Documents Needed to Claim SSS Sickness Benefits for OFWs Hospitalized Abroad

 SSS Sickness Benefits for OFWs Confined Abroad

If you're an OFW who got sick or hospitalized abroad, submit these documents to claim your sickness benefits:

1. Sickness Notification (SSS Form CLD-9N)

2. Sickness Benefit Application Form for Unemployed/Self-Employed/Voluntary Members (SSS Form CLD-9A)

3. Medical Certificate (SSS Form MMD-102)

4. Certified true copy of medical records:

- Hospital abstract
- Operation room record
- X-ray, CT scan, ECG, ultrasound results, if these were used
- Other clinical records or results of diagnostic procedures

NOTE:  Documents issued by the hospital must be in English or translated to English  and must be authenticated by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate office or notarized by a notary public in the country where the OFW got sick or hospitalized.

5. SSS ID (or 2 valid IDs with signature, with one ID with photo and date of birth)

- For those with no SSS ID, you may be required to apply for an SSS ID and to present your E6 application acknowledgment stub as one of your IDs for filing your claim.

Additional Documents if Filed by Family Member, Relative or Representative:

- Authorization letter signed by SSS member and representative
- SSS ID of representative
- SSS ID of member (photocopy, because member is abroad)
- passport of member (photocopy, because member is abroad)

If there's no SSS ID, bring 2 valid IDs with signature (at least one ID should have photo and date of birth)

Where to file:

SSS branch nearest the member's residence
or SSS Diliman branch

Deadline for filing:

Within one year after last day of hospitalization, or start of sickness (if treated at home, and not hospitalized)

Who are eligible for sickness benefit?

You are eligible if you:

- Have paid at least 3 monthly contributions within the 12-month period immediately before the semester of sickness or injury

- Have used up all company sick leaves with pay

- Have been sick at home or confined in a hospital for at least 4 days

- Have notified SSS within 5 days after start of sickness or injury (if confined at home) 

- Have notified SSS within 1 year from start of hospitalization ( if confined in a hospital)

How much is the sickness benefit?

Daily sickness benefit is 90% of average daily salary credit -- this depends on your 6 highest monthly salary credits within the 12-month period before your semester of confinement

A member can avail of up to 120 days of sickness benefits in one year.


  1. Hi i have a problem with an existing loan you see, i filed for a salary loan way back December 2013, i was under a new employer then. When I checked for the status of the loan it was approved and there was a check already issued but it was under my previous company's name apparently my new employer did not submit my contributions yet. When I called my previous employer they said SSS will cancel the check generated within 30 days, because they will be returning the check generated but until now it still shows that I have an existing loan &the check is still there. I have tried your number numerous times but there was no response. Thanks

  2. Dear SSS,
    my grandfather died last April 2014 until now we can`t get the burial loansum.
    April 2015 is near but still the papers was still on processing. How come diba? pano kaya namin ma process ito we already completed naman na all requirements.
    If i will die on the future baka ganyan din maging service niyo?

    1. U need to update ksi

  3. Hi?

    I just want to ask if same lang ba ang SSS ID card and the UMID ID Card?
    I'm waiting na for my UMID ID Card to be delivered.
    Do I still need ti get that SSS ID Card?

    Sorry!! First Timer Here..

    Thank You so much.

  4. almost 1 week na offline ang educational loan.when po ba ma on line?qualified po ako at application for subsequent release of educational assistance loan ang aking application.hindi po ma encode kasi nga off line.thanks po

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  6. member_relations@sss.gov.ph email the the main of sss
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  7. member_relations@sss.gov.ph email the the main of sss
    Just sharing only

  8. Good evening.. can i pay my SSS loan in full even if it's just less than a year? can I pay it at any SSS branch?

  9. i have lost my E1 form and my next employer asks me to submit even a copy of that E1 form .. what should i do to have copy of this form, does all sss offices able to retrieve and print a copy for my files?
    thank you.

