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I would also like to ask about SSS contributions by voluntary members. I would like to start making contributions again. How will I know how much to remit? I know the amounts range from 110 to 1,760, but how would I determine what amount I am supposed to contribute per month? How does voluntary contribution work?


The outright answer would be: it depends on your current monthly income. You look at the SSS contributions table, and then pay the corresponding monthly contribution.

But since you are voluntary, and you can decide how much income to consider, you decide based on how much benefit you want in case of sickness, disability, maternity, retirement, or death.

The amounts of your BENEFITS depend on two factors:
1. your average monthly contributions and
2.  number of monthly contributions
during certain periods or throughout your membership period.

For example, the amount of your Maternity Benefit or Sickness Benefit will depend on the total of your 6 highest average monthly salary credits within the 12-month period before your semester of delivery or semester of sickness.

For Maternity Benefit, the total of these 6 credits will be divided by 180 and then multiplied by 60 days if normal delivery, and by 78 if by Cesarean Section (CS).

For your Retirement Benefit, the amount of your monthly pension would depend on:
1. the total number of your monthly contributions
2. the number of your credited years of membership
3. the average of your monthly salary credits for the last 5 years
4. the average of your monthly salary credits throughout all years of your membership

Take note also that SSS has rules on changing the amount of your monthly contributions. It says that:
1. You can change only by 1 or 2 salary brackets at a time
2. You cannot go below the 5,000 bracket once you have paid beyond this bracket
3. At age 55 or older, you can increase only by 1 salary bracket at a time, if your current monthly salary bracket is already 10,000 pesos or higher.

You can however do No. 1 and 2 by declaring your income on RS5 form, and be prepared to submit supporting income documents if ordered by SSS.

There are members saying that we can increase by more than 2 brackets at a time without filling up the Income Declaration portion of the RS5 form. My reply is Yes, we can. The SSS cashier or payment center officer will accept our payments. They will not check if we increased our payments correctly or not. They do not have time to check every voluntary contribution amount, and I have observed that they have not yet incorporated this factor into their automated systems. I don't also know if they're doing random checking.

But there was one mother who commented in one of our blogs, saying that her maternity benefit claim was put on hold because an SSS officer noticed her sharp increase in monthly contributions, from a low monthly contribution to 15,000 pesos per month.

If you increase your monthly contributions by more than 2 salary-credit levels, and you fill up the Income Declaration portion of the RS5 form, keep this RS5 form, in case your sharp increase will be questioned in the future. 

SSS Contributions by Voluntary Members

                                                      as of January 2014

Range of Actual Income    Salary Credit    SSS CONTRIBUTION


1,000 – 1,249.991,000110

1,250 – 1,749.991,500165

1,750 – 2,249.992,000220

2,250 – 2,749.992,500275

2,750 – 3,249.993,000330

3,250 – 3,749.993,500385

3,750 – 4,249.994,000440

4,250 – 4,749.994,500495

4,750 – 5,249.995,000550

5,250 – 5,749.995,500605

5,750 – 6,249.996,000660

6,250 – 6,749.996,500715

6,750 – 7,249.997,000770

7,250 – 7,749.997,500825

7,750 – 8,249.998,000880

8,250 – 8,749.998,500935

8,750 – 9,249.999,000990

9,250 – 9,749.999,5001,045

9,750 – 10,249.9910,0001,100

10,250 – 10,749.9910,5001,155

10,750 – 11,249.9911,0001,210

11,250 – 11,749.9911,5001,265

11,750 – 12,249.9912,0001,320

12,250 – 12,749.9912,5001,375

12,750 – 13,249.9913,0001,430

13,250 – 13,749.9913,5001,485

13,750 – 14,249.9914,0001,540

14,250 – 14,749.9914,5001,595

14,750 – 15,249.9915,0001,650

15,250 – 15,749.9915,5001,705

15,750 – over16,0001,760
SSS Salary Loan Renewal -- Loan Amount
SSS Educational Loan Launched in 2012

Other Comments from ReadersSSS Monthly Contribution Table for Voluntary Members


  1. hi my previous employer contributed 275php back when I was employed to them. my relative who represented me to pay for my contribution and change status to voluntary told me that she was asked to pay 275 because that's the previous amount I am contributing back when I was still employed. But I really want to contribute only 250 since I am paying as a voluntary. any advise?

