contributions in my full time job. Do i still need to contribute under my part time employer? If yes, it means that i can also apply a loan from 2 employers? Thank you in advance.

  25. Hi im lyn,gusto ko po mag voluntary contribution
    to continue my sss contribution,.how much i pay
    po every month?,and then yung mga lacking months ko na hindi ko nabayaran kailangang pa bang bayaran ko yun para ma continue ko as a voluntary?
    Thanks po sana masagot nyo po agad ang tanong ko

  26. hi po im pam 26y/o gusto q po sanang magmember sa sss
    pero may mga tanong po aq
    Q1: ano po ba ang maganda qng applyan house wife po aq and never been have an sss. pwede po ba aq sa voluntary or spouse.

    Q2: desease :how if my benifitiaries is above 30 y/o my dauther is only 3y/o now..pwede p rin ba nyang makuha yung monthly penssion

    Q3: maternity : if i paid 560/ month in 1yr. In normal delivery how much po ang maavail. how to compute po ba base on contribution.

    Q4: Sickness: 4 days hospitalization : pano if pabalik -balik sa hospital ung member is it okey makakatanggap parin b ng benifits.

    Q5: if i contribute 560/ months in 30 yrs. maavail b ung monthly salary n 15000 over.


    thank you !!!;-)

  27. tungkol po sa benifits kelangan bang straight 10years ang pag hulog sa contribution para maavail.
    ano pong epekto nito sa benifits if may hindi k nabayarang months pero natapos mo po ung 120 months.

  28. hi, last 2013 nagvoluntary contribution ako and I am paying 900plus that time per month, nagstop ako ng contribution and bpw iam planning icontinue pero 500 nalang sana. what will i do for that? derecho bayad na pr me ipapaayos pa ako sakanila sa records?

  29. Gud am.. Tanung kuh lang puh.. This year 2016 puh kasi di akuh nakapagbayad for the past 7 months as voluntary member.. Pwede kuh ba maihabol ang pagbayad for the last 7 months para makumpleto koh ang payment for this year?at kung di na pwde maihabol ,makakaapekto ba ito sa susunod na buwan na pagbayad? Sana magreply puh kayo .. Salamat

    1. Hi criseva: Merong payment deadlines, so hindi mo na puedeng bayaran ang Jan to June. Ang puede mong bayaran this September is this July to Sep quarter (3 months). About question sa effect, walang effect sa payment. Sa voluntary member, puedeng mag-miss ng payments.

    2. Okei puh..salamat puh sa pag sagot..Last tanong nlang puh.. For next year puh pa na payment 2017 ( quarterly or full) di rin puh ba nakakaapekto yun. Khit pang july to dec lng ang payment kuh dis yer 2016??? Salamat puh ulit sa pagresponse..

  30. Hello po. Good am. May mga questions lang po sana ako regarding sa Maternity benefits saka mga Requirements po.

    Pregnant po ako ngayon and January 2017 po yung delivery ko. So, semester of contingency ko po Oct. 2016- March 2017 then 12 months backward Oct. 2015- Sept. 2016, tama po ba? Worried lang po ako kasi wala po ako contributions since July 2015- up to now po. Pero kung babayaran ko po quarterly yung July 2016-Sept2016 pwede ko pa po ba bayaran til' Oct. Last day of the month ( 9 kasi po yung last digit).

    Yung question po if pwede pa bayaran ung July2016 - sept2016 makakaavail pa po ba ako ng maternity benefits non? Kahit 3 months lang?

    Second question po, magbabayad pa rin po ba ako ng contributions ng Oct2016-Dec2016? Para makakuha ng maternity benefits o kahit hindi na po kasi magbabayad din ako ng 3rd quarter before mtapos ng deadline?

    Third question po, if ever makaentitled po ako ng Maternity Benefits. Yung requirements po kasi need 2 valid ids. Kaso isa lang valid id po meron ako. Okay kaya kung magpasa po ng supporting docs like nbi? Birth cert? Thanks po.

    Wait ko po sagot niyo. Salamat po ulit.

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  32. Hi po mag kaiba po ba ang benefits ng maternity at sickness ? Sana po May sumagot

  33. Hi po mag kaiba po ba ang benefits ng maternity at sickness ? Sana po May sumagot

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  35. Hi po! Ask ko lng po... Meron na po akong 11 months contribution nung yr 2005, e dba po 36 months ung required para mkapagloan? How much po nid ko i-voluntary contribution/month para makapag-loan.. TIA

  36. Hello po.. Ask ko lang po kung ano po mangyayari if na missed ko bayaran ung july-september .. Pwede ko pa po ba bayaran yun this December.. Nag try po ako magtanong sa bayad center sa Robinson's .. Current lang daw po yung tatanggapin nila oct-dec lang daw po since quarterly po bayad ko.. Pwede po ba sa SSS branch mismo.. O ganun din po.. By the way voluntary po ako.. Salamat po ng marami..

  37. Hi ask lng po ako pwd po ba x case if i want to pay as voluntary member na Jan2015-June2016 (330) qng binayad ko tapos july2016-dec2016 (990) ung binayad ko tapos nag declaire ako ng jan 2017 na buntis ako pwd po un ganung payment