  10. About lost E1 form: Visit the branch nearest your residence and apply for a copy of your E1 form. Another option is to ask your next employer if they accept a printout of your online SSS static information. If they accept, you Enroll in online SSS. It's easier if you enroll as Employed because it's most likely that your status is Employed. To enroll, you need your former employer's SSS no. Ask your former office mate.

  11. ayaw magprint out ang sss office R 10 ng contribution ng sss member kng hindi mo birthday paano mo maicomplain ang company mo kng wala kng basis na print out ng contribution hintayin mo pa na mag birthday ka it's too late too complain o baka pinuprotectahan lng yong mga company na yan

  12. mano, contribution print-out 6/5/16
    SSS refuses to print out R 10, my contributions as sss member, if it's not my birthday. How can I file my complaint against my company if I have no contribution printout as basis? Should I wait for my birthday when it's too late too complain? Or are they protecting my company?
    Is it R-10 or R-3? Do you have an online account? You have a table of posted contributions there. You can have it printed so you can show to your company or to the SSS Commission that your contributions were not remitted.
    Are these recent payments? Companies submit collection lists (the form where your name is listed) the month after the paid quarter.

  13. Sss bkit ayaw pumayag ng agency nmin n kmi mag pasa ng form nmin s loan s mismo s sss

    1. Hi Emilito: Tanungin nio ang agency nio kung bakit. Okay lang naman na sila ang mag-file kung i-file nila agad. Pero para malaman nio ang dahilan, puede kayong pumunta sa SSS with your IDs at i-verify ang mga contributions nio kung nare-remit sa SSS. Mag-fill-up lang kayo ng verification slip. This October, maaaring yong July to Sep contributions ay hindi pa na-remit kasi Oct 10 or later pa ang deadline ng pag-submit ng collection list. Pero dapat lahat ng contributions nio up to June 2016 ay dapat posted na sa SSS.

  14. Hi ako po ay isang ofw sa kasamaan palad po ako naakasidente sa pag lalaro. Ng basketball sa loob ng barko at naoperahan po ako sa ibang bansa ngaun po ako ay nagpapagaling na difo pinas.. So nag file po ako ng sickness benifit at kinumpleto ko na po ang lahat ng nasabing documento na kailangan po nung pumunta po ako ng SSS main denied po or hnd hnd tinanggap ang pag file ko. Kasi kulang pa daw ng listahan ng mga players namin sa basket team na nagpapatunay daw po n kasali ako.. Eh nkasaad nman po dun sa hospital namin sa barko At me signature pa po ng nurze at doctor n nangyare dahil sa paglalaro ng basketball.. Tama po ba un hingin pa ung listahan eh bilang ofw wala nmn po at hnd nmn po ksama sa mga fequirements ung hinihinge..

    1. Hi Jay, puede kang magre-file ng claim. Ang SSS mo ba ay nire-remit ng manning company mo dito sa Philippines? Ang seaman kasi is usually not considered an OFW, kundi employed, kasi nga andito sa Philippines ang nagbibigay ng salary nio. Kaya siguro nasa isip ng SSS officer na you're filing as employed. Ang accident report kasi ay hinahanap sa mga accidents at work, pati logbook (proof that you went to work), pero yong sa yo naman is during basketball, meaning outside working hours na, so hindi na puede yong claim mo for the additional na EC claim. Hindi ko sure pero baka yon ang pumasok sa isip nong SSS officer na the accident happened during working hours, kasi nga nasa barko kayo, kaya hinahanap yong accident report where the names of those playing were required. Or baka required na ito kahit outside working hours, but happened in the workplace. Puede kang magpa-advice sa other SSS branch, sa branch nearest your place, yong mas merong time para sa members. Tingnan mo rin yong claim forms mo (notification at benefit claim) -- magkaiba ang claim forms ng employed at voluntary, self-employed or OFW. I hope this helped