  2. One more question.. my relative scanned the receipt that was given to her. Where can I find the OR number, since the only thing that I can find there is the reference number. I will be using it to register online as a voluntary member

  3. Felix Palabrica: Hello. It's almost 6 months since I resigned from my previous company that I haven't paid my SSS contributions. I'll register as Voluntary this week. Can I pay for the past months I wasn't able to pay? Thanks

    Hi Felix, yes, you can continue contributing. But this August, you can no longer pay for the past months up to June. You might be able to pay for July if you're still within your SSS payment deadline. After your Voluntary payment is posted, your status will be changed from Employed to Voluntary.

  4. Hi Kitkat, choose 6 digits from the reference no. or from any transaction no. that you can see on the OR.
    About monthly contribution, you can pay either 275 or 220. There's no 250 in the SSS contribution table.

  5. Hi thanks for replying my last question is I've already registered but then when I try logging in my account it says username o password not valid. by the way I received the receipt last Monday, i registered 2 days after i got my receipt. I dont know why SSS kept on sending me link on registering an account. I gt one message from them stating my account name and password that i'v registered.

  6. hi.good morning.Im a member of sss.i dont remember how many years na ako nag contribute under an employer.7 years ago,i stopped contributing.i have a registered business since 2010, pero di ko naasikaso ang aking voluntary contribution.Now, i wanna ask kung makakakuha ba ako ng maternity benefit claim?kahit na resume ko ang contribution ngayun? i had a miscarriage.complete docs ko sa st.lukes.under D&C surgery.ano po kailangan ko gawin? salamat po.-loida

  7. i am a non working spouse 52 yrs old and i am planning to get my sss number next week.do i need to pay immediately an sss contribution after getting my sss number?same day?and how many years required contribution to aval an sss pension in my 60 years old?
    hoping for your response

  8. Hi Ms. Kaydee! I have been reading your posts recently because I want to be enlightened with my present situation. Please help me. I started working in July, 2010. I resigned from that company September the following year. I took a 3-month vacation and stated working again in January 2012 and left December same year. I started working again in February 2013 and went awol last January 31, 2014. I am already registered to the My SSS online. Luckily, all of my previous employers were prompt in posting my contributions. Now here is my problem. When I went awol January this year, I was just planning to take a rest and apply for a government positon. However, in April, I found out that I am pregnant. According to my ultra sound which I had last week, I was 26-27 weeks pregnant (nearing 7 months). My OB said that I got pregnant in February and due in Noveber this year. I know that I'm qualified for Maternity Benefits since I have at least 6 posted contributions last year which I suppose my period of evaluation but I wouldn't like to go to my previous employer and ask for the needed documents so I am planning to pay as a voluntary member and pay quarterly. I'd like to pay for the quarter of July-September before I give birth in November. If I do that, do I still have to go to my previous employer? What's the best thing to do Ms Kaydee? Please help me. Thank you!

  9. Hi Loida, when were your last contributions paid? If your last contributions were paid 7 years ago, then I'm sorry but you cannot qualify for maternity benefit. Here's the 3-within-12 eligibility rule: SSS maternity eligibility If you miscarried this Aug, you should have paid at least 3 contributions within April 2013 to Mar 2014, and you can no longer pay for these past months. There are payment deadlines.

  10. Hi Cristine, no, you are not required to pay the same day. But if you like to maximize your time, you can download the NW-1 form from sss.gov.ph and print,
    so your husband can sign it before you go to SSS. Bring your birth cert (for E1) and marriage cert (for NW-1). Keep your SSS-stamped-approved NW-1 form in your file. Check after 3 to 4 months if you have a Date of Coverage (Register online after maybe 3 to 5 days, when your first payment is posted).
    You need to accumulate 120 contributions to get your pension, so you'll contribute until age 62 to 63. Pay higher contributions in your last 5 years. But don't increase by more than 2 brackets at a time.

