SSS Educational Loan 2012

Sunday, October 21, 2012

 Update December 17, 2013:

Sad to say, SSS has announced that it has suspended the SSS Educational Loan Program for first-time applicants.  Why?  Because the 7-billion-peso budget for the program has been fully allocated to the first  59,600 students who have started receiving their educational loans from SSS.

In short, naubos na ang pondo for the program. Nai-allocate na lahat para doon sa 59,600 students. Ang tatanggapin na lang ay yong mga Subsequent Educational Loan applications ng mga 59,600 students na ito para makatapos sila ng courses nila.

SSS says that it will reopen the program once new funds are accumulated from loan repayments.
Kung walang bagong pondo, matatagalan ang pag-reopen ng program na ito, kasi matagal pa namang makabayad ang mga first batch of borrowers.

Kung merong mga students supported by the SSS Educational Loan program na hindi na itinuloy ang kanilang paghiram sa SSS, ang pondong naka-allocate sa kanila ay ipapahiram sa mga unang new first-time loan applicants na nasa waiting list ng SSS.
Kung ang SSS member ay magre-retire na at hindi na puedeng mag-file ng Subsequent Educational Loan, puedeng ipagpatuloy ng another member na qualified under the loan program, halimbawa unmarried sibling, or other parent ng student. 

Update April 14, 2013:

SSS has increased the loan amount and improved the rules so that more people can get qualified for the loan.

You can apply for this SSS educational loan for:

  • yourself
  • or your spouse
  • or your child
  • or your brother or sister (only if you are single)
You can use this loan for a four-year or five-year college course or a two-year or three-year vocational or technical course. The loan check will be payable to the school.

Who can avail of this SSS educational loan? 

You can apply for this loan if:
  • You have paid at least 12 monthly SSS contributions. 1 monthly contribution should have been paid within the last 3 months prior to loan application.
  • Your latest monthly salary credit is not more than 25,000 pesos.
  • You are not delinquent in paying your salary loan or housing loan. Your unpaid monthly payments should not exceed 3.
How much can you loan?

College course -- up to 20,000 pesos per semester
Vocational or technical course -- up to 10,000 pesos per semester

What are the documents required?
  1. Loan application form (filled up and signed)
  2. SSS ID or 2 valid photo IDs (bring xerox copies)
  3. Assessment or billing statement from the school
  4. You child or beneficiary's SSS Number: Submit a xerox copy of your child or beneficiary's stamped SSS E-1 form (if you are applying for your child or beneficiary)
  5. Proof that your monthly income does not exceed 25,000 pesos:
- If employed, payslip or pay envelope for 1 month, or certificate of income from employer
- If self-employed, ITR
- If voluntary, Affidavit of Income

Note: There's a portion in the application form that needs to be accomplished by the school.
You need these data items:

 - School Code
 - Name of Student
 - Name of Course
 - School year
 - Level
 - Semester
 - No. of Years to Finish Course

When will you start paying the loan?

If 2 semesters in a year -- 18 months after last loan release
If 3 semesters in a year -- 15 months after last loan release
If 4 semesters in a year -- 14 and 1/2 months after last loan release

How long will you pay the loan?

If college course -- Choose 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 years
If vocational or technical course -- Choose 1 or 2 or 3 years

How much is the interest for the total loan?

- The annual interest rate for the consolidated loan is 6%.
- The consolidated loan is equal to the sums of the loans released per semester plus accrued interests
- Computation will be based on Diminishing Principal Balance

Are there other rules?

- A married member can apply for 2 beneficiaries (can be for his child and himself, or for his two children,
   or for his child and his spouse)
- If a married couple are both SSS members and both qualified for this educational loan, they can apply for
   2 each for a total of 4 beneficiaries (example: for their 4 children)
- An unmarried member can apply for only one beneficiary (himself or one sibling)
- No substitution of student
- School must be accredited by the CHED or TESDA
- The student will be issued a SSS no. for the purpose of tracking unpaid loans
- Unpaid loans will be deducted from the member's retirement or death benefits.
- The loan needs to be renewed every semester. Submit a new application form and assessment or billing statement.

