SSS Educational Loan 2012


 Update December 17, 2013:

Sad to say, SSS has announced that it has suspended the SSS Educational Loan Program for first-time applicants.  Why?  Because the 7-billion-peso budget for the program has been fully allocated to the first 59,600 students whose initial loan applications were approved and who have started receiving their educational loans from SSS.

In short, the 7 billion pesos allocated for the program have been fully spent. All the funds have been allocated to the 59,600 students. The only applications that will be accepted by SSS are the Subsequent Educational Loan applications from the 59,600 students.

SSS says that it will reopen the program once new funds are accumulated from loan repayments. If there are no new funds that will be put into the program, then it will take several years before new initial loan applications can be accepted. It will take several years before the first batch of borrowers are able to pay their loans.

If there will be students among the 59,600 already enjoying the SSS Educational Loan who will stop availing of their loan allocations, then there will be some money for some new first-time loan applicants in the waiting list.
Related Note:
If an SSS member retires and can no longer apply for a Subsequent Educational Loan for his or her beneficiary, another member qualified under the loan program can apply for the beneficiary. The beneficiary's unmarried sibling, or other parent can take over. 

Update April 14, 2013:

SSS has increased the loan amount and improved the rules so that more people can get qualified for the loan.

You can apply for this SSS educational loan for:
  • yourself
  • or your spouse
  • or your child
  • or your brother or sister (only if you are single)
You can use this loan for a four-year or five-year college course or a two-year or three-year vocational or technical course. The loan check will be payable to the school.

Who can avail of this SSS educational loan? 

You can apply for this loan if:
  • You have paid at least 12 monthly SSS contributions. 1 monthly contribution should have been paid within the last 3 months prior to loan application.
  • Your latest monthly salary credit is not more than 25,000 pesos.
  • You are not delinquent in paying your salary loan or housing loan. Your unpaid monthly payments should not exceed 3.
How much can you loan?

College course -- up to 20,000 pesos per semester
Vocational or technical course -- up to 10,000 pesos per semester

What are the documents required?
  1. Loan application form (filled up and signed)
  2. SSS ID or 2 valid photo IDs (bring xerox copies)
  3. Assessment or billing statement from the school
  4. You child or beneficiary's SSS Number: Submit a xerox copy of your child or beneficiary's stamped SSS E-1 form (if you are applying for your child or beneficiary)
  5. Proof that your monthly income does not exceed 25,000 pesos:
- If employed, payslip or pay envelope for 1 month, or certificate of income from employer
- If self-employed, ITR
- If voluntary, Affidavit of Income

Note: There's a portion in the application form that needs to be accomplished by the school.
You need these data items:

 - School Code
 - Name of Student
 - Name of Course
 - School year
 - Level
 - Semester
 - No. of Years to Finish Course

When will you start paying the loan?

If 2 semesters in a year -- 18 months after last loan release
If 3 semesters in a year -- 15 months after last loan release
If 4 semesters in a year -- 14 and 1/2 months after last loan release

How long will you pay the loan?

If college course -- Choose 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 years
If vocational or technical course -- Choose 1 or 2 or 3 years

How much is the interest for the total loan?

- The annual interest rate for the consolidated loan is 6%.
- The consolidated loan is equal to the sums of the loans released per semester plus accrued interests
- Computation will be based on Diminishing Principal Balance

Are there other rules?

- A married member can apply for 2 beneficiaries (can be for his child and himself, or for his two children,
   or for his child and his spouse)
- If a married couple are both SSS members and both qualified for this educational loan, they can apply for
   2 each for a total of 4 beneficiaries (example: for their 4 children)
- An unmarried member can apply for only one beneficiary (himself or one sibling)
- No substitution of student
- School must be accredited by the CHED or TESDA
- The student will be issued a SSS no. for the purpose of tracking unpaid loans
- Unpaid loans will be deducted from the member's retirement or death benefits.
- The loan needs to be renewed every semester. Submit a new application form and assessment or billing statement.

This is the  SSS Educational Assistance Loan Program  form.

SSS educational loan 2012


  1. Rafael Bautista: I've loaned twice already, but I have a new employer and my last contribution was for May 2014. Can I still apply for this loan?

    Hi Rafael, since you're applying for a Subsequent Loan, yes, you can apply this November. Make sure at least 1 contribution payment for Aug or Sept or Oct has been posted in your SSS account before applying.

  2. Hi! We stopped posting our contributions since July 2013. Is it possible to continue with our contributions at the current date without having to pay the penalty or paying the previous contributions. There was no deductions made anyways. So my question is, is it possible to pay our contributions and just start all over again with the same company?