  11. Hi lilibeth, yes, your plan is good and valid. Pay July to Sept as Voluntary so your member status will change to Voluntary. It will be good if you also pay Oct to Nov or Dec. The time gap between Jan and Nov is already around 9 to 10 months, so you should no longer be required to submit separation papers. But there are SSS officers that insist on requiring these papers even if the relevant rule in the SSS guidebook requires separation papers if the gap between separation and delivery dates is less than 6 months. So pray that the final evaluator will follow the guideline. Have you filed your MAT1? I think it helps also if you pay today or asap as Voluntary so you can file your MAT1 asap as Voluntary.

  12. I braved the bad weather today and went to the nearest SSS branch. Sadly, there were already lots and lots of people in the office and I was disheartened so I just asked for the form and the latest table of contribution. From there I went to the latest SM Mall and learned that I can also pay my SSS contributions and since I'm changing my status from Employed to Voluntary, there's no need for me to go to the SSS branch again. I also learned that I can file my MAT-1 online by changing into a Voluntary Contributing member. I really felt productive today and am planning to pay my contributions at the SM Mall nearest to my house to avoid the hassle by Friday. Oh and I have one more question, when I start paying as a Voluntary Member, which are they going to consider? My premiums when I was employed or my premiums as a voluntary member? Thank you so much for all the tips! I am very willing to post any further development about my "quest" for y Maternity Benefits to help others. Have a nice day everyone!

  13. hello sa lahat gusto ko lang malaman what to do kapag ang isang employed na sss member e nagresign at nag abroad pero gusto nya ituloy ang paghulog nya sa sss, ano ang kailangan gawin? kailangan ba accomplish nya muna yung rs5? paano kung nasa abroad na sya? may ibang way pa ba para macontinue ang paghuhulog nya sa sss?salamat po,,,

  14. Hi lilibeth, thanks for sharing your experience. Your info will help others. SSS will consider your 6 highest salary credits within the 12-month period prior to your semester of contingency. Thanks again for planning to share helpful info again here.

  15. Mark Julius Salo
    hello to all. Would like to know what to do if an employed sss member resigned and went abroad and would like to continue paying his SSS. What should be done? Does he need to accomplish rs5? How about if he's already abroad? Is there another way to continue paying sss? thank you

    Hi Mark, since you were employed before and have already paid SSS as Employed, you can continue paying SSS without using RS5 form. IRemit, Skyfreight, Ventaja, Lucky Money and others accept SSS payments. You can also ask your family here to pay for you at Bayad Center, SM Business Center or SSS.
    Register at sss.gov.ph and track your payments online. You need a transaction no. to register, so ask your family to pay 1 month using RS5 form so they can send you your transaction no.
    After 1 or 2 posted payments as OFW, check if your member status online has been changed to OFW.
    If you like to contribute to SSS Flexi-Fund later on, you can download the SSS OW-1 form and email to SSS. See instructions on the lower portion of the form.

  16. Kim Jessica Lacosta
    Hi..would like to register with sss as voluntary..Do I need proof of income? I don't have a job. Just taking care of my child..please help. Thank you.

    Hi Kim, you need to register as self-employed using RS1 form. Yes, you need proof of income. This is how to register as self-employed.

  17. Hi there, my name is Pancho and I have a couple of questions that needs some answers,. I want to be a member of the SSS but I am currently unemployed right now and just living off from the savings i made from working overseas for 14yrs ,.. Never had the opportunity to apply for SSS all those time., how can i register if i dont have any source of income as of this time.

  18. Hi Pancho, you need to start something from which to earn income, like buy and sell. Or you can go to odesk.com or manila.craigslist.com.ph/ (beware of scams on craigslist; never pay money, or you can just use this site to explore jobs), and see if you can do things to earn. There are a lot of Pinoys earning from odesk. Odesk is safer because payments are put in escrow. Then file RS1 form with your ID and affidavit of source of income. Keep your approved RS1 form and ORs for future use.

  19. Hi, i'm currently employed in a private company. I started my contribution on May 2014 in SSS and and will give birth on Dec 2014. Am i eligible for the SSS maternity benefit? Thanks!

  20. Hi Keicylyn, sorry but you only have 2 contributions within July 2013 to June 2014. Should be at least 3. SSS maternity eligibility
    Ask others too

  21. hypersteps
    hi, may i ask if i can pay my sss contributions; was not able to contribute for about 10 yrs, or since i registered as self employed, im already 50 yrs old thank you!

    Hi hypersteps, do you still have your RS1 self-employed registration form? Did you pay at least 1 contribution before? and do you have still have that receipt? Those are important papers. SSS wants to be sure that you registered properly. If yes, then you can continue paying. For your first payment, pay at SSS using RS5 form, and declare your income, since it's been 10 years that you did not pay.
    If you can't find your approved RS1 form, go to SSS and verify your status and if you have a Date of Coverage. If you have, then you can continue paying. If none, register again using RS1 form with your ID and proof of source of income, and when stamped-approved, start paying your first SSS contribution.

  22. hi po i am a voluntary cotributor sa sss ... i am paying quarterly but then last quarter nag lapse po ako nang payment . .pwede ko pa po bang mabayaran yung last quarter nang payment ko na due na

  23. Hi Jelirose, do you mean April May June? Sorry you can no longer pay that quarter. SSS payment deadlines

  24. Hello po good day!

    Tanong ko lang po sana ano yung dapat na SSS e avail ko, since i dnt have yet a job but I'm planning to go abroad. But they said I need to get SSS first. At ano po yung mga requirements.


  25. hi jk! i am 5months pregnant now and my EDD is january2015. i have contributions from nov.2012-june2014. i started paying voluntary contribution august y d minimum of 330. will i b having a problem if il stop my contribution bcoz i hve no source of income anymore. and wil i have a roblem claiming my maternity f i pay 1320 wen im employed and 330 as voluntary? i am also awol to my last employer due to high risk og my pregnancy.tnx in advance. dz s chey...

  26. lorena caritan
    Hello good day! may i ask what sss should i avail, since i dont have yet a job but I'm planning to go abroad. But they said I need to get SSS first. thanks.

    Hi lorena, get your SSS no. first by presenting your birth certificate (xerox and orig) and any ID.
    Then register as self-employed.

  27. Maricris Fontanilla
    Good day. Im Criz former employee of Sm from April2012 to April 2013; was separated because I gave birth 3 months after . I was able to get a benefit of 15,666.66.
    Was not able to make contributions because I stayed home to care for the baby. I plan to make voluntary contributions because I'm now 1 month pregnant. I might not able to make the cutoff for payments. how much should I pay? And how much maternity benefits can i get? please repy.

    Hi Maricris, if you give birth in Apr or May or June 2015, then you must pay for July to Dec. How much were your last monthly contributions at SM? You can increase that by 2 levels to get a higher benefit. If you increase by more than 2 levels, fill up the Declaration of Earnings (SSS RS5 form). Pay for July to Sep before the end of Sep, or before your deadline in Oct. (based on the last digit of your SSS no.).

  28. Hi chey, you'll be able to claim your maternity benefit even if you stop paying your contributions because you already have at least 6 contributions within Oct 2013 to Sep 2014.
    There's no problem even if you paid 330 as voluntary, although you should have declared your income using RS5 form when you paid your first 330 -- but this won't affect your maternity benefit.
    The gap between your date of separation and date of delivery is more than 6 months, and your status is already Voluntary (is your status already Voluntary? check your online records), so you should no longer be required to submit separation papers.

    1. i havent declared my income in rs5 when i paid for my august contribution...wt wil b d effect of contributing d minimum amt po? wts d best thing to do? will i skip or continue paying 330 a month? tnx jk for d quick response

  29. Hello po. I am just a new member of SSS. i just resigned in my work 2 mos ago. Im a government employee before. Then now i need to get UMID, but when i went to sss they didnt allow me to get one coz i dont have any contributions yet, im willing to pay for my contributions even if i dont have work and business right now, coz i still have my earnings from my previous job. But the problem is, how can i pay my contribution if they need any proof of my business? (i dont have business right now.)can you help me? Thank You and God bless.