This is the  SSS Educational Assistance Loan Program  form.

SSS educational loan 2012


ben ruth said...
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Jermelyn Ferrer said...

pwede po b mag mag avail ng educational loan khit my existing salary loan?

Kaydee said...

Hi Jermelyn, yes, you can avail even if you have an existing salary loan. Just make sure you're updated in paying your salary loan.

Jermelyn Ferrer said...

thank you so much for the info. kaka-renew ko p lng po ng salary loan ko at sa June 2013 pa po ako mag start ng payment.

MKJ said...

Can we not use this for elementary? Also, what if my salary is 35K. Kasi I have 3 kids and am a single mom po.

kudo said...

gano po katagal ang pagprocess ng loan?

cindy said...

gusto ko po i-continue ang contribution ko which stopped last 2005 pa and my monthly contri that time was 676pesos,i was employed that time. Now po gusto ko magvoluntary,how much po magiging monthly ko?my husband gives me only 2,000p allowance every month..tnx

cindy said...

i am a plain housewife at present..

hello po SSS, ask ko lang po, member na po ako ng SSS, gusto ko po sanang mag-aral at kelangan kong magstop mg-work. nakapasok naman yong qualification ko. doubt lng po ako kung makakaloan pa po ba ako for myself even ma-stop ako ng work. need ko po talaga ang answer. salamat po

Kaydee said...

Hi joveahann, as long as you're qualified, you can receive your educational loan even if you're no longer working. But to be very sure, don't resign yet. Wait until you receive your check. Ang kaso lang... kelangan kasing naka-enroll ka bago ka maka-apply ng loan na ito dahil pipirmahan ng school ang application form and you need to get your assessment or fee payment from the school.

arlita pilapil said...

kailangan po ba mag ma pa change as voluntarily payer or kahit hindi na kasi young dati may hulog namin ay para sa employed. pwede na po ba magbayad ng diretso as voluntarily.

cindy said...

bkit walang reply sakin???????

Kaydee said...

Hi cindy, parang nasagot ko na itong question na ito. Anyway, sorry. You can pay any amount that you can sustain every month. Maybe 312 or choose between 104 to 520. Once you start with an amount, you can pay the same every month, or you can change it by 1 or 2 brackets every month. If you change to a much bigger amount, by more than 2 brackets, fill up the Declaration of Earnings at the lower portion of the RS5 form

Kaydee said...

Hi MK1, sorry, this is for college and vocational students only. And sorry, you're not eligible because your income is higher than the maximum income limit which is 25k per month.

Kaydee said...

Hi kudo, it was fast when the program was new -- the check is delivered in less than 2 weeks. Now, there are a lot of applicants, and the line is long. It might take a month or more now.

Kaydee said...

Hi arlita, do you mean your employer registered and paid for/remitted your contributions before? If so, yes, you can pay your voluntary contribution directly using RS5 form; check Voluntary. When this is posted, your status automatically changes to Voluntary. How to Enroll in My.SSS

mart0155 said...

Hi po!

Officially enrolled na po ako at naipasa na ng mother ko lahat ng requirements sa SSS. Ang hinihintay na lang ay iyong check. Pero gusto kung mag work muna, at plano kung mag total withdrawal ng mga subjects ko. Is there any way na ma-cancel iyong loan? Or kung darating na iyong check, pwede ba namin isauli iyon sa SSS?

justine said...

hi good morning, just incase na ang bayad ako ng full sa school maiirefund ba ng school ung binayad ko if mag avail ako ng educational loan sa SSS

jack ford said...

gud pm. the check will be under the name of the school, right! in case there will be extra change from the proceeds, will the school give the (sukli) back to the loaner? thanks

Kaydee said...