  3. Harlene Bautista October 7, 2014
    Hi, may I ask if there's hope I can be granted my subsequent educ. loan. i am an irregular 4th yr student so when it was my 1st time to avail the educ loan last nov 2013 is 4th yr 2nd sem, so now it's for 4th yr 1st sem again because I'm irregular student. sss said I'm qualified for subsequent educ loan but they have not encoded it as they'll have to refer it to the main office. But now i'm still waiting for the approval. i really need this loan in order for me to graduate because i need to settle all my financial obligations in the university where i am studying. thanks.

    Hi Harlene, I hope they'll approve your application, but the main office will wonder about the year and sem you wrote in your first application. You should have written your actual year and sem (like maybe 3rd year 2nd sem) in your first application. Or you should have submitted an explanation and a certification that you're an irregular student and that you erred in writing 4th year 2nd sem in your first application.
    Anyway, all is past, so just pray and pray that the SSS officer in the main office will understand your situation and approve it.

  4. Hi behlat, do you mean you are an employer or HR officer? and that you're asking about re-starting to remit to SSS?
    If you stopped for only a few months, maybe you can continue again (this is only my opinion; ask SSS to be sure). The correct way is this: See No. 5 on this SSS form Employer Registration and this form Employer Data Change Request

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  6. i have 3 children who are under the study now pay later educ.loan of sss. i have a difficulty filing for their subsequent loans dis sem. because my 2 colleges have back subjects - bec.their school did not open a class for that last year, in other words,they are now in the next year level irregular students status, but on their reg.form,it appeared that they were still on the same year level as last year because of the incomplete subjects.my question is, what shall i do so that i can avail the reserved fund for this year? what other documents do i have to submit?they were not honoring the present reg.forms of my children because of their delayed year status.pls.help me.

  7. About Subsequent Educational Loan Application: You're saying that the YEAR and SEM on the loan application form and the YEAR and SEM on the billing statement should match. Yes, they should match. And the YEAR and the SEM should be in succession of the prior application's YEAR and SEM. Request the registrar to correct the registration's YEAR and SEM entry in their registration form, as you said that they're already next-year-level irregular students.
    If in case there's no remedy, ask SSS if you can skip filing your application this sem and file for your next loan next sem. You must be assured that you do not lose your loan slot, as I've read somewhere that an inactive slot will be given to others in the waiting list.

  8. hi.. can i ask if it is okay to apply this loan even if i am already graduate? its just that i need to pay my balance in my school. i hope somebody help me.

  9. Hi emjeir, sad to say, no. Why? Because the loan application form includes a portion where your school will certify that you are currently enrolled or you have applied for enrollment for the current or upcoming semester. Besides, the waiting list for new applications is super long. The waiting list started in December 2013, so you can imagine how long the waiting list has become. Many SSS branches even have stopped accepting new applications.

  10. May i ask if educational loan is only applicable for four (4) years course only?, im a 5th year EE student now and my loan status is rejected, we all know that engineering courses is a five (5) years course.. thank you for the answer...

  11. Hi Jhin Prix, the loan program is also applicable to 5-year courses. Is this your first time to apply? If first-time applicant, there's no new funding yet for new applicants. The waiting list is super long.
    If this is a Subsequent Educational Loan Application, I can't know why your application was rejected. There could be inconsistencies in the data you provided, or in the documents you presented. You can ask SSS.

  12. Sir/Ma'am:
    Good Day!
    I would like to ask what is the payment process for educational loan. I availed it on June 2013(4th year College) as my father's beneficiary and presently I am now working. So, these are my concerns:
    1. Since it was almost/over 18 months from the last loan(November 2013), What shall we do to pay it? Will we wait for the Billing Statement from SSS before paying it?
    2. Who will pay it? The member(father) or beneficiary(me)? What if I am willing to pay it to help even if my father is still working and able to pay the said contributions, what are the process?

    Please enlighten us. We are afraid that it might incease our payables if will not pay immediately.

    Thank you.

    1. About educational loan: Hi Ronielyn, you're a good child. Your father must be very proud of you. You should receive a letter from SSS detailing your due dates and monthly amortization. Either your letter was misplaced, or your letter is still on its way to your address. You can visit the nearest SSS with your ID, your father's authorization letter and a copy of his ID, and inquire about your educational loan payments. Your father is the borrower, but of course you can pay the loan. You'll write his name and SSS no. on the payment form, including amount and applicable date. Authorization is not needed when making payments; only when inquiring about personal records.
      Keep on being wise about managing your finances. :)

  13. Good day. Our company used to be delinquent in the payment of our loan and contributions since Jan. of last year. We were able to update the payment of the said dues up to September of this year. We are in the process of negotiating for an installment payment for the penalties incurred. One of our employee has an educational loan with your agency. Recently she has been notified by the SSS of the discontinued benefit because of our delinquencies. Since regularization of our
    account with your agency is in process will she still avail of educational loan?