  30. Hi chey, lower amounts of contributions will reduce your overall average salary credit, although these will add to your number of credited years.
    But your maternity benefit for your Jan 2015 delivery will not be affected.
    If you plan to work again very soon, maybe you can just skip paying and wait for your new employer to pay for you. But ask others too.

  31. Hi Joy, wait till you get employed, or start your own small business, like sari-sari store, or buying and selling, or direct marketing like Avon or Personal Collection. This is the form for registration as self-employed.

  32. I am 58 yr. old and an OFW, can I still be qualify for SSS member because I doubt of my age.

  33. Elsie Sevilla November 4, 2014
    I got my SSS number last 2011 but I have not contributed. I want to pay as Voluntary member, as I earn income of 8,000 pesos every month. please advise about requirements so I can start paying SSS. wait for your reply. thank you and have a nice day :)

    Hi Elsie, before you pay, register first as self-employed. You cannot start as Voluntary. This is how to register as self-employed.

  34. Hi Rolando, it feels like it's too late, but you're still eligible to apply because you're not yet 60. But you have to pay until you're 68 to get a pension. But even if you don't plan to contribute till you qualify for a pension, there would be some benefits for your family if you become a member.

    Is there a Philippine consulate where you are? You can register there. Bring your passport and your foreign ID. If you don't have an SSS no., bring also your birth certificate. Ask around about the consulate's business hours and schedules.
    Write again here if there's no consulate there and if you don't have an SSS no. You can get your SSS no. only in person at an SSS branch.

  35. che pad November 5, 2014
    Hi ma'am. I want to apply as voluntary contributor to SSS. I'm a full time house wife and my husband is a project contractor. What should I do to apply? Thank you and have a nice day.

    Hi che, you can apply as a non-working spouse. But your husband should be an active SSS member. This is how to register as non-working spouse. If your husband is not yet an SSS member, he can register as self-employed. This is how to register as self-employed.

  36. I am already starting my monthly dues in SSS as a voluntary, my question is; what if i am delayed of payment for a certain month and a third party who authorized to get the payment decline my contribution. They have a certain penalty or they accept my late payment thru SSS office? Thank you!

  37. Hi JK good day, i hope youcan help me with this, Im a government employee under JO or Job Order and my contract says "No Employer-employee relationship" and that includes no benefits event security services.. and i truly understand that. i just want to apply for an Voluntary Member as to its the only possible way i know.. my Salary is 10,000 monthly and seeing the SSS Contribution Table 10,000 MS is 1,040 Monthly Contr. someone told me that the contribution of 1,040.00 could be Quarterly and not Monthly is that right?? Thank you.

  38. Hi Fritz, voluntary members are not allowed to make late payments, whether at SSS or at a collector's counter. Bayad Center, however, does not accept payments outside the current month or current quarter, even if the payor is still within the payment deadline. For example, today is Dec 4 and you want to pay for November -- Bayad Center will not accept your payment because November has passed, but SSS will accept your payment because your true deadline is Dec 10 or 15, depending on the last day of your SSS no.

  39. Hi Alkid, the contributions in the SSS table is to be paid monthly. But since you're voluntary, you can pay for only 1 month of every quarter, if that's what you want.
    You mentioned "apply for voluntary", do you mean you were employed before and your employer remitted your SSS contributions? Because if not, and this will be your first contribution to SSS, you need to register as self-employed using RS1 form before making your first payment.

  40. Hi im aby from pasay..self employed..i been started my first payment last june 2014 onwards but i did not know that i need to file rs1 before making my first payment and they say that i need to pass a letter?? what kind of letter??

  41. Hi Aby, you need to file RS1 form with your ID, with proof of source of income. Include a letter explaining you did not know about the rule on filing RS1 form before paying contributions as self-employed. Request them to credit your payments from June 2014 as your contributions as self-employed.