Hi justine, dapat mag-refund ang school. Pero depende sa school. Merong school na mahirap kausapin. Ganunpaman, kausapin ninyo ang accounting or finance manager ng school. Puede ring gamitin nio yong check sa susunod na semester (basta hindi lalampas sa 6 months; magiging stale na ang check after 6 months). Or para sure na hindi ma-stale ang check, gawin niyong advance payment for the next semester.
Ang ginagawa ng iba, minimum down lang ang binabayaran, o nagsusulat muna ng promissory note while waiting for the loan.

Kaydee said...

Hi jack, dapat magsukli o mag-refund ang school. Kausapin nio ang cashier o accounting dept. Merong school na ayaw magrefund, gusto pang-advance payment na ang sobra. Pero talk to them.

Kaydee said...

Hi mart0155, I think nasagot ko na itong question na ito. In another post ko nasagot? The best thing is to go to SSS and ask what to do. Ganunpaman, ang suggestion ko ay ito: Pagdating ng check, xerox the check, 2 copies . Write a letter to SSS with your name and SSS no., requesting the cancellation of your educational loan. Explain why. Write also in the letter that you are returning the "unencashed and unnegotiated SSS check". Write details of check: check no., check date, payee name, bank name, bank branch, check amount. Xerox your letter. Submit to SSS. Request the SSS officer to stamp Received and sign your letter and your check copy. This is important; this is proof that you returned the check and that the check was not encashed.

Kaydee said...

Hi mart0155, write also date of letter. Check from time to time your online account kung na-cancel na ang educational loan mo.

Lesley said...

helo pwede ba maging beneficiary ang married sibling...

Kaydee said...

Hi Lesley, I think so, yes, basta single yong SSS member na mag-a-apply for the loan. Kasi sa rules, wala namang sinabing the beneficiary sibling should be single; at yong kahit sa anak na beneficiary, hindi naman sinabing dapat single yong anak; pero hindi ko pa rin sure ha -- ask SSS or others too.

Nors said...

About LOAN CHECK VALIDITY: I mentioned in one or 2 of my responses na ang loan check magiging STALE or INVALID in 6 months -- this is the usual validity period for checks.
I found out just now that SSS educational loan checks expire faster! 3 months lang. Nasa check mismo ang validity date. So use check asap, before expiry date.

where will i surrender the educational loan voucher? and when will be the deduction will start? is it a year after the student finished the course?

Kaydee said...

Hi Adriane, keep the vouchers. SSS says that borrowers will start to pay the aggregated loans one year after course completion. I assume that SSS will send a document with computations and monthly amortization amount probably a semester after submission of the last loan application. Or maybe SSS will release in the near future further instructions on educational loan payment.

Renalee Betita said...

hi im renalee..i need your block po kasi ang user id ko sa sss, so hindi po ako maka pag log in na ulit..can you help me kng ano po ang dapat gawin.

Kaydee said...

Hi Renalee, contact SSS

Hi Ms. Kaydee,

Maaari po ba maprocess yung application ko for educational loan. Kumpleto na po requirements ko, kaya lang po ang sabi ng SSS hindi pa daw po posted sa computer nila yung last 3 mos contribution ko, that is may, june, and july po. Kung sakali po ba na mapost na kahit isa lang po sa tatlong nakalipas na buwan halimbawa ay May or June? ay maaari na po bang maprocess ang application ko? Thanks.

yamyam said...


Does SSS L501 form needed in applying for educational loan? The SSS Officer required me of this document pero di naman sya included sa list of documents .

Kaydee said...

Hi yamyam, sa maternity benefit claim usually required ang L501, kasi from employer yan.
Pero on second thought...are you employed? and did you submit a certification from your employer about your monthly income? If yes, baka bagong requirement nila ngayon yang L501, para ma-sure nila na employer nga ang nag-issue ng certificate.

Kaydee said...

Hi mariegrace, yes, kapag na-post na ang at least 1 of your contributions for the past 3 months, dapat puede nang i-process ang educational loan mo. Yan ang sabi sa new rules ng SSS educ loan na kahit 1 contribution lang for the 3 months immediately prior to month of application.

rowayne mandi said...

Pwede po bang mag-avail ng renewal of salary loan kahit may existing educational loan and 20% balance sa salary loan?

rowayne mandi said...

Pwede po bang mag-renew ng salary loan na may 25% balance pa and may pending educational loan for my child?

Kaydee said...

Hi rowayne, do you mean you have paid 80% of your salary loan? Meron na bang 1 year since the date of your salary loan check? If yes to 2 questions, yes, you can renew your loan. The educational loan is not yet due for payment, so it does not affect your salary loan. You also can check your salary loan eligibility in your online SSS account

Kaydee said...

rowayne, puede ring 75%. Ang renewal time is after 50% payment and 50% loan term.

hi good day sss.. magtatanong lang po ako kng makaka avail po ba ako ng educational loan. pero hnd pu tuloy tuloy ang hulog q mula pu nung nkpg work aq jan.08 to jun.08, and sept.08 to jun.09 and jun09 to oct. 09 and feb.2012 to may2012 and last po july 2013 to oct. 2013.. makaka avail po ba ako?.. salamat po sna po masagot po ninyo last year q p po sna gsto mag aral pero hnd q po alm kng nkaka avail po ako ng educational loan.. tnx po ulit

admin said...

Hi! Do you have a sample of affidavit of income? And kailangan po bang notarize ito? Thank you in advanced for your answer! :)

Kaydee said...

Hi marecris, yes, you can apply for an educational loan even if your contributions were not continuous. You can have gaps in your payments, as long as you have at least 12 contributions in total. And you have paid at least 1 contribution within 3 months before you apply. You said you have paid Oct 2013, so you can file your loan this Nov or Dec 2013.

Kaydee said...

Hi admin, yes, your affidavit should be notarized. Kagaya rin ng mga standard affidavit, with a statement that goes something like "I declare that I earn my income by selling or by __ and that my monthly income is ___". I'll give a link later after I'm able to write a sample.

good day po, kung makapag avail po ako sa educational loan pwede rin po ba ako mag avail ng salary loan nka 30months n po ako sa sss. tnx

admin said...

thank you so much! I'll wait for the link. :)

Kaydee said...

Hi marecris, sorry, kapag salary loan, you need to have paid at least 36 contributions (for 1-month loan). So wait for 6 more, and check that they are already posted before you apply.

Kaydee said...

Hi admin, ito na yong sample affidavit of income

logistilla said...

Is the educational assistance also available for law students? Thank you.

Kaydee said...

Hi logistilla, yes, I think so because that's also a degree course.

hello, what happened if yung sss educ loan check pinapalitan sa banko at hindi sa skol nadeposit

Kaydee said...

Hi Brenda, ang check ay issued to the school, meaning ang payee ay school, so the bank will not encash the check.

hello ask ko lang po im planning to apply for educ loan this january 2014.pwede pa po ba ako? first time ko mag apply for educ loan. Thank you.

Kaydee said...

Hi Markdel, hindi ko sure kung meron pang funds for new applicants. Nabasa ko kasi yong circular nila na nai-allocate na lahat yong 7 billion-peso pondo sa almost 60k students at wala pang pondo for first-time applicants.

mutya deroxas said...

ano po ang school code??plan ko po kasing mag apply ng educational loan.

Kaydee said...

Hi mutya, ito ang mga school codes in Metro Manila.

sir_truvativ said...

Good morning Ms. Kaydee... I'll just want to ask if SSS also issue educ. loans for summer classes? You see I have already availed of the educ loan for two regular semesters for my son.Pwede rin bang magloan pang summer classes? tnx. I hope you can answer ASAP. tnx.

Shy said...

Hi sir_truvativ, sad to say pero hindi siguro, kasi walang puedeng i-check na Summer sa loan application form, Semester/Trimester/Quarter lang. I asked one SSS officer last year, pero malabo ang sagot. Tanong din ang isinagot: "Tingnan mo ang form... meron bang Summer sa form?"
Puede mong itanong sa FB page ng SSS, at sana merong sasagot.

Thank you very much for your comments.
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