  42. Hi , wow I hope I finally found the perfect site who can answer me with my question. Anywayz, ask ko lang po sana kung makakaapekto ba sa pagkuha ng. OEC kung may unpaid pagibig and sss loan, although babayaran ko nmn po xa plus gusto ko nmn tlgang icontinue ung contributions ko. Plus reliable po ba yung magbayad ako ng contributions online?or s mga remittance center dito sa dubai? I hope po matulungan nyo ko sa concern ko, Salamat po.

  43. Hi, I just want to inquire, my mom is turning 55 this year, may sss no.sya pero never nahulugan. ngyon,may income syang nakukuha sa pag mamanicure, pwede pa din ba nya hulugan yung sss nya? kahit 5 years from now eh mag 60 na sya. if pwede pa, ano yung mga procedure?

  44. Hello po.nagwork po ako from jan-dec2008 ay binayaran po ng employer qq sss premiums ko. Tapos nagfreelance po ako at ngayon ko lang po ulit tinutuloy ang pagbabayad ng premiums. voluntary na po. updated na po status ko sss at nakapagregister na rin po ako sa website nila. ang nagrereflect lang pi na premiums ko ay yung binayaran ko last year at saka this month. anu pong nangyari sa binayaran sa payments ko nung 2008? Sabi po sa website date of coverage ko po ay January 2008. Bakit wala po akong makita sa mga nabayaran nung taong 2008 sa website? Wla na po ba un? Hindi na siya counted? Salamat po in advance.

  45. QUESTION from YehbbaHere'sClosetBeauty Dec 4, 2014
    Hi, wow I hope I finally found the perfect site who can answer me with my question. Anywayz, can getting OEC be affected by unpaid pagibig and sss loan. I'll pay them, also my contributions. Is paying contributions online reliable? or at remittance center here in dubai? I hope you can help me with my concern. Thanks.
    I think I answered this Q last month in another post. I hope you've read my reply there. You can get your OEC even if you have unpaid loans with Pagibig and SSS. Two reliable online payment systems for SSS are bancnetonline and PayPilipinas of Ventaja and Security Bank.

  46. QUESTION from sharee mae January 9, 2015
    Hi, I just want to inquire, my mom is turning 55 this year. she has sss no. but she never paid. now she earns income from her manicure service. can she pay her contributions? even if 5 years from now, she'll turn 60. if okay, what is the procedure?
    She can go to SSS and apply. Here are the steps to register as self-employed.
    Her proof of source of income can be a barangay certification of her livelihood. The SSS officer will ask her about her source of income and how much she earns monthly.

  47. QUESTION from Chaulles Chaokas Jan 11, 2015
    Hello.I worked from jan-dec2008. My employer paid my sss premiums. Then I freelanced and it's only now that I'm paying my premiums as voluntary. My status is updated and I have registered on their website. what were posted were only the ones I paid last year and this month. What happened to my payments in 2008? The website shows my date of coverage which is January 2008. Why can't I see my contributions in 2008 on the website? Are they not counted? Thanks in advance.
    Hi Chaulles, check again after a few days to give allowance to glitches. If still missing, call your former employer to tell them about your unposted premium payments and request them for a copy of your premium payment receipts plus collection list in 2008. Xerox for your copy. File with SSS including a letter requesting them to post your premium payments. Ask them to stamp-received/sign your copy as acknowledgment of your submission.

  48. Good day!

    For a voluntary member having fulfilled the requirements to avail retirement benefits, how is the pension or lump sum computed?

    Thank you.

  49. Hi galencssr, you get a pension if you contributed 120 contributions or more. If less than 120, you get a lump sum. Your lump sum is your total contributions. How to compute sss pension

  50. Good morning. Been a member for a long time, but stopped. LAst payment was in 2102, I think. Question: What should I do if I will undergo eye surgery this 1st quarter of 2015? Anything at all to help me for the surgery. I want the voluntary scheme. And should I pay for the whole 1st quarter?

    Hope to receive your reply ASAP as I'm in an urgent situation. Thank you so much in advance! God bless! :)

  51. Good afternoon,

    I'd try to register on line in SSS but, unfortunately i forgot the email add and password i used the reason why i Every time i try online keep on saying already registered so my question is how can i retrieve the email and the password i use then when i register online in SSS do i need to call the SSS Branch near me?

  52. Hi. I resigned from work last aug 2013 and resumed to continue my contributions as voluntary member starting January 2015. I paid last Feb 21 thru SM Business Center and while trying to register online, an error occured "Member status not the same with SSS records". Matagal po ba talaga ang posting? mga gaano po kaya katagal? thank you very much.

  53. Hi. Goodday. Just need your help po. I am planning to pay my parents SSS voluntary contribution. I think its been ages since their last payment, maybe way back in 2000 (not sure). But would like to pay it again. My mom is 51 years old now and my dad is 55. Can you tell me what form we need to fill out? do I need to submit the form to any branch of sss before making a payment? and how to do my very first payment for them? please I need your reply. thanks.

  54. kahit po volunteer same amount ang contribution?

  55. hi goodafternoon..i was so amazed how you answers all their questions..thanks God i saw this is net..i do have concern din kc..i seperated from my employer last feb 2015..here are my questions po..

    1. i heard i still can pay sss even im not employed through voluntary payment..my last contribution is on jan 2015 my employer deducted 508 from my salary..every month po kc iba2 ang contribution ko..pinaka mababa po nung oct 2014 380 ang ndeduct skin..mgkano po ang bbyaran ko for feb to march and for the following month hbng wla ako trabaho?..pwedi rin po na below 500 since di ako employed?..

    2. kya din po ako mgvoluntary kc gusto ko po mgloan..pwedi na po b non sa april if i paid feb and march?..i checked my contribution meron na po ako 43 months as of dec 2014 daw pero sa payslip ko nadeduct ako ng jan 2015..

    3. incase na mkpgtrabaho nko by april 2015 di nmn po ako mgkkaproblema sa processing ng sss ko dahil ngvoluntary payment ako?..

    thanks in advance..id be happy to receive answer from u..Godbless 😊

  56. I am 58 years old and voluntary and paying quarterly. So for April, May, June I plan to pay this month. My MSC is less than Php10,000 so I plan to increase 2 brackets per month. From 440 I would like to pay April 550, May 660, June 770. That is what I specified in my RS5 however the bayad center didn't accept they can only encode 1 value as they showed me. (1) Is it possible to pay as quarterly if I filled up 3 different RS5 for each month of April to June? (2) Wouldn't it be considered late payments if I used 3 RS5 forms? (3) Or should I just make all 3 months 550?

    I also would like to increase as much as I can my contributions up until I'm 60 to would there be no problem if I switch from quarterly to monthly just so I can increase 2 brackets at a time before I reach the Php10K MSC?

  57. Hi Mrs. B., yes, you can switch from quarterly to monthly, so you can increase by 2 brackets until you reach 10k. If you pay at Bayad Center, pay for the current month within the current month. Ex: Pay for June any day within June 1 to 30. Even if your 2-bracket increase is valid, it is better to patiently pay from month to month to avoid questions from the tellers if you pay 3 different monthly contributions in 1 quarter.

  58. Hello! I am Maria pope, I am residing here United States, I just want to find out if I can help to my son, to pay his SSS and Where if I can? I have SSS but it was a long time and I forgot my number so stopped paying it. I hope I can have an answer about the payment for my son. Thank you very much I do appreciate it. Have a great day.

  59. Hi Maria Pope , yes, you can pay at the remittance centers and partners of PNB, and the remittance partners of IRemit, Ventaja and LuckyMoney. They also have online remittance services. Will write some links later. Have a great day too.
    About your SSS no., you can email ofw.relations@sss.gov.ph and ask your SSS no. You're not an OFW, but you can use this email for inquiry. Attach a scan or photo of your ID. Mention your complete name (using your surname when you registered; you can file to change later on), date of birth, place of birth, gender, and names of parents)

  60. Hi! I already have my SSS number since July of last year but I still have not made any contributions. The company I am working for is an international non-profit organization, ergo we are tax-exempt(income) but also no contribution (SSS, Pag-ibig, Philhealth). I would like to start paying my contributions. My colleagues pay theirs as Voluntary members. Can I also pay as voluntary even if this is my first job?

  61. Hi ma'am, I am Angelica a member also of SSS paying as voluntary. Last year I'm paying 550pesos monthly contribution..And this year 2015 I paid 770 pesos from 550 pesos contribution... Is it alright that I forgot to fill up the declaration of earnings form? I was not questioned when I paid for it so I thought It was okey...

  62. Hi Ash Luzadio, no, you cannot start as Voluntary because you were not previously a paying Employed SSS member. I think, even if your organization is nonprofit, tax-exempt and international, as long as it's operating in the Philippines, it should be paying SSS. But let me research this matter again, and how you can pay SSS under the correct category.

  63. Hi Angelica, I think it will be alright. But to avoid any question, this July, pay 660 pesos, to comply with the two-level-limit increase, and then in August, you can continue paying 770 pesos. Increase by 1 or 2 levels only, so you don't need to declare your earnings. About decreasing from 770 to 660 pesos, it's also allowed since it's just 2 levels below -- anyway, you're decreasing this July only.


  64. Hi Angelica, I just read today a new
    SSS circular about changes in contributions
    . Based on it, if you are younger than 55, you can continue paying 770 this July, and continue increasing by as many levels as you want, as long as you are younger than 55.

  65. hi ask ko lng paano ko malalaman kung may contribution ako sa sss kasi di ko na matadaan kung anong taon ako nag trabaho sa isang factory dati i think i was 22 or 23 that time 34 na ako ngaun. sa natatandaan ko isang beses lng nahuloan ang sss ko kasi umalis din ako agad. since then di ko na itinuloy until now to pay may contribution.pero nagbabalak ako uli na ipagpatuloy. sana masagot mo ang tanong ko. thanks :)

  66. Hello po! Question lang po.. employed po ako from 2010-jan 2015.. pero may mga kulang pang contributions yung employer ko before.. :( then after that di ko na po natuloy yung contribution ko sa sss because i was unemployed from feb-aug po.. i am going to start working na po again this month with different employer.. pwede ko pa po ba mabayaran yung from feb-aug para di mastop yung contribution? What can i do po kaya? And if i can pay, how much po yung pwede kong bayaran? Thank you..

  67. About paying contributions for past months September 5, 2015
    Hello po! Was employed from 2010-jan 2015, but there were missed contributions, not remitted by my employer.:( then after that I had no more contributions because i was unemployed from feb-aug po. i am going to start working again this month with different employer. can I pay for feb-aug so there's no missed contribution? What can i do po? And if i can pay, how much po can I pay? Thank you.
    SSS has payment deadlines. What you can pay as Voluntary this September are for this quarter -- you must pay for the whole quarter (Jul Aug Sep). The problem is your new employer will also pay for Sep, so there'll be duplicate payment. Are you thinking of maternity benefit? If not, just wait for your employer to continue remitting your contributions. Anyway, you have lots of time to accumulate 120 contributions or more to qualify for pension.

  68. hi im keiks, good day! ask ko lang po kasi i've been employed since july 2012- aug2015. nag resign ako from work kc im pregnant. my delivery date will be on january2015. nag stop na ako ng sss contributions since july as per hr namin. will i be able to avail the maternity benifits of sss khit di nako nakahulog? and ask ko na din po kung kelangan ko ba mag voluntary payor pra makuha ung maternity benefits? ano po kaya ung mga dapat ko gawin pra maiprocess ko ung maternity benefits.

    btw, im planning to find a new job after giving birth. thanks jk in advance for the response :)

  69. Is ten years contribution by a member enough for her to recieved monthly pension when she is 60 years old.?

    1. Yes. The member must make sure she has paid at least 120 monthly contributions.

  70. Hi po, want to know lang po if pwede aku na magbayad sa sss contribution nang father ko, i do have his sss number po? Last hulog po atah nya was 2005 or 2006..